10 Easy Ways To Save Money In Disney World

Walt Disney World might be known as the 'Happiest Place On Earth,' but it also happens to be one of the most expensive, making this a trip that is simply unaffordable for many people.

Some save money away for years in order to experience the magic that the theme parks are able to offer, but even once flights, hotels, and theme park tickets have been bought, there are other costs such as food and merchandise to consider.

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While it is simply impossible to make a holiday to Walt Disney World 'cheap,' there are some tips and tricks to make the trip a lot less expensive, and within this article, we will reveal 10 ways to save money in Disney World.

10 Take A Water Bottle

Orlando is hot, and humid, and even if you're from somewhere that is warm when you are constantly moving around in the heat going from various rides to standing and watching shows in the sun, it is important you stay hydrated.

While Disney has plenty of vendors and quick-service dining locations to pick up sodas and water from, as you would expect, they are more expensive than you are normally used to paying, and when you're buying lots of them, it quickly racks up.

This is why taking a reusable water bottle is always a wise idea, as there are plenty of water fountains all around the theme parks, meaning you can save money in that sense, plus, it's more environmentally friendly!

9 Free Ice Water

On the topic of staying hydrated and saving money, should you not purchase a reusable water bottle, or perhaps you simply forgot it, then don't worry, as there are other ways you can get water!

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Disney is well aware of its own prices as well as the necessity for people to by hydrated, so if you go to any food stall or dining area and ask for a cup of ice water, they will gladly provide that for you.

Not only is this a good option, but the water is always ice cold, which is something you cannot guarantee from a water fountain that has had the hot sun on it for a full day.

8 Pre Pack A Poncho

Speaking of the weather and how it can impact you, it isn't just the heat that you need to consider, as Florida has a tropical weather climate which is why it's so humid, and with that comes tropical storms.

Sometimes, these can be huge storms that will have a serious impact on your trip, but others are much smaller and will pass in a day or two. Either way, you can expect it to rain on a daily basis for at least one hour at some stage.

While that might seem annoying, it really isn't that bad if you have a poncho, but don't be caught emptyhanded having to pay Disney prices for one, pre-buy yourself a poncho and save tons of money.

7 Free Balloon Options

If you've ever walked on Main Street U.S.A, then you will have seen the classic Disney balloons that make an incredible picture and are sold for a high price, but you best believe your child will want one.

However, if you don't want to spend tons of money on a balloon that could end up flying away, then Disney do actually have some freebies for guests at their resort front desks, giving everyone the chance to have a balloon.

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You won't get a balloon quite as amazing as the ones pictured, but having one is better than nothing, and it will certainly save you a little bit of money as well.

6 Autographs

One of the big things that people first want to do when they get to Dinsey World is meet the characters that they love so much in the movies, whether it be Peter Pan or the big cheese himself, Mickey Mouse.

People want a photo, and many also want to collect an autograph in the process, with Disney selling tons of different autograph books, which is one way that people can end up spending unnecessary money.

When you arrive at the meet and greet, the cast member who is working with the character will actually already have a pre-signed piece of paper if you don't have a book, meaning nobody needs to miss out.

5 No Room Service Option

If you happen to be staying at any of the Walt Disney World hotel resorts, then one way of saving money is by making the most of the new service that Disney is offering guests, which is to opt-out of room service.

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While that might not seem like something you necessarily want to do when you think about the small amount of time you actually spend in the room, and the fact Disney has washing services means this isn't as bad as it may seem.

Disney will pay $10 per night of your duration that you opt-out, meaning you can gain quite a lot of money if you have a two-week vacation, which can then be spent on a nice meal or some merchandise.

4 Don't Use Photopass

The Disney Photopass service is an incredible thing. Not only does it mean you don't have to take your camera around, but it means everyone can be in the photo and the pictures are always guaranteed to look good.

Disney hires professional photographers to take pictures of guests, with the option of paying a lump sum for all the pictures, on-ride, and around the park being available, but just because they are around doesn't mean you have to use them.

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One way to save money would be utilising the skills of the professionals, by asking them to take a picture on your phone, which they will oblige to, meaning you get a great shot and you don't waste the money!

3 Entree Only

When you head to a Dinsey quick-service dining location, there is always a vast variety of options, which is great as a guest as it means you are not limited to only one thing, however, it can also lead to guests picking a more expensive option.

Disney tends to push 'combo' meals on their menus, meaning you pick an entree option such as a burger, or a wrap, and then you also get fries, salad, and a dessert with that, which obviously starts to grow the cost.

Instead, simply go for the entree only option, getting just the burger, for example, as this is going to save you plenty of money in the long run, and it should still fill you up.

2 Salad Bars

While having an entree only meal is certainly a wise option as a method of saving money, there are other ways to save cash when it comes to dining inside Walt Disney World's popular theme parks.

While taking your own food is certainly an option, many people don't want to find a grocery store to pay for food and then prepare it, so another option is looking for dining areas that offer a salad bar.

One example is the popular, Tortuga Tavern in the Magic Kingdom, which is a great way of filling up. Not only can you purchase an entree, but you can also use the salad bar to get even more food, for no extra charge!

1 Plan A Cheap Day

If you're going to Disney World for a limited amount of time, then this might not be an option, but if you're going for a two-week vacation then having a day off from the parks is a good idea.

Not only will it relax and conserve your energy, but it will also make sure you save some money as you will not be tempted by major merchandise or snack options, which gives you the chance to save some money.

A day at the pool relaxing is certainly going to make you save money, and you don't even need any special tips of tricks in order to make this happen, but because people want to cram so much in, this often gets overlooked.

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