You Can Now Visit St. Barth's Again (Here's How To Get Your Money's Worth)

The devastating damage caused by Hurricane Irma this past September left plenty of places heavily ravaged and destroyed everywhere. One such country that was dealt this brutal hand was St. Barth's. The hurricane damage was massive, affecting many parts of the island country- hotels, restaurants, and villas are just some of the buildings that first come to mind.

But as recently revealed by Vogue, St. Barth's has finished multiple renovations across the island that cost several million dollars. Many buildings have been greatly repaired so that tourists can fully enjoy the island experience stress-free. This includes- but is not limited to- bars and resorts. Now that the island is back on track, tourists can eat, stay, and stroll about St. Barth's without any care in the world.


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If you need any proof of that, look no further then Hotel Villa Marie Saint-Barth- known to both locals and tourists simply as Villa Marie. The five-star luxury resort has managed to stir up enough popularity when Hurricane Irma struck the island it resides in. While Villa Marie suffered less damage than many other villas, it didn't escape the natural disaster unscathed. This made the repair process easier and faster for those who work for the villa in question.

Many tourists have visited Villa Marie long after renovations finished up, making it more popular than it had been prior to Hurricane Irma. Both the inside and outside of the Villa are fancy, gorgeous, and organized. Their restaurant, Francois Plantation, is still serving up delicious French food. You can also head down to Pure Altitude Spa to get pampered if you so desire.

As wonderful as Villa Marie is, it's important to keep in mind that it's not the only place that's been refurbished due to Hurricane Irma's destruction. Plenty more spaces have been fixed up and back in business for a decent amount of time since then. This allows tourists to roam about St. Barth's so that they can do whatever they want whenever they want.

So if you're thinking of taking some sort of vacation this holiday season- and want to go somewhere that isn't freezing cold- you should definitely consider St. Barth's as your holiday destination.


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