You Can Now Drink Champagne In France The Same Way That Jay-Z Does

For many people, France is a strong contender for the ultimate wine country. But this also makes it a great country to taste excellent champagne. After all, if France's wine is good, then their champagne surely must be better. But there's one champagne in this European country you should try above all else.

According to Travel + Leisure, Armand de Brignac is the champagne company that you want to pay attention to. Owned by businessman and rapper Jay-Z since  2014—but founded way back in 1763—this champagne brand takes a lot of pride in their product. They produce champagne in small batches- making only 60,000 bottles per year, which is far smaller than some competitors. In addition, nothing is automated during the process of making champagne, and only 18 people are said to handled it from harvest to shipping. This keeps champagne from being disturbed too much, thus not damaging the product. All bottles made are stored 30 feet underground in France's Champagne region, which should come as no surprise.


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Armand de Brignac champagne is hard to miss on any shelf or display. They all come in magnum-sized bottles intentionally to slow the aging process for what can last for up to 30 years. The label is also recognizable- its "Ace of Spades"  pewter is applied by hand, making each and every champagne bottle unique from one another.

If learning all this makes selecting the perfect bottle of champagne seem intimidating, don't let it be that way. In fact, it's best to follow what Jay-Z is said to do. He focuses on the company's heritage, not get hung up on the word "blend", and enjoying it in a timely manner. First, the heritage is what makes Armand de Brignac so good in the first place- and reportedly, that was what drew Jay-Z to the company initially. Second, the word "blend" is simply a way to combine different notes and flavours to create an excellent champagne. Finally, don't take too long to enjoy the champagne, or else you may lose that flavour before you can truly enjoy it.

Visit Armand de Brignac's website to learn more about their champagne.


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