The 10 Most Expensive Restaurants In Disney Springs

When Disney made the decision to transform what was once known as Downtown Disney into Disney Springs, there was plenty of anticipation and expectation about what might happen to the popular shopping and eating district.

Thankfully for fans of the area, Disney did an incredible job and totally transformed the area, making it feel more upper class but still accessible to the entire family with a variety of restaurants, shops, and other attractions.

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While there are plenty of places that are cheap to eat such as food trucks, Disney did bring in some high-class restaurants that are incredibly expensive to eat at, and within this article, we will rank the 10 most expensive places to eat in Disney Springs.

10 Planet Hollywood

We kickstart the list with a dining location that is quite controversial, with many people not finding the food worthy of the price at Planet Hollywood, which is more of a gimmick restaurant than anything else.

Here you are paying for the location itself, being able to see the various props from movies that are placed around for guests to look at while they eat, and even though some people don't like it, others love this location.

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There are cheaper food options at Planet Hollywood for people, which makes it a slightly better option for people, but the prices can rise for certain meals as well.

9 Wine Bar George

This location ranks low on this list because technically, it is not a restaurant, with this being more of a bar than anything else with some of the most expensive wines in all of Disney being available here.

However, Wine Bar George does have an area where food can be purchased, and for what it is, it's incredibly expensive, which is why it finds its place on this list with the side, tapas-style dishes not coming cheaply.

Should you be interested in getting a sharing basket while you enjoy your wine with a view then you can expect to be stumping up $60 for the pleasure of having it.

8 Paradiso 37

Paradiso 37 is another fantastic location in Disney Springs, offering the 'Tastes of America,' with dining cuisines from different sections of America for people to choose from.

The inside is a fantastic, sleek, and modern design, often having a singer who walks around performing while you eat, which provides plenty of atmosphere while you enjoy a fantastic meal.

This isn't the most expensive location in Disney Springs, but it also isn't the cheapest, with Paradiso 37 finding itself in the middle ground of this situation, with options such as fajitas costing $29, as an example.

7 Homecoming

While Disney Springs celebrates food from all around the world with different cuisines, Chef Art Smith's Homecoming actually brings things back to its roots, focusing on local cuisine and flavors from around Orlando.

Inside all the decor is Orlando, or Florida related, which is fantastic because the vast majority of the food within Disney World is focused on cuisines from around the world, so Homecoming gives visitors from outside of Florida to taste local produce.

The speciality here is fried chicken, although it isn't going to come cheap, costing $29 for what is basically just chicken. However, the portions here are huge and the food is simply divine.

6 Paddlefish

This is the perfect example of how great Disney Springs is, with Paddlefish combining incredible themes with unbelievable, mouth-watering dining experiences, which is why Disney Springs has become so popular with visitors.

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People often spend full days in the location and Paddlefish is a popular location for people to dine at, especially those who love seafood, which is what the speciality of this dining location is, hence the name.

However, if you're on a budget, do not plan on going to Paddlefish as it is an extremely expensive restaurant, with some meal options reaching as high as $65 for just one main course.

5 STK Orlando

Steakhouses are never going to be cheap, no matter where they are. But when you locate a steak restaurant inside Disney World then you know that the price is going to be even higher due to the location.

That is why STK Orlando is one of the most expensive dining locations in Disney Springs, although you get a very high-quality meal for your money, which makes it worthwhile for most visitors.

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Steaks here rise to an eye-watering price of $98, with a two-person Tomahawk Ribeye setting guests back $128 should they want to tackle the beast, which you can still guarantee to be incredibly tender.

4 Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill

As soon as you see the Wolfgang Puck name you know that this isn't going to be a cheap meal, but you do know that it is going to be a fantastic one, with Wolfgang being one of the most well-respected chefs in the world.

While Wolfgang himself is obviously not in this location, he only hires the very best in order to make his food as there is a certain standard expected from any of these restaurants, no matter where they are.

This is a perfect example of how Disney Springs has evolved, with high-class restaurants being brought in to the area in order to make the food options as strong as possible, you just have to be prepared to pay for that quality.

3 Mario and Enzo's

This is one of the latest restaurants to be brought into the Disney Springs area, and it was certainly worth the wait, despite the hefty price tag that a meal costs here, with many enthusiasts rushing to check this out upon its opening.

Maria and Enzo's is an Italian restaurant which offers some incredible pasta dishes, although they do come at a price, with certain pasta dishes reaching almost $30 and fish dishes almost topping the $50 mark, just for a main course alone.

One thing that everyone has praised about Maria and Enzo's is the portion sizes, with this being a classic Italian in the sense that you get plenty of food on your plate, which makes the price seem a little better in terms of value.

2 Morimoto Asia

Morimoto Asia is another one of the restaurants that was brought in during the transition from Downtown Disney to Disney Springs, bringing a different variety of food to the area, with this always being booked up in advance, it seems to have been a wise decision.

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Inside the decor is incredibly fancy with huge lights hanging down from the roof with Asian style design, and while it looks stunning on the outside and inside, thankfully, the food is able to match it.

This is one of Disney Springs' more expensive locations for dining, with some meals costing as much as $60 for one entree, but those looking to try the food for a cheaper option can always head next door to the Morimoto Street Food, which has limited options for a lower price.

1 The Boathouse

If you like seafood then The Boathouse really is the place for you, with this being one of the prime locations in Orlando for seafood or a fantastic steak, with The Boathouse being able to meet all your needs.

This location sits just next to the water, with an option to actually pay for an amphicar to travel around the water from this area. Here, you can dine outside alongside some incredible boats and view the water and the fantastic sightlines of Disney Springs, creating an unbelievable experience.

Of course, this experience does come at a price, with even a sandwich costing over $20, with sides being incredibly pricey as well. However, the food here is sensational and is well worth checking out if you're planning a visit.

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