Travel Lovers Need To Put Mallorca On Their Travel Destination List

It's not shocking to hear that people love to travel almost any time of the year, but during the winter months (from December to about March), most travelers jet off to tropical destinations to temporarily hide from the cold.

The most popular places travellers flock to during winter are typically in the Caribbean. That can be proven from seeing where Americans loved to fly to the most during the holiday season, but that means that those destinations will be littered with tourists, which may make your experience, not as fun. That being said, there are destinations that—while not popular—are still beautiful to visit.

One such travel destination to visit during winter that you may not have knowledge of is Mallorca, Spain, as revealed recently by GQ. This place is located at Balearic Island, which is only an hour flight from the city of Barcelona. The city of Mallorca has beautiful beaches, massive mountainsides, and wide waters to entice any potential tourists to come. While Mallorca's winter climate is not as warm as rivaling Caribbean destinations in the same season, it's still warm enough to walk by the beach and whatnot. That makes it a rare travel destination for most, which is perfect if you're looking for a place that's not as filled with tourists.


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While Mallorca is the travel destination to focus on, many tourist attractions and resorts take place in the capital city of Palma. The most popular place to stay at is Hotel Mamá, a newer hotel that came from the mind of famous interior designer Jacques Grange. The rooms feel less like hotel rooms, and more like apartments — ensuring that you feel more at home. There's also a café, gym, lobby bar, and spa. There's even a rooftop pool that's perfect to survey the ocean from a distance!

Some of the places you can see during your stay include the many old churches that act like tourist hot spots. The city of Deià is home to a monastery of their own that's full of history. There's also a free art museum full of works from Spanish artists, known as Museu Fundación Juan March. The art is housed in a massive 17th-century building — which just feels so right, given the art that's inside. If you'd rather shop instead of sightsee, Antiguedades Midge Dalton is the go-to place to scour for antiques that will make great souvenirs.

During your stay in Mallorca, you certainly won't starve! Local bakeries such as Forney de la Soca try to keep specialties like buńuelos and sugar-dusted ensaïmadas in stock. If you'd prefer a savory snack over something sweet, the charcuterie and cheese shops will surely have something to nix any cravings. Mercados Gastronómicos San Juan and Olivar are some of the markets that you need to stroll through. As for restaurants and bars, the most popular places include Bar Nicolás and Gibson; Chapeau 1987; Garito Café; and La Rosa Vermutería Colmado.

So if you're itching to travel somewhere warm during winter, it couldn't hurt to give Mallorca a try. It may not have been your first choice, but it's certainly a choice that's perfect to escape the bitter cold.


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