10 Best Night Markets In Thailand That Will Have You In Food Heaven

Thailand is a top travel destination for travelers of many ages and has been for quite some time. One of the biggest appeals is clear: Thai food is amazing! If you are planning a trip to go and see this South-East Asian, tropical hub, you should spend some time in one of Thailand's many night markets.

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Meant to be visited in the evening, night markets are well known for a leisurely stroll, a large variety of food stalls to choose from, and other types of shopping. Here the 10 best night markets in Thailand that will have you in food heaven.

10 Rot Fai Market Ratchada, Bangkok

The Train Night Market Ratchada, is a newer alternative to the bigger and more crowded location in Srinakarin. It's conveniently located next to the train and is more accessible by public transit if you're adventures.  Foodies and travelers flock to this colorful night market which takes place on weekend evenings. You can shop for antique and vintage items as well as many tasty treats. Make sure you don't miss out on the large seafood buckets, grilled river prawns with torched cheese, artisanal chicken noodle soup, or a rainbow cheese toast.

9 Chang Chui Bangkok Plane Market, Bangkok

Chang Chui creative park is an open-air market sporting many different sections. On top of shopping, restaurants, and cafes there's a gallery, a cinema and a live theater. Translated to "messy artisan," this market has alcohol-free "green spaces" which are open during the day, as well as the "night zone" which serves alcohol and is open every night except Wednesdays. Here you can find the iconic Instagram worthy plane you must photograph, fresh oysters, sushi, papaya salad, and edible insect fine dining at the famous restaurant, Insects in the Backyard.

8 Artbox Bangkok

Artbox Bangkok is a trendy pop up open-air market that uses storage containers instead of tents and features aesthetics that will have you taking food and culture photos for your social media feed. This creative market is located in Chuvit Garden and is open nightly from 4 pm until midnight.

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Not only will you swoon over the sophisticated street fashion, and cute art, there are many food stalls to boot. Do yourself a favor and try the rice dough fritters, spicy boat noodles, grilled cheese scallops, and northern Thai food.

7 Chiang Mai Sunday Market, Chiang Mai

This is an event to attend if you're visiting the city of Chiang Mai. Stick around on Sunday to visit this large night market. It's located along Chiang Mai's old walled city and is nearly one mile in length. There's a lot of ground to cover to find all sorts of handcrafted goods and souvenirs, including Thai silks, hand-carved soaps and candles, and traditional Thai clothing. While you peruse, you can eat mango sticky rice, roti, grilled meats, spring rolls, fruit smoothies, coconut pancakes and curries, and tasty quail eggs.

6 Asiatique Night Market, Bangkok

Asiatique's night market is bustling with activity. It is located south of Chinatown and is a combination of a street market with casual food stalls, an upscale walk where you can find sit-down riverside restaurants with entertainment and a mall shopping experience. This market is fairly new but aims to please and keep you entertained with its puppet theater and cabaret, visitors of all ages can find something fun to do here. You can find a variety of Thai food, pizza restaurants as well as seafood and even a brewpub.

5 Krabi Town Weekend Night Market, Krabi

If you find yourself outside of the bigger hotspots in Thailand, consider paying a visit to the weekend night market in Krabi town. This large night market is stacked with food stalls, live music, outdoor seating, and an indoor market as well.

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If you are looking to branch out from the usual pad thai noodles, take a lap around and try some yummy treats like hot & spicy fish cakes drizzled in chili jam, green mango salad, yellow chicken biryani, charcoal-grilled squid skewers, or cold noodle salad with fish curry dressing.

4 Talad Neon Night Market, Bangkok

Described as a hipster market, this well lit night market is jam-packed with shopping, fun arcade games, and food that is sure to have you in paradise. Visitors have many choices sure to spark your fancy, from pork bone spicy black soup to massive seafood platters at Pao Maem Loie, lava style Talay cheese, Thai mango dip, the cheese sauce on everything from toast to fries at Friend's Cheese, mango sticky rice sushi, grilled oysters at Oh My Clam, flaming pork cubes, baked potatoes, octopus takoyaki, jello shots and cocktails.

3 Talad Huay Kwang Night Food Market, Bangkok

If you get overwhelmed by the trendier, more touristy and clearly more packed night markets, you can swing by Talad Huay Kwang. It's conveniently located near the Huai Khwang MRT station and is in a mostly residential area.

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This old school market is unpretentious and full of small alleyways to explore. It's open 24 hours and not only has seafood, meat, fruits, and vegetables to buy, but also an indoor mall where you can even get a pedicure.  Try a crab omelet at or chicken and rice at Officer Color.

2 Naka Market, Phuket

The weekend market or Naka market is located near Central Festival in Phuket and is a large open-air night market open on Saturdays and Sundays. There is lots to see and do here as you weave in and out of crowds, do some shopping at the many stalls and try a lot of food. If you're feeling hungry, the Naka market has something for you, like fresh seafood tasty crawfish, salt-crusted barbecue fish, kebabs, fresh-baked donuts, watermelon shakes, frozen yogurt seafood, or fried bugs for those who are adventurous eaters.

1 Pratunam Night Market

The Pratunam night market is located in a very popular shopping area for locals and tourists alike. Here you'll find some amazing street food. If you're in the mood for something sweet, have dessert at Gong Tong cafe, you can choose from mango sticky rice, coconut ice cream or cute and colorful pastries. Other well-known specialties include boat noodles, tomyam lobster noodles, fresh pork leg rice, chicken and rice, fresh green papaya salad, Halal food, all you can eat seafood buffet, duck rice or hot and sour mom's noodles.

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