Exclusive: Creator Of müvTravel On The Most Common Mistakes People Make While Traveling

For many people, travel has always been and remains a fairly high priority. When it comes to the majority of millennials, however, a recent study showed that travel is so important, it often outweighs the priorities of paying back student loans, buying a big-ticket item, and even improving relationships with their family and friends.

Recently, TheRichest had the pleasure of conducting an exclusive interview with Michel Karam, a man who knows a thing or two about traveling. Karam created müvTravel, a travel website that allows users to do absolutely everything needed for travel, from comparing the cost of flights and hotels, sharing trips, getting personalized tips and recommendations and building dream vacations.

During our exclusive interview with the site creator, one of the questions that we asked was, in his opinion, the most common mistakes that travelers tend to make when planning a trip. We followed up the question by asking how müvTravel has been designed to combat these common errors.



Karam told us that one of the most common mistakes that he sees travelers make isn't really a mistake at all but rather the tools that they have available to help plan their trip.

"Most people, for example, coming from the United States to Europe, are going to use Lonely Planet," Karam said. "But by using Lonely Planet, everybody’s going to the same places. Similarly, if they use TripAdvisor, they will always be going to the same restaurant which are the top 10 or others and it becomes a bit of a circle where this restaurant will stay on top just because all of these people are going to it and this other restaurant which is very good and actually is much more interesting than the popular one, which has become too popular, doesn’t get the recognition that it is supposed to get."

müvTravel was created in order to help bridge the gap of what current travel sites offer and what's missing. Karam insists it is a complete solution to travel planning, no matter the user's personality. Those who are rigid planners and carefree wanderers can equally enjoy the perks and benefits provided by müvTravel.


After intensively studying the travel market, Karam said that he figured out what was needed and what had been missing for all of these years.

"What is needed is more personalization," he told us. "What people need to have is really a recommendation based on their own taste and needs."

We have to agree. In this day and age, everything seems to be based on personalization. We have grown into a society who expects and thrives off of customization. From Netflix recommendations to online shopping custom offers, this has become the digital way. We can't even visit websites anymore without personalized ads popping up. So, it seems in keeping with the modern times that a travel site should exist that will offer custom tips and suggestions in order for us to have the best vacation possible.

"If I’m the type of person who likes, let’s say, boutique hotels," Karam said. "And the majority of travelers tend to go to Marriott and Sheraton, I still need to be able to get the recommendation that fits my tastes which would not be what I’m getting right now."

müvTravel fixes this problem by getting to know the user's desired preference for boutique hotels and selecting recommendations that would enhance the user's experience rather than sending them suggestions to popular choices such as Marriott and Sheraton hotels.

If you are someone who would like your vacation experience heightened to a more personal level, make müvTravel your first destination.


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