The 10 Most Expensive Bars In London

It's no secret that London has one of the most vibrant food scenes in the world, but did you know that its bars and bartenders are routinely named amongst the best in the world?

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However, these 10 bars aren't for someone hoping to grab a quick beer. With cocktails topped with edible gold, drinks with a thousand dollar price, and one-of-a-kind creations whipped up by world-renown bartenders, these 10 bars in London rank amongst the most innovative and luxe in the world. Of course, luxurious beverages come with high price-tags. Scroll down to check out the 10 most expensive bars in London.

10 The American Bar at The Savoy Hotel

The American Bar--known for its famous clientele and renown bartenders--takes its inspiration from its stunning grand piano. The menu is appropriately called "The Savoy Songbook" and each of its 20 gorgeous cocktails pays homage to a famous song.

The American Bar at The Savoy Hotel has five super-pricey cocktails on its menu. Their Daiquiri, White Lady, Manhattan and Negroni are all marked as "market price." The most expensive cocktail, the Sazerac, is made with 1858 Sazerac de Forge, 1950s Pernod Abstinthe, and bitters. Sound tasty? This cocktail costs $6,423.

9 Gigi’s

The now-closed Gigi's boasted a delicious menu of glitzy cocktails in an Italian Brasserie setting. While visitors to London, can't sip on any of Gigi's pricy cocktails anymore, it's still made its name in bar-history.

Gigi's bar was home to the world's most expensive cocktail, The Gigi. Named after iconic actress Grace Jones, the Gigi was made with a bottle of 1990 Vintage Cristal, a bottle of 1888 Samalens Vieille Relique Vintage Bas Armagnac, and topped with 'lashings' of gold leaf. To sip on the Gigi cost $11,568.

8 Purple Bar at the Sanderson Hotel

The Purple Bar at the Sanderson Hotel lets visitors sip on cocktails in a chic surrounding outfitted in lush lavenders, purples, and blues. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, The Purple Bar features quirky centerpieces like lavender Queen Anne chairs, purple etched Venetian mirrors, and a bar fashioned to look like an asteroid.

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Their cocktails (offerings include concoctions like the Fizz Kaffir and the Rye Wallbanger) run for a steep $17 per drink, and their most expensive bottles of champagne run up to $590. Want to get your mixology chops up to snuff? For $67, the Purple Bar offers a cocktail master course, Cocktail Heaven.

7 The Playboy Club

The Playboy Club (Yes, that Playboy) features an extensive cocktail menu, a plush interior, and a full-service casino. Of course, waitresses, bartenders, and casino dealers wear the iconic bunny suits and satiny ears.

While most cocktails at The Playboy Club come it at around 20$, The Playboy Club earns its place on this list with the world-record breaking Salvatore’s Legacy. This one-time creation uncorked some seriously vintage spirits--1788 Clos de Griffier Vieux Cognac, Dubb orange curaçao from the late 1860s, and 1770 Kummel Liqueur. The masterpiece cost $9,230.

6 The Bletchley

The Bletchley is not only one of London's most expensive bars, but also one of London's most unique spots. The Bletchley's immersive experience offers visitors a chance to spend a night using WW2 Enigma machines and using Sherlock's deduction principles while sipping pricy cocktails.

Guests don't select cocktails from a set menu. Instead of standard Gin and Tonics or Rum & Cokes, The Bletchley's bartenders are ready to whip up specialty cocktails that are tailored to each customer. The experience costs $46 per person. The Bletchley is also home to a 129$ cocktail that takes 30-40 minutes to craft and comes with gold leaves and edible diamonds.

5 Duke's Bar

Duke's Bar in the luxe Duke's Hotel offers visitors a chance to skip out on the bustle of Mayfair and relax in snug velvet chairs with a drink and a cigar.

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In the mood for a good martini? If you're willing to dish out a bit of cash, consider choosing from Duke bar's selection of martinis. With a 27$ price tag, the Duke's original martini doesn't come cheap. Although, according to the New York Times, it's well worth the splurge-- the Duke bar's signature drink was recently named one of the world's best in the world.

4 Artesian

Located only steps away from bustling Oxford Circus, the Artesian bar offers Londoners a chic retreat. Named "Best Bar" in 2012, 2013, and 2014, the Artesian is renown for its unbeatable hospitality and glamorous atmosphere.

Their cocktail menu (recently adjusted to fit a minimalist ideal and showcase one stellar flavor profile) includes mouth-watering offerings like Champagne and Cream, and Mitcher's Bourbon and Pear. Each concoction costs $25.

3 Connaught Bar

Situated in the same elite hotel as the Two Michelin-starred restaurant, Hélène Darroze at The Connaught, bar-goers can sample award-winning cocktail concoctions after a world-class dinner. Not to be outdone by its fellow Connaught Hotel dining, the Connaught Bar won the 2016 award for “World’s Best Cocktail Bar."

Visitors can sample cocktails starting at $19 from a selection of classic drinks and innovative new favorites. Those looking to sip on wine or spirits can also check out The Connaught Bar's extensive range of fine vintages. Visitors looking to dish out a lot of cash can sip on a bottle of 1998 Pétrus Pomerol for a cool $8,413

2 Scarfes Bar

Visitors to this gentlemen's club-inspired bar can get cozy by a roaring fires, settle in plush velvet armchairs, and peruse The Scarfes Bar shelves of over 1,000 antique books (each hand-picked by a Portobello antiques dealer).

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The Scarfes bar takes its inspiration from the nightly live jazz music it offers its visitors, and each cocktail on their menu is named after a jazz song. Their most expensive offer is the $29 Zapaca-based Hope Street cocktail.

1 The Blue Bar

The Blue Bar in Knightsbridge boasts "some of the most colorful cocktails in town," in a stylish, sleek, (and very, very blue) setting. Guests can choose between settling into The Blue Bar's cozy, victorian inspired original room, and lounging in their futuristic-feeling 2016 glass extension.

Its menu includes first-class spirits, a wide selection of vintage wines, Cuban cigars, and a signature cocktail menu with offerings like The Champagne Milkshake, and The Earl of Kentucky.

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