Millennials Would Rather Travel Than Have Carbs & Coffee

When it comes to the travel industry, one group of people that gets plenty of attention is the millennial demographic. It's been said time and time again that millennials are one generation that loves to travel. Moreover, they view traveling as an adventure of sorts- instead of any sort of fancy getaways, a millennial would rather try interesting activities, stay in hostels or cheap hotels, and stay as local as possible while spending as little as possible.

But just how much do millennials value traveling? Well, according to Forbes this past Monday, a lot more than you may have initially believed. A study conducted by Contiki—a travel company whose target demographic is millennials—those in that generation would happily give up one of many different things in order to travel. This includes alcohol (73 percent), carbs (60 percent), coffee (77 percent), Netflix (80 percent), and even sex (57 percent). In addition, 41 percent of millennials would be willing to give up using their smartphone, even though the same study showed that 49 percent use it between eight to ten hours a day.


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Such revelations may sound surprising, but they really aren't when you think about it. For many years now, tourism has shifted in different directions to attract millennials to the idea of traveling. One example is sustainable tourism—conversing wildlife, protecting historic sites, supporting the locals, and so much more. It's as if the entire tourism industry is trying to clean up its act to make millennials feel better about traveling.

Another important aspect that's been attracting millennials to give up other things they love in order to see the world is that traveling is becoming interesting and cheaper. The idea of flying across the globe used to be seen as expensive; a luxury that only those with plenty of extra income. But with cheaper accommodations becoming available all over the place- from smaller establishments to bigger companies like Hilton creating hostels of their own — it's not as expensive to travel like it used to be.

With all things considered, now it's easier to understand why millennials value travel so much. It may seem silly to those not inside that bubble. However, it's clear that millennials want to travel so badly that they're willing to give up many popular loves to do so. With tourism becoming more beneficial and affordable, it should be expected that more young people will be traveling all around the world for years to come.


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