This Hotel In Tennessee Celebrates Christmas All Year Round

A Tennessee hotel celebrates Christmas all year round because it is the most fabulous time of year.

The Inn at Christmas Place is all about the holiday season. If you need some Christmas spirit in July, a stay at this hotel is just what the doctor ordered. It is located in the Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, which is very close to Dollywood too.

Oh yes, there is so much to get out of a vacation to this Inn decked out with Christmas trees, lights, wreaths, and a singing Santa. Guests will find a lobby full of garland, a full-size Christmas tree and a Glockenspiel that sings carols twice a day for pure holiday enjoyment.


All of the guest rooms and suites are decorated to the fullest. There is a "Sleep In Heavenly Peace" mattress in each room that comes with red velvet bedding, as well as reindeer sculptures.

Visitors can even request the Santa Suite, which is precisely what it sounds like — a room devoted to the beloved jolly fat man who brings presents. There are pieces of St. Nick all over this fantastic room, including a fireplace and a special gift from Santa Claus himself.

The Inn at Christmas Place has been opened since 2007 and offers much more than just the holiday spirit. A full breakfast buffet, an indoor pool with a hot tub and an outdoor pool with a waterslide are all included with your nightly stay at the hotel.

Plus, it is right next to The Incredible Christmas Place, which is a magical Christmas themed shopping area where guests can stock up on holiday goodies. Bakeries, specialty shops, and souvenir's and of course a giant Christmas tree are found in the shopping center that is also on the way to Dollywood.

Christmas is such a magical time of year; it is no wonder a resort themed to honor the holiday is a huge success. There is nothing wrong with looking for a little magic throughout the year. Honestly, it is a cool idea, but it kind of seems like a little too much.

What do you think about The Inn at Christmas? Do you think it is a great idea or does it take away from the special holiday season?


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