10 Of The Most Overrated Tourist Attractions In Las Vegas (& What To See Instead)

Las Vegas is one of the primary destinations in America, with people travelling from all around the world on a daily basis to experience everything that it has to offer. Vegas is on many bucket lists.

Primarily known for its gambling through countless major casinos, Vegas has been dubbed 'sin city' for its party-style atmosphere, which is tons of stage shows, bars, and restaurants, making it a very vibrant place to visit.

As well as that, Vegas has some of the most beautiful nature in the world with lots of attractions to visit, some have ended up being overrated, and within this list, we will highlight ten overrated tourist attractions and ones you should visit instead.

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10 Cirque du Soleil

We will start the list off with the Cirque du Soleil, which everyone always talks about when it comes to Las Vegas, with the popular circus show being one of the biggest shows available to see.

While the show is very good, it is slightly overrated, mainly due to the fact that everyone hypes it up as the ultimate show, even though there are Cirque du Soleil shows in other locations as well, such as Orlando.

If you're looking for something a little different from this, and one that might be a little easier to get tickets for, then check out Opium, which is another excellent show.

9 The Big Apple Coaster

Another tourist attraction that a lot of people decide to do is the Big Apple Coaster, which can be found at the New York-New York Hotel on the Las Vegas strip and is part of the classic imagery for that area.

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However, when it comes to roller coasters, there are so many better options around the world, with this being quite a rough and rather average coaster ride in comparison to others.

But for those wanting a thrill, why not head to the Stratosphere Tower that features three rides at the very top, giving an unbelievable fear to even the most hardcore theme park enthusiasts.

8 Strip Swimming Pools

One of the big attractions (especially or groups celebrating something) is to head to one of the hotels on the Las Vegas strip and hit up one of the famous pool parties that take place on a daily basis.

These tend to be huge events with dancers, DJs and more, which is why it attracts so many people. But Vegas offers so much more than that, it seems too wasteful to simply be doing that as part of a trip.

Natural beauty isn't hard to find in Las Vegas, you just have to leave the glitz and glamour of the strip to get to it, and Lake Mead is a perfect example of that.

7 Night Clubs

Speaking of Las Vegas' party atmosphere, the strip is also very well known for its various nightclubs, offering some of the largest and most popular destinations in the entire world, bringing in major numbers each night.

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These clubs are expensive and will play the same music you will find at the local clubs you're from, expect they will charge much more and be a lot busier.

Las Vegas is full of live music, which offers just as much opportunity for dancing and singing, except you, get to see someone like with the likes of Elton John often performing.

6 Ellis Island

Ellis Island is one of the many casinos in Las Vegas which also happens to be a brewery, boasting a cheap steak restaurant and a karaoke bar, and because it is one of the least expensive casinos, this is often a top choice for people.

However, it is incredibly overrated, mainly because everyone wants to go thinking they will save money when, in fact, it is still a casino, and that simply doesn't happen.

You're better off visiting one of the more expensive casinos in Las Vegas and at least experiencing the very best there is, rather than attempt to save some dollars on something that really isn't as good.

5 Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds is something that lots of people enjoy, looking at waxwork figures of various celebrities within themed environments, and while it is fine for a few hours to snap some photos, there are better things you could be doing.

Even though the Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas is the original museum, there are different Tussauds museums all around the world now, all having very similar figures, which means this is no longer a must-do in Vegas itself.

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If you are looking for something a little different and wacky, why not try out Pinball Hall of Fame, which has over 140 different pinball machines that will certainly provide a lot of fun for a while.

4 Buffets

Las Vegas is well known for its lavish buffets, with many different locations offering ridiculous amounts of food that you can sample over and over, and while that might be to some peoples tastes, it is massively overrated.

The main issue with buffet food is that as the quantity increases, the quality tends to drop, and that is a trap that sadly, too many tourists fall into.

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Instead, why not try out some local businesses such as Bandito Latin Kitchen or Via Brasil Steakhouse, all of which are fantastic places to dine.

3 Observation Wheel

Observation wheels are one massive gimmick that every major tourist destination seems to now need, from Orlando to London, it is impossible to go to a major tourist trap and not see one these days.

They are always vastly over expensive and unless the weather is perfect the views can be a letdown. Not to mention the dirt fingerprints that always cover the glass.

Instead, why not pay for a helicopter ride over Las Vegas, as they often go near the Grand Canyon as well. Not only does this provide great views, but it also gives you the chance to ride in a helicopter, making this a double bonus.

2 Fremont Street

Fremont Street is another popular destination for tourists to hit for a fun night of partying, with this being one of the most famous strips in all of Las Vegas, but that doesn't mean it is the best.

Fremont Street is located Downtown and is often rather dirty, and while there are plenty of bright lights, this is more just a busy area that is incredibly expensive and overrated entirely.

Instead, why not head to the Piano Bar at Harrah’s Las Vegas where three times a week you will find Big Elvis, who sings songs from The King himself, which is an interactive and free show that gets rave reviews.

1 Bellagio Fountains

This one might be controversial because when you think of Las Vegas, the Bellagio Fountains are probably at the top of the list of things you will think about, but that doesn't mean they're great.

Sure, they're entertaining to see, but they're no longer groundbreaking and unique, with fountain shows popping up all over the world, making these feel far less special than they once were.

If you're looking for memorable pictures to show the world, then why not head to the Skyfall Lounge at Delano Las Vegas, which provides amazing views while you enjoy a meal or a cocktail.

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