The 10 Most Expensive Snacks In Disney World

While people attend Walt Disney World to see the castle, meet the characters, and ultimately ride the various attractions, the four theme parks, hotels, and water parks are jam-packed with some incredible food offerings.

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The idea of traveling to the Happiest Place On Earth to eat food is a strange one as the trip can get quite pricey without even budgeting for snacks, but the fact is that there are some incredible restaurants to sit and eat at, as well as amazing snacks to have during your time at the parks.

Whether it is a cool drink or a unique Disney themed snack, there are tons of options for people to keep them sustained while enjoying all that the theme parks have to offer, but they don't always come cheap, and within this list, we will rank the 10 most expensive snacks available.

10 Mickey Ice Cream Bar ($5.49)

If you go to Disney World and don't try a Mickey's Ice Cream Bar, then you really have done something wrong, it is almost like you have to try one at least once, and what's not to like about them?

It is ice cream, with chocolate on top, shaped to Mickey Mouse, it is just a winning situation, and even though $5.49 is a fairly steep price for ice cream, just think of the Instagram opportunities.

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This is a very popular food choice amongst those who use Instagram heavily, with people often taking it around various locations, hoping it doesn't melt in time to get the perfect snap, but most importantly, it tastes good!

9 Lefou's Brew ($5.79)

Universal Studios may have the popular Butterbeer, but (and whisper it quietly) Disney World's Magic Kingdom actually has a better snack drink option in Lefou's Brew, which can be found in Gaston's Tavern.

The drink may not have the buzz around it that the Butterbeer does, but it is an incredibly refreshing drink, especially in the humid Orlando heat, and any major Beauty and the Beast fan will certainly want to test this out.

The drink is made with frozen apple juice and has a hint of toasted marshmallow with a passion fruit-mango foam added, making this a sweet and enjoyable drink! For those interested, there is a goblet available to keep for $9.99.

8 Chesire Cat Tail ($5.85)

Who doesn't love a good pastry? Well, for those that do you are in luck as the Magic Kingdom has a delightful pastry option that is known as the Chesire Cat Tail, which is a personal favorite.

This is located at the Chesire Cafe just next door to the Mad Tea Party in what is a dedicated Alice in Wonderland section of the park. However, the Cafe is tucked away and therefore a lot of people actually don't know about this.

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However, the pastry, that is filled with chocolate and has an icing drizzle as well as chocolate chips is one of the very best snacks available in Disney and is one every guest should try if they can.

7 Dole Whip Float ($5.99)

If you have ever been to Disney World, then you have heard of the Dole Whip, with this being one of the most popular snacks available, with people going out of their way to get one of them on every single trip.

Disney has now merchandised the Dole Whip due to its popularity, with pins, plushes, and even t-shirts being available. While the Dole Whip soft serve itself is amazing, adding it to the juice as a float is the most popular option.

The price for this comes in at $5.99, which isn't too bad considering it will certainly refresh you on a hot day in Orlando. Plus, if you are of age, there is an option to add rum to this, bringing the price to $10.

6 Baked Mac & Cheese ($6.49)

Animal Kingdom is home to some incredible food, and at the Eight Spoon Cafe, you will find another amazing snack, especially if you are a fan of Macaroni & Cheese, as the Cafe has got plenty of options.

While they certainly serve the traditional Macaroni & Cheese, they also provide various different options for the price of $6.49 which includes a shrimp and sweet chilli sauce as well as a pulled pork option.

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For those looking for quite a filling, and savoury snack, then this is certainly an option that you should look into, even if it is one of the pricier choices in Disney.

5 Funnel Cake ($7.79)

This popular snack can be located in a couple of places in Disney World, such as the Sleepy Hollow inside the Magic Kingdom, as well as at the kiosk in the America pavilion of EPCOT's World Showcase.

The snack is sugary goodness at its best, with Funnel Cake being a classic American dessert that visitors from around the world particularly enjoy, often getting to try it for the first time in Disney.

This snack comes with a $7.79 price tag, but it is also loaded with whipped cream and strawberries (so you can at least be a little healthy) on top, making it fairly good value for your money.

4 Night Blossom ($7.99)

The Night Blossom drink is one of the newer snack options in Disney World and can be located from Pongu Pongu, inside the Pandora section of Animal Kingdom, and it is certainly an eye-catching option.

The drink is another incredibly refreshing option, with several different frozen flavors with the limeade having a mix of apple and pear within the drink, providing the different colors and flavors.

As well as that, the drink is topped with passion fruit boba balls (which you can order without), making this an exciting and unique drink within the theme park, costing $7.99 for one.

3 Blue/Green Milk ($7.99)

Another brand new drink option at Disney World is the blue and green milk which is available in Hollywood Studios' Galaxy's Edge section, an immersive area that is dedicated to Star Wars.

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With a ride that gives people the opportunity to fly the Millenium Falcon and a variety of characters from the film series walking around, the area has been a mega-hit with people, and that isn't the only way Disney has immersed guests.

Disney has created some incredible food and beverage options, with one snack being the popular green and blue milk, just like from the movies, with this being a major hit, although one glass will set you back $7.99.

2 Loaded Buffalo Chicken Tots ($9.49)

This is another example of quite an expensive snack, that some people may class as an entire meal, but is certainly easy enough to be split and enjoyed between meals to keep your energy high during a busy day.

These can be located in the Magic Kingdom at The Friar's Nook, which used to be an area dedicated to Macaroni & Cheese, but was changed to focus on tots instead, with this particular option having buffalo chicken on top.

As well as that, there is a blue cheese dressing and celery, and it is certainly a filling option, although it can be quite spicy, which is always something to consider.

1 Jumbo Turkey Leg ($11.75)

Let's be honest, the Jumbo Turkey Leg really is not a 'snack,' as it is big enough to work as an entire meal if you wanted to with these legs being absolutely massive, yet because they have become so popular, many people treat them as snacks.

While many people speculate that they are not even Turkey, simply due to the size of them, but their popularity is incredible, with Disney reportedly selling 1.8 million pounds of these each year.

One Turkey Leg costs $11.75, which is very expensive for a snack, but as we pointed out, it is big enough to fill you as a meal, and therefore you can't really blame Disney for the price point on this one.

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