Uber Driver's "Conversation Menu" Has Taken The Internet By Storm

An Uber driver from Seattle provides his passengers with a menu, allowing them to select the type of ride they would like to have.

As perfect a world as this one would be if all of us decided to take public transport all of the time, sometimes that simply isn't an option. For starters, if we did all decide to ditch our cars all at once, the bus and train systems would not be able to handle the sheer amount of foot traffic that would ensue. If your hometowns are anything like ours, they can barely handle the number of passengers at present.

Sometimes we don't want to or can't drive, and we also don't want to hop on a bus. That's where the happy medium of a car service comes in. Taxis, Lyft, Uber, we have a litany of choices in the present day. However, all of those choices involve us having to take a car ride with a stranger. We are all fully aware of how awkward that can be, and sometimes we are left wishing we had just endured the bus.


Well, you won't be thinking that if George from Seattle is your Uber driver. When you climb into George's Uber, you'll be presented with a menu. Not one with a list of food and drink, but rather a selection of different experiences. Every type of ride on the list are ones we would have all experienced, but George gives his passengers the option of which one they would like to experience that day.

Luis, a recent passenger of George's, posted a photo of the menu on Twitter and at the time of typing this, it has garnered more than half a million likes. As you can see, George's passengers have five options. Stand-Up, Therapy, Creepy, Silent, or Rude. The Stand-Up option will get you entertaining stories from George's past while the Silent will get you well, nothing at all, just how we like our Uber rides.

It seems as if George was unaware of the attention he and his innovative idea was getting at first. Thankfully, Luis managed to get hold of him and now the driver knows he has become a viral sensation. George is using his newfound fame to try and raise a little money. His Uber ride is currently a manual transmission and he dreams of having an automatic to help him tackle hilly Seattle. He has set up a GoFundMe to try and raise the cash.


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