A Company Will Pay You To Stay In Luxury Mexican Hotels

A company is paying people to stay in luxury Mexican resorts.

Calling all job seekers! Hunting down the career of your dreams can be a daunting task. When you finally get hired, chances are good that you'll find spreadsheets, files, mandatory meetings, and accounts to manage waiting for you. Chances are slim that you'll find swim-up bars, mandatory clubbing, dancing and managing a drink in your hand while you relax under the glorious sun awaiting you. But that's exactly what you would find if you happen to be the lucky candidate selected for the job currently being offered by Vidanta, a luxury resort company throughout Mexico and Latin America.

Men's Health reported that the job listing is being called the "World's Best Job" and after learning the many benefits Vidanta is offering for this position, you'll surely agree. For starters, Vidanta is ready to pay the lucky lad or lady who gets the position $120,000 to  "leave the office life behind and make some of Mexico's most impressive resorts their new workplace." The official title will be Vidanta's "on-location social influencer" and duties include "experiencing all of the comfort, relaxation, adventure, and luxury Vidanta has to offer." The on-location social influencer will be "forced" to travel for work, resort-hopping to and from destinations like Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, Acapulco, Puerto Peñasco, and Puerto Vallarta, the places that #vacationgoals are made of.



Is your Instagram addiction causing problems at your current workplace? Vidanta has a rule about Instagram, too. The on-location social influencer must use it! As part of daily duties, documenting all of the glamorous treatment they will be receiving on social media is a must. Bummer!

Vidanta says that there isn't a typical workday for this position. Each day will consist of participating in Vidanta resort life (spa treatments, amazing shows, incredible meals, etc.) and posting inspiring images and content on social media that will encourage others to travel. You know,  basic boring work stuff.

The executive vice president of Grupo Vidanta, Iván Chávez, stated that the perks of the position are endless. On top of the $120k annual salary, the luckiest resort worker ever will receive travel expenses, dining credit at each of the resorts, and resort accommodations at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta.


Ready to apply but not sure you're qualified? Per Vidanta, ideal candidates must be "comfortable with talking to people and making connections, communicating things they're enthusiastic about in a way that gets others on board, documenting the journey through social media, brainstorming new creative approaches to campaigns, and staying on top of trends, technologies, and other influencers." Basically, a bubbly and creative social butterfly.

If this sounds like you, you can apply online, and submit your resume, plus an optional short video (one minute in length). The deadline is Sunday, October 21 at 11:50 p.m. CDT. The job-hunt can be a jungle out there so best of luck, readers!


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