5 Reasons To Pay For A Hotel Upgrade (& 5 It's Not Worth it)

When you’re headed out on vacation, you want to make sure everything is perfect, but you also have to balance that with the desire to budget accordingly and not overspend. There are things you can splurge on, like a flight or hotel upgrade, or maybe you want to save money on those aspects of the trip and focus on spending more on activities, dinners, and shopping.

It isn’t always about money, though. Sometimes you simply value certain things over others and want to be as comfortable as possible. One of those things is the room you’re going to stay in for the duration of your trip. Should you pay extra for an upgraded room? Here are 5 reasons to go for it, and 5 reasons why it might not be worth it.

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10 Nicer Room: Worth It

The most obvious advantage in opting for a hotel upgrade is that you’ll get a much nicer, bigger, or better-situated room. This might include additional features like a minibar and fridge where you can store leftover or store-bought food and drinks, a full-length mirror for seeing your entire outfit when getting ready, bigger beds, the addition of a couch, desk, or other separate areas, and more.

Given that you’ll be sleeping in the room every night, getting ready there, and perhaps relaxing there if the weather isn’t good or you simply want a day to stay in, you want the room to be the nicest possible.

9 Money You Could Use On Something Else: Not Worth It

The money you might pay towards getting a slightly better room could be better used for something else, like splurging on dinner at a really fancy restaurant, doing an extra activity with the kids, or shopping for more things you can bring back home.

If you’re on a tight budget, a room upgrade might be the last thing worth spending extra money on. It’s just for sleeping and showering, right? Having a nicer room might encourage you to stay in more when you should get out there and explore.

8 VIP Service: Worth It

Sometimes, an upgraded room might come with upgraded service and items, including higher thread count sheets, a bathrobe, priority service for things like extra towels or room service, and more. While the service might be the same in every room of the hotel, maybe it makes you feel like you’re a VIP.

And that can adjust your mindset for the trip and make you more excited about it. When you feel good, and feel like you are being treated well, you will enjoy your trip more.

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7 You Don’t Spend Much Time In The Room Anyway: Not Worth It

When you think about it, how much time are you actually going to spend in the room anyway? You’ll sleep there every night, of course. You’ll get ready in the mornings, freshen up at night and in between outings. But that’s about it.

Really, all you need is a clean room, a nice and comfortable bed, sufficient shower with hot water, and you’re good. A vacation is about exploring where you are, seeing the sights and sounds, or relaxing on a beach. The room is simply a place to lay your head.

6 Better Access to Amenities: Worth It

An upgraded room might come with better access to different amenities, whether it’s a business area, gym, spa, pool, or other hotel amenities. It might also come with coupons or discounts for services or food.

Even if that isn’t part of the room upgrade package, the location of the room might simply be better. It could be in a newer or renovated area of the hotel, closer to the elevators (or further away, if you prefer), on a lower level, or simply farther away from other rooms so you get an overall quieter stay.

5 More Room to Roam: Worth It

Especially if you’re traveling with a big family, while an upgraded room might contain the same number of beds and basic features, it might simply have more square footage which can make a huge difference. If you want to add a cot, for example, or set up a travel crib for a baby, even just a bit more room can be a lifesaver.

Plus, if you have kids running around and multiple people who have to get dressed in the same space, an upgraded room can help things feel less cramped.

4 There Isn’t Always a Justifiable Difference: Not Worth It

Look into the differences between a “regular” room and an upgraded one. You might find that there isn’t a huge difference. It could be, as noted above, more square footage. But, if you’re just a couple traveling, or even just single person, this might not benefit you enough to warrant the price.

It could include amenities you don’t care too much about or things you won’t use. Maybe there’s a better view, for example, but you don’t plan to spend any time in the room anyway so you don’t care.

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3 Go All Out For Your Vacation: Worth It

Go big or go home, as they say. If an upgraded room is a nominal extra fee, why not go all out and ensure that you get the best accommodations possible to make the trip a memorable one?

You’ll feel like a king or queen walking into a luxurious room and can make the most of everything that comes with it. Spring open the curtains every morning, for example, the enjoy your nicer view. Use all of the little hotel shampoos, conditioners, and soap, and kick back and relax on the comfortable bed to watch the local morning news as you get ready to go out for the day on your likely big screen TV.

2 You Might Get It For Free: Not Worth It

Keep in mind that you might be able to negotiate to get a room upgrade for free, so consider trying that at check-in instead of paying for one upfront. Especially if you’re traveling during an offseason, if you’re especially nice, are celebrating a particular occasion, or simply find a generous person at the front desk, you might be able to snag a better room without having to pay extra.

If rooms aren’t booked anyway, and hotels want to ensure that guests have the best possible stay and come back again, they might be willing to upgrade you for free.

1 Get More Points: Worth It

Depending on the hotel, your credit card, and/or rewards points programs, you might be able to get a better deal on a hotel upgrade or more points to use towards future stays or other things like car rentals, amenities, local restaurants, and activities.

Some hotels offer deals on upgraded rooms as well that will make it worth your while to pay a bit extra and get a lot more. Look into the deals, offers, rewards, loyalty points and more and you might find it worth your while to upgrade to a better room.

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