10 Things Tourists Do In Las Vegas That Locals Can't Stand

Las Vegas is called Sin City for a reason. It’s the city people go to so they can let loose, party into the wee hours of the morning, indulge in rich and delicious food, watch amazing shows, and take in all the sights and sounds.

But it’s also a city where, believe it or not, people actually live. And while it’s a tourist town, particularly on the Las Vegas Strip that contains all of the most-known casinos and hotels, it is a city like others across the U.S. that has its own residents.

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These residents have to deal with tourists visiting all through the year, whether it’s excited groups of bachelor and bachelor parties, old friends trying to relive their youths, or even, more so than ever nowadays, families with kids. What do tourists do that drive them nuts? Here are 10 main things.

10 Drink Too Much

The most obvious thing tourists do in Las Vegas that drives locals nuts, particularly those who work in the casinos, hotels, and bars, is drink too much. People love to drink in Las Vegas, and the laws there permit alcohol pretty much anywhere (yes, you can walk down the street with a margarita in hand) making drinking super easy.

As a party city, this means sometimes (ok, often) tourists overdo it. And this can lead to drunken people roaming the streets, getting belligerent, or even getting sick, requiring clean-up or hospital resources. Not to mention the brutal hangovers the next day.

9 Hog All of the Taxis

Especially during popular vacation times, tourists come in and use the local taxi services in order to get from Point A to Point B. This means most of the cabs are called to the various hotels on the Strip for pick-ups and drop-offs, leaving fewer resources in surrounding cities for residents who rely on them.

This is less of an issue today thanks to ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft that operate in Vegas. And it’s great news for cab companies who rely on tourist business. Still, more tourists mean it’s tougher to get around if you rely on cabs, or at least you might have to wait longer for one.

8 Dress Provocatively, Flashy

Whatever clothing you have in your closet at home that is deemed inappropriate to wear in your hometown is totally fair game in Vegas. That means women bring their tightest-fitting, shortest dresses, crop tops, and tallest heels, while men opt for their flashiest blazers, tightest pants, and most obscene-looking accessories or offensive T-shirts.

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Residents no doubt roll their eyes at the trashy ways some tourists choose to dress in Las Vegas, whether it’s for a night out at the club or dinner at a fancy restaurant.

7 Get Into Fights

This typically goes hand-in-hand with drinking too much, but sometimes tourists look for fights, or get in them with locals or other tourists as they function on little sleep and too much booze.

This can be frustrating for locals, especially those who work in the hotels, casinos, bars, and night clubs. It’s common to have to deal with drunken tourists who want to start fights or cause trouble, mostly because of their alcohol consumption, gambling losses, or other issues.

6 Act Inappropriately

Along with getting into fights, drinking too much, and dressing scantily or offensively, tourists simply like to act inappropriately in general, whether it’s being loud and obnoxious at a restaurant, not leaving sufficient tips for the wait staff, or being rowdy outside on the Strip as they walk about.

This is sort of expected on the Strip. But for a local who wants to go there to attend a new show or have dinner at a great restaurant for a special occasion, it’s a lot to deal with and can get annoyingly repetitive.

5 Act Excited When They Meet Someone Who Lives There

To anyone who lives anywhere else, the thought that you might live in Vegas sounds exciting. They think it’s all lights, sounds, casinos, and excitement 24/7, which can be annoying for residents to deal with.

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Las Vegas is home to many people who work in regular jobs that don’t involve a casino, hotel, night club, or show. And the fact that everyone believes anyone who lives there must work in the entertainment space in some fashion, or go to the Strip on the regular, is just plain wrong.

4 Think The Strip Defines The Entire City

The Las Vegas Strip is certainly the most well-known attraction in Las Vegas, but it’s only one part of the city. There is much more to Las Vegas than just the Strip. And when you drive beyond the Strip, you’ll see that Vegas looks no different than any other city you might visit.

Yes, there are office buildings and yes, there are quiet residential neighborhoods. There are schools where children go, local restaurants, shopping and strip malls, and everything else you’d expect from a city. The Strip might define tourist areas in Vegas, but it doesn’t define Vegas on the whole.

3 Try to Recreate Vegas-Themed Movies

There are always those annoying tourists who want to re-create every crazy scene they saw in a movie about Las Vegas, like The Hangover. That might include getting crazy tattoos, trashing hotel rooms, and just getting up to all-night nonsense.

What’s hilarious is that it’s often grown men and women getting up to these shenanigans, not younger folks (legal drinking age in the U.S. is 21, after all). So it’s enough to have locals shaking their heads as they watch grown, professional men and women, revert to acting like giddy teenagers.

2 Gamble Too Much

OK, so tourism is actually a good thing for the local economy. And tourists coming to Vegas and gambling with hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of dollars is a great thing for the hotels, local workers, and economy on the whole.

But sometimes it can get out of hand, and people come to Vegas too often and gamble away so much that they give Vegas a bad name. A little gambling here and there is fine. But when you are left destitute on the street, penniless because you spent your last few hundred bucks betting on red, it can be a bit too much.

1 Ask For Hook-Ups and Connections

Locals despise when tourists are always looking for a hook-up to a hot club, or a connection to get reservations for an amazing restaurant or sold-out show. Just because someone lives in Vegas doesn’t mean they always know someone who knows someone. And even if they do, there’s no guarantee that they want to help you, their mother’s friend’s cousin twice removed.

Locals are probably happy to offer hook-ups when they have them and when they want to. But let them offer it up. Don’t try to connect with someone you barely know just because they live in Las Vegas and you think they might be able to help you get the VIP treatment somewhere.

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