10 Bars You Must Visit In New York (& Their Most Popular Cocktail)

New York City is constantly bustling with activity as people rush to work and tourists try and visit everything before their vacation is over. It can be rough, but that is why bars exist to help you over that end-of-day slump you have probably fallen into. A good cocktail can lift anyone's mood as they gather with friends and strangers to drink to their heart's content.

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We have compiled a list of bars in New York that you have to visit if you are obsessed with cocktails. They serve excellent spirits and understand how to put a twist on a popular favorite. Keep reading to learn about ten bars you must visit in New York and their most popular cocktail!

10 Death & Company (Skeleton Key)

This bar is located in Manhattan's East Village and their bartenders have made them into one of the best bars in New York. All of their drinks have interesting names, and the one you should order is called Skeleton Key.

It is made with PM Spirits VS Bas Armagnac, Pikesville Rye, crème de mure, rose, and absinthe, but it does come with a price tag of $22. They also serve food as well if you were hoping to grab a bite to eat and they are either snack portions or shareable platters that the whole table can enjoy.

9 Mace (Mace Cocktail)

This cocktail bar has won several national and international awards for his proficiency in its craft. They serve cocktails, wine, and small meal plates that can constitute an entire meal.

A few of these platters include things like salmon, ribs, duck wings, and plantain chips. The best drink to order is called the Mace, which is the same name as the bar itself, and it is made with things like Aperol, aquavit, Thai coconut cordial, beet juice, orange acid, and mace mist.

8 The Up & Up (The Moon In Libra)

This is a seated-only cocktail bar where you and five of your friends can grab a drink at the end of the day in Manhattan's Greenwich Village. They have a slew of drinks to choose from, but some of the best are made with Tod and Vixen's Dry Gin 1651 from The Vale Fox Distillery.

It has a smooth finish with robust flavors that turn any subpar drink into one you will drink again and again. The best cocktail they serve is The Moon In Libra, which is made with gin, Aperol, Strawberry, Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto, Sparkling Wine, and balsamic vinegar. It is something you will keep coming back for because it is just that good.

7 Amor Y Amargo (8 Amaro Sazerac)

This bar can be found on East 6th Street in New York City and their sole purpose is to serve drinks that are better than anything else around. A favorite in this bar is the 8 Amaro Sazerac which is their take on a classic drink. They use a house Amari blend, green chartreuse, Peychauds, and orange citrate in this particular drink.

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If you prefer something with an award, then you can order the Vecchio Quadrato, which won the Home Bar Awards Bartender of the Year drink. They also offer cocktail classes where you can learn how to become a professional and make some of your favorite drinks at home.

6 The Top Of The Standard (Pornstar Martini)

This is a popular destination for upper-class New Yorkers who know the value of a good cocktail. You are required to wear smart casual attire and it is best if you make reservations instead of just walking through the door.

You can sip on their popular drink called the Pornstar Martini, which is made with vodka, vanilla, passion fruit, and Moet & Chandon. It is like nothing you have ever tasted before, but it might leave a bigger dent in your wallet than some other bars in the area.

5 Employees Only

This is a restaurant and bar that is known for creating twists on classic cocktails that people rave about to everyone they meet. Their meals are high class with a Seared Rib-Eye with Horseradish Potato Gratin served at a price of $74, and that doesn't even include your drink.

A favorite in this bar is the Ginger Smash, which is made using gin, ginger root, cranberries, apple liqueur, and lemon juice that is freshly squeezed. You won't be disappointed with either the food or the drinks, and everything will be so good you won't know what to try next.

4 The Raines Law Room At The William (Garden Paloma)

This can be found in Midtown and it provides an intimate atmosphere in which to drink some phenomenal cocktails. They have three different sections to their drink menu called Bright & Fresh, Stirred & Strong, and With a Hint of Spice that can help you decide based on your taste preferences.

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The best drink they serve is called the Garden Paloma, which is made with things like tequila, grapefruit, chili salt, and celery bitters. This place is also awesome because you can build your own cocktail if you want with help from the staff.

3 Broken Shaker (Orange Creamsicle Old Fashioned)

If you wanted rooftop views and savory drinks, then this is the place to be. They serve larger snacks to go along with your drink like oysters, and avocado salad, and chicken sandwich. The drink you should order off of the menu is called the Orange Creamsicle Old Fashioned that will transport you to the beaches of Miami, Florida.

It is made using bourbon, suntory toki, orange whey cordial, and tiki bitters. It is like a party in your mouth and the fun never stops as you realize you have just found your new favorite bar on the planet.

2 Dante (Negroni Bianco)

If you happen to find yourself in Greenwich Village, then you should stop by this bar for cocktails. It first opened its doors back in 1915, and recently traded hands as the family parted ways from its legacy.

They have several different types of cocktails like the negroni, the aperitivi, and a martini. The best drink on their menu is the Negroni Bianco, which has gin, quinquina aperitif, alessio bianco, and lemon bitters that create a unique flavor no other bar can match. They also serve Italian dishes as well like pasta and gelato.

1 NoMad Bar (Sherry Painkiller)

This bar hopes to achieve the traditional tavern feel while serving exceptional tasting cocktails. They serve both drinks and food, with some specialties like burgers and oysters on their high-class menu.

A favorite drink in this establishment is called the Sherry Painkiller, which involves sherry, rum, orange, pineapple, lime, and coconut in its recipe. You really can't go wrong with so many choices in terms of food and beverages as you venture outside of your comfort zone to try something exciting and new.

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