New Laguna Beach Hotel Will Be Your Next California Escape

Orange County, California is home to three million plus inhabitants who love living underneath the beating sun, palm trees, and a hot climate. Such points not only draws people to want to live in the area- it also brings in plenty of tourists who simply want to visit the iconic area.

With so many tourists visiting Orange County, many hotels are available for them to choose from. But a new addition has caught the attention of many for more than its key location, according to Vogue.

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Hotel Joaquin is the newest hotel to appear on the shores of Laguna Beach, having opened their doors to the public earlier this month. Designed by Robert McKinley, Hotel Joaquin is for those that want to disconnect themselves from the rest of the world during their stay. Vinyl turntables stand in place for TV sets, and there's also a private beach attached the property. Near that beach is the Adventure Garage, where guests can access surfboards, hiking gear, diving gear, and plenty of toys to use in or near the waterfront.

The rooms themselves are light-colored and open-concept, making them feel roomy and bright for guests. There are products from Le Labo for pampering, food from Farm to People, and the beds are fitted with linens from luxury brand Anichini. This will leave guests feeling truly spoiled during their stay at Hotel Joaquin in Orange County.

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There's also a restaurant sitting close by if guests are looking to treat themselves to a nice dinner without having to go far. Saline features breakfast, lunch, and dinner options that focus primarily on French Mediterranean seafood. The restaurant has a cozy and chill feel, what with comfy sofas, an extensive record collection, and a jewel box bar. If you're just looking to get drinks with friends or your partner, Saline has menus for their wine, spirits, and cocktails to ensure that there's something for everyone.

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Between the bright luxurious rooms, activities that force guests to unplug, and posh restaurant to accompany the place, Hotel Joaquin is a great addition to the many hotels situated near Laguna Beach. If Orange County is a place you want to visit, then you need to stay at this hotel to enjoy the experience in its entirety.


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