Six Flags Reveals Fast Dual Track Roller Coaster For Thrill Seekers In LA

Calling all thrill seekers! There's a brand new roller coaster coming to Six Flags Magic Mountain, and we think it's one that you definitely won't want to miss.

The Los Angeles-based theme park, which spans 260 acres, recently announced its brand new additions expected to come to the park sometime in 2019. One of its most exciting upcoming features is West Coast Racers, billed as "the world's very first quadruple launch twin lap racing coaster," which will allow riders to "race" another cart set on a parallel track.

Here's how it works. Traditional roller coasters use a series of chains and pulleys in order to pull the trains up hills, and then lets gravity do the rest of the work when it comes to going back down again. West Coast Racers, however, will actually use an electromagnetic propulsion system to push riders along the steel tracks and will launch them out of the station directly upon starting the ride, reaching a top speed of 55 mph on a straightaway. They'll also come screaming back into the station at the same speed.

The trains navigate along two separate tracks with 14 crossovers and a moment which the park calls a "high-five" — essentially, this puts the two cars close enough that the riders can almost high-five each other. There will be a total of 30 interactions between the cars, 15 per lap,  giving thrill seekers the ultimate opportunity to race their friends in a high-speed, high-thrill roller coaster experience.


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The race's two laps will be broken up by a brief, virtual pit stop, designed and produced by West Coast Customs. This momentary break will be narrated by WCC founder and CEO, Ryan Friedlinghaus and will give riders an exclusive glimpse into the West Coast Customs shop before their race resumes with another high-speed launch.

West Coast Customs is an automobile shop that specializes in customized vehicles and is perhaps best known for its appearances on the reality TV show, Pimp my Ride. This multi-million dollar business has customized cars for several celebrities, including Shaquille O'Neal and Justin Bieber. In a statement, Friedlinghaus expressed West Coast Customs' excitement at partnering with Six Flags for the exciting new coaster.

"Throughout my career, I have always thought outside of the box and I love being challenged to build things other can't," he said. "Talk about the ultimate outside of the box challenge - a West Coast Customs-style roller coaster!"

On their website, Six Flags explains the roller coaster will be located in a new area of the park with an LA-centric urban theme. There will also be new dining, games and retail shops added to the area to complete the LA vibe.

West Coast Racers marks the park's twentieth coaster, adding to its record of having the most number of coasters in the world. Although there is no set opening date as of yet, Six Flags Magic Mountain expects it to be ready sometime during the 2019 season.


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