The Pacum Multifunctional Vacuum Helps Save Space And Money While Traveling

One of the problems with packing for a trip is fitting all your essentials in your luggage. Luckily, efficient travelers can now enjoy vacuum packing at home with the Pacum, a multifunctional vacuum that is smaller than an iPhone X, therefore easy to throw in your carry-on.

So far, 3,100 supporters have provided funding for the Pacum on Kickstarter. The revolutionary device not only saves travelers exorbitant extra baggage fees, it also adds space to existing luggage. The powerful vacuum is a handheld device that has the capacity to compress items 25 percent more than the leading Dyson vacuum. It is also four-times faster than any other handheld vacuum device, working in just one to two minutes.

The device, which comes with two modes: Eco Mode and Super Mode, can also be used to compress food bags, affording users more space in their fridge or freezer and making it easier to pack food for trips.

According to Masterspace, the creator of the Pacum, the device works with its own vacuum bags as well as other branded bags, therefore, users can pack with vacuum bags they already own using the small handheld device. The Pacum can be charged via USB cable or an AC power plug, thus eliminating the need for costly battery replacement.

The Pacum is automatic and features panel lights indicating the function setting and two pump modes, which double your packing capacity in just over one minute. Also, the Pacum stops automatically so you know when your bag is ready to be thrown in your lugagge. The vacuum is also equipped with the Padaptor, which makes any existing vacuum bags you own compatible with the device, including Ziploc, SpaceSaver, Space Max, Anna Home, EMGM and Zip&Win bags.

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Masterspace, based in Hong Kong, applies smart, innovative technology for everyday solutions. The Pacum, which can additionally be used to easily inflate balls, pool toys, inflatables, and other blow-up items, launched its Kickstarter campaign in February 2019. In a few short days, the company reached its goal of HK $240,000. For more information on the Pacum and its Kickstarter campaign, visit either its Kickstarter page or its Indiegogo page. Shipping of the Pacum will begin in June.

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