New Luxury Travel Club Gives Members Access To Luxury Travel Tips & Tricks

Many people who travel regularly do so for several different reasons. It could be a way to do something different, an excuse to visit a brand new place, or to learn more about a specific country. If you fall into that last category—and are interested in learning everything about the country you're visiting—then there's a new travel club that gives tourists the chance to do exactly that.

As reported by Vogue, PRIOR gives its members the ability to visit previously unknown attractions in the country they're visiting. It was founded by David Prior, former contributing editor of Condé Neste Traveler, and current contributing editor of Vogue Living Australia. Initially exclusive to well-connected individuals from the fashion or film industries via invitation (as well as popular California natives), everyday folks can now apply to become part of PRIOR.

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The club's main focus is on giving tourists experiences that they'll remember for years to come, rather than material things that might lose value rapidly. Moreover, members just renew their love of traveling due to a new list of cool places to visit because of PRIOR.

In addition to providing members with unique travel experiences, PRIOR hopes to give luxury traveling a new definition. This means giving members travel experiences that, while not exactly "five-star", are still exclusive and unique enough to make them feel fancy. Furthermore, because PRIOR selects most experiences around traditions—including some that are in the midst of vanishing—they will donate about five percent of profits to preserving such cultural aspects in return.

PRIOR club members will have unlimited access to one-off itinerary designs from all around the world, as well as 24/7 support to bring up any questions or concerns. There are also events, talks, and book signings that will keep members interested when they're not traveling. Most exciting is the recent development of where members will eventually meet in mid-October- Heckfield Place, a freshly renovated property in North Hampshire, England, UK. There, members will enjoy a lavish historic landmark where they can enjoy plenty of different activities with others.

If you want more information about PRIOR or how to join, you can read up on that on their website.

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