Timeshifter App Helps You Avoid Jet Lag By Adjusting To New Time Zones

Anyone who flies across more than one time-zone repeatedly—whether it be for work or pleasure—will always admit that jet lag is one of the worst things to deal with. It's also extremely popular- 93 percent of travelers experience jet lag, according to the American Sleep Association. But now, it seems as though there's a solution coming to combat jet lag in the form of an app.

Enter Timeshifter, a newer app from a startup company located in Denmark that was released last month, according to Inc.com. The idea behind it is to mitigate the fatigue, nausea, headaches, and loss of appetite that comes with jet lag. By trying to help you adjust your body's 24-hour internal clock, it makes going on a new schedule easier.


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To combat jet lag with Timeshifter, the user inputs their normal sleeping schedule, whether they're a morning person or a night owl, and their impending itinerary for their trip. The app then creates an algorithm to give you suggestion of what to do both prior to and immediately after your flight. This includes a new sleeping schedule, when to avoid consuming caffeine, and when to consume melatonin.

In addition to creating a new schedule based on your itinerary, it also advises the user on when to expose yourself to light. This is especially important because experts say it's a huge cue for the body's 24-hour clock. Suggestions include exposing yourself to bright light for a certain length of time or avoiding light altogether. These suggestions on light exposure can last for one or more days, depending on what your itinerary looks like.

Backed by researchers used by those behind Timeshifter, this app is designed to make it easier for travelers to adjust to a new time zone quickly. The effects of jet lag can be annoying and crippling, giving the potential to make your trip less enjoyable. Using Timeshifter will ensure that you can adjust to a new schedule that will result in you enjoying your trip more than if you hadn't used the app.

Timeshifter can be purchased through the App Store or Google Play for your smartphone.


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