10 Things Guests Do That Hotel Staff Can't Stand

We all have to stay at hotels at one point or another, whether it be for a family visit, a business trip, a vacation, or some other reason. Most people wind up in multiple hotel rooms throughout their lives. Some people even stay in them frequently, depending on their jobs and lifestyle.

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If you go to hotels often, there are some rules you should ensure you follow. Hotel staff deal with hundreds of guests regularly, and there are some things guests do that drive them crazy. Don't become one of those customer service horror stories. Here are some guidelines to behaviors you should avoid at all costs.

10 Accusing the housekeepers of stealing things

When you're in a hotel and something seems to go missing from your room, often the first person guests blame is the housekeeping. Chances are, housekeeping did not touch your things. They have a job and they want to keep their jobs.

Why would they steal from a guest when they're frequently going to be the first person suspected? If anything, you probably misplaced it yourself. In most cases, that is what happened. It's rude and often comes with a classist implication when guests accuse the help.

9 Not tipping

One of the worst things you can do when you're staying a hotel is refuse to tip the service workers. Not everyone tips housekeeping but it's especially disheartening to watch guests tip the bellhops, waiters, and concierge, but skip out on the housekeeping. If you're not going to tip, at least don't tip anyone.

But it's common courtesy. Housekeeping does a lot to maintain cleanliness in guest's rooms, it doesn't take much to offer them a few dollars for their hard work, especially if they go out of the way to do something extra nice or you leave a terrible mess.

8 Mess up the towels

Sometimes something happens in your room that is out of your control. Maybe you spill something or you get an injury that involves bleeding. Your first instinct might be to go for the towels but housekeeping would actually prefer you keep your messes to the sheets.

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Unless the towels are white. Basically white fabric is the go-to, which ignores every rule we've ever been told, but it's true. Housekeeping generally just bleaches everything anyway.

7 Questioning why your rate is different than someone else

If you're staying at a hotel and you happen to notice that another guest paid less money for their room than you paid for yours, don't get disgruntled. They might have the exact same set-up as you, but for all you know they're military or a student.

There are tons of reasons they could have a cheaper rate than you do. Who knows what kind of discounts or promotional deals they got to get their room? The front desk gets a lot of calls about this type of thing from guests who think they've been scammed.

6 Throwing garbage in the halls

Did you know that guests frequently throw their garbage and rummage out in the hallway? They think that it's okay to do that because housekeeping will go down the hallways and pick up the debris they see.

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While that is true to a certain extent, it's extremely rude to see a guest has littered tons of trash outside the door for you to pick up. If you truly have an influx of trash, the most polite thing to do is to put it into a bag and tidily tie it up and then place it next to your door.

5 Don't expect hotels to pay your shipping fees

Let's say you're staying a hotel for a vacation and then you leave. You get home and realize you left behind your favorite blanket, pillow, purse, whatever, the first thing you do is call the hotel. If the hotel has it, they can ship it to you. But you will have to pay for the shipping fees.

Many guests think the hotel owes them something and that they should comp the shipping fees. It's not their responsibility considering it was you who left the items behind. It might seem harsh but there is no reason to expect a hotel to pay for your packages. Always be sure to check every nook and cranny of your room before you leave.

4 Taking stuff from the housekeeping carts

A lot of times, you will spot the housekeeping staff making their way up and down the hallways with their carts. These carts are often stuffed to the brim with clean linens and cleaning products. Sometimes guests will spot a cart, and they'll take some extra towels or pillowcases from it.

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You should never do that. Housekeeping has to keep stringent schedules so they can get to all their rooms on time. That means you are taking things from their cart that could cause serious problems for them and throw off their whole schedule.

3 Pay attention to the information you're given the first time

Hotel staff members shouldn't have to tell guests the same information they've already said continuously. You'd be surprised how often the front desk will help guests get their Wi-Fi set up only for that same guest to call them back and ask them to repeat it.

It's a waste of everyone's time when you don't pay attention or, even worse, you're on the phone while talking to the front desk.

2 Trying to book a room last minute

If you know you're planning a vacation, the best thing to do is book your room as far in advance as possible. This is especially true if the timeframe you're planning for is during a hectic time of year, such as around a holiday or during the summer months.

It's a good idea to figure out how busy the place you're visiting will be during the time you plan on going. Hotel staff are often harrassed by frustrated guests who don't understand why they can't get a room during a busy period.

1 Expecting breakfast to be served whenever you want

Not all hotels serve breakfast. Those that do often have strict rules in place to ensure everything runs smoothly. It takes a lot of extra work to get a free breakfast set up every single day. Sometimes guests are under the impression that breakfast should be brought to them earlier to fit around their schedule.

That's not realistic. If the staff did that for every guest, then it would be room service and come with an extra charge. Make sure you know what the breakfast is serving and the times it's available. Follow the guidelines, don't ask for special treatment.

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