Las Vegas: 5 Trendy Restaurants You Must Try (5 To Skip)

Las Vegas is a great melting pot for all things sensational and exciting. With thousands of people visiting this place, food is the next thing on their minds after parties and casinos. Las Vegas offers you the best of the best with the freshest ingredients sourced from all over the world. While some restaurants have carved out a name for themselves, some don’t quite make it to the top.

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Ambiance and good food are two of the driving factors in selecting the best restaurants. Here we show you 5 of the best and 5 that probably could be given a miss.

10 Best: La Monja

If Mexican is what you are carving, then head to La Monja. This interesting social hub is a place to be in for all things lip-smacking. From the tortillas to the tequila, you will find everything to your satisfaction. The outdoor grill is a great place to smell and taste the varied meats and vegetables cooked to perfection.

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With a menu influenced by flavors from south of the border, Mexican seasoning influences everything, including the seafood. They even grind the corn for homemade corn tortillas. The restaurant also has the largest selection of Mezcal in Las Vegas, not to mention tequila!

9 Skip: Nacho Tacos Authentic Mexican

Here is a restaurant that offers you Mexican food with an authentic taste. With mediocre food and ambiance, this gets a very low rating by most customers. It is great in terms of service from the staff, though. So try out this restaurant if you are at The Westgate Hotel and have to have some Mexican food. A nice menu with all the staples of Mexican meals, you are sure to find something that would interest you. Customers are known to like some of the food and found the quantity to be good. Nacho Tacos Authentic Mexican can do with some more oomph and bring in more crowds.

8 Best: Ambra

Now if Italian is on your mind, then try Ambra in the MGM Grand hotel. This place has a wondrous Italian menu and gives you pasta prepared by hand on a daily basis. This is what sets Ambra aside from other eateries. The kinds of pasta are made from different doughs and served with great local ingredients that are all quality products. From ravioli to macaroni, you will find every plate to be a piece of art. The cocktail menu is perfect too, with Manhattans and Negronis being the all-time favorites. So try out Ambra for its gorgeous setting as well as its exceptional food.

7 Skip: Buffet At Asia

If buffet meals are on your mind, then give Buffet At Asia a try. Here you get an okay meal for a great price. Customers have complained about the service and the staff. The food, on the other hand, can be okay-to-good at different times. So if you fancy seafood, then the lobsters are what attract the crowd for the price. The Chinese and Japanese food menu cannot be counted as great. Sushi and kimchi are some of the foods that haven’t been up to the mark. If you need to feed a crowd, then this place is great for the price.

6 Best: Flights

Located on the Miracle Mile in Planet Hollywood is Flights. This airline-themed restaurant is really having some fun with the ambiance and the food it serves. Customers get a boarding pass on entry and then sit under an old plane hanging from the ceiling! In terms of food, Flights gives you three different types of everything!! Now, isn’t that cool? So you will get a salad plate with Caprese, Mediterranean, and Caesar together. The same goes for meat skewers and everyone’s favorite, mac and cheese (truffle, bacon, classic). Try out their signature dishes like Swedish meatballs, grilled salmon, etc. and their wonderful cocktails.

5 Skip: The Original Las Vegas Buffet

This is one restaurant that gets a unanimous thumbs-down for its food and service. With low-quality ingredients, the buffet has a sub-par menu that drives customers away. Oily, fried food that is really not great on taste is what customers are served. Being a buffet, it is unusual that there is no dessert counter. This place is surviving due to the tour operators that bring in tourists. So if you happen to be near The Original Las Vegas Buffet or if your tour operator suggests it, give it a skip. You will be thankful we gave you a heads-up on this restaurant.

4 Best: Water Grill

Head to Water Grill at the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace if you love your seafood as this is where you get it as fresh as can be. They get fresh seafood to the restaurant within 24 hours of it being caught! The best part about this place is that you get to choose the seafood you want from the ice bar or seafood tank. Water Grill started has four locations in Los Angeles and one in Dallas. So check out the crabs, lobsters, and prawns, as well as sea bass, branzino, etc. A sushi menu also draws in crowds for freshness and it makes all the difference. Check out the raw bar for lip-smacking oysters.

3 Skip: Mac’s Kitchen

Mac’s Kitchen is another place you would want to pass by if you are on The Strip. Though the food is okay, the service is the part that angers customers. Any restaurant that wants to make it to the top needs to have great service along with the great food it dishes out. Waiting for your food to arrive is not what customers are hoping for. Apart from that, the unseasoned to undercooked food is what will make Mac’s Kitchen restaurant just go down! As per several customer ratings, you really shouldn’t venture into this place. So choose wisely, and take your appetite somewhere else.

2 Best: Chosun Hwaro & Nara Teppan

Try out Korean and Japanese style food here at Chosun Hwaro & Nara Teppan on the Strip. This place is great for its Korean barbeque where meats are cooked to perfection on the grill at your table. You get an assortment of sides here like kimchee, noodles, soup, and vegetables.

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For the Japanese side of this restaurant, you can try out grilled filet mignon and sashimi. All-in-all, you are sure to enjoy a wonderful meal here that is enhanced by the wonderful ambiance. This is great for a crowd as each person can choose their favorite cuisine and enjoy the food.

1 Skip: Southern Table

Another Las Vegas restaurant to give a miss is Southern Table. This eatery is known for its Southern cuisine where biscuits and gravy form the core. With many customers fed up with the service, you can be sure that Southern Table gets a 0 to a 1-star rating. Most of the customers find the food to be awful and the service to be worse. Even though it serves seafood, the size and quantity of the meals are really not up to the mark. With prices quite high, you expect to get quality meals with great taste. This is what is precisely lacking here.

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