10 Mistakes You Make Planning A Family Vacation At A Luxury Resort

It can be exciting to save up for a big luxury vacation the whole family will enjoy, but you also want to make sure it's worth it. There are so many things to consider as well as a bucketful of things that could ruin your entire vacation. It might read great on paper, but the moment your family arrives you will realize all of the mistakes you made.

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We have uncovered some of the things you might be doing wrong and should fix before you leave on your next adventure. The goal is to relax, and not have to worry about all of the things that went wrong. Keep reading to learn about ten mistakes you make planning a family vacation at a luxury resort!

10 Read The Fine Print

You might have paid an arm and a leg, expecting the world, but usually, not everything is included in your package. It might come with a meal plan, separate bedrooms for you and the kids, as well as a ton of pools, and it still won't be what you expected.

They might have advertised things like kid's activities or adult massages, only for you to find out that they cost extra. It can put a dampener on your plans as you realize that all these things you thought you paid for are going to cost you another home mortgage.

9 Set A Budget

You might have untapped funds and the ability to buy whatever you want, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to stay within a certain budget. You have probably planned on paying for certain activities, as well as a day of shopping, but the little expenses can really add up over time.

The most prominent of these are tips and hidden fees that seemingly appear out of nowhere. It can empty your wallet faster than you can blink no matter how deep your pockets go, and this can lead to stress during what is supposed to be a relaxing vacation.

8 Have Some Plan In Mind

It can be thrilling to head out on vacation without any sense of what you want to do, but this can grow messy. You should have some form of a plan, even if it is relatively simple, so the entire family is on the same page.

This could include things like meeting times for meals, or certain activities that the whole family wants to do together. It doesn't mean that it is set in stone and can't change based on the circumstances, but it sets a basis and takes some of the stress out of your day.

7 Do Your Research

You probably want a place that is family-friendly and can cater to your kids as much as it does to the adults. This is where researching your venue comes into play, because you don't want to book a place the whole family won't enjoy.

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Some are made for adults and teens, but neglect to provide daycare for the little ones. This can cause some issues as you struggle as parents to try and relax, while still juggling who has the kid at certain times of the day.

6 Award Nights Can Make Your Stay Cheaper

There are several hotels, resorts, and even airlines that will reward you points for staying with them. These can add up quickly and allow you to book a room at a lower cost than it would without.

Generally, these prices are per room, while paying by cash changes the fee to a per person system. This can cause your rates to skyrocket and make a resort unaffordable, but using your award nights can save you this hassle.

5 Many Restaurants Require Reservations

It is not uncommon for a resort to have its own unique reservation process. This could mean you call months ahead to reserve a table for you and your family, or it could involve a daily signup sheet.

It is important to ask these questions when you arrive at the resort so you ensure that you can grab a few seats in the restaurant of your dreams. They generally have other rules and regulations for the resort as well, so if possible, try to grab a sheet that lists the important facts or ask the right questions when you arrive.

4 Some Seasons Are Better Than Others

It can seem like a great idea to wait until the end of summer or the dead of winter to travel to your tropical abode, but it can end in disaster. The best example of this is that you would not travel to a ski resort in the middle of summer, because all of the snow would be melted.

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Other places have hurricanes and monsoons, as well as weather that might be too cold or hot for your liking. A few minutes of research will help you discover when you should be traveling to your dream destination so your money isn't wasted on a luxurious hell hole.

3 Use A Travel Agent

Travel agents are equipped with the resources and knowledge to help you plan the perfect vacation. Their entire job revolves around their ability to set up vacations that everyone will enjoy, and they can probably do it in half the time that it would take you.

It might be on your mind that they are not worth the added expense, but they will be once you realize just how useful they can be. These agents can even save you money on places you stay as they have access to different resources than you do just scrolling through the internet.

2 Forgetting To Pack Sunscreen And Aloe

Most people tend to travel to luxury resorts in hot and sunny areas, which can lead to nasty sunburns. You want to protect your children's skin, but if you forget to pack a bottle it can cost you when you go to buy some at the resort store.

They know that this is an item a lot of customers forget, so they jack up the prices until they are borderline outrageous. It is a fact that customers will buy it out of a need to prevent and alieve any discomfort the sun might cause them, and these resorts exploit it.

1 Neglecting To Leave The Resort

It can be tempting to sit in a cabana chair by the pool for the entirety of your stay, but you should venture outside of your resort's grounds. It is good for your children to learn about different cultures and embrace the world around them with open arms.

The resort will keep you locked away from all of this, but you should make sure to explore. There are usually several places to eat outside of the resort as well, and these can often be cheaper than the restaurants inside if you wanted to save a few dollars during your stay.

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