10 Haunted Hotels In Asia You Can Actually Book

Ever wanted to stay in a haunted hotel? As it turns out, Asia is full of them! Located in countries like China, Japan, India, and Thailand, these hotels contain dark secrets and grim histories. Though they continue to run, guests staying there have reported their disturbing experiences.

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There are tales of desperate ghosts doomed to wander the hallways forever, curses marked by suicide, cult activity, and evil dating back to the Second World War. Of course, it’s possible that it’s all hocus pocus. But the only way to know for sure is to stay at these hotels and see for yourself whether they’re really haunted. Check out these 10 haunted hotels that you can actually book in Asia!

10 Savoy Hotel: Uttarakhand, India

A lot of spooky things have gone down at the Savoy Hotel in Uttarakhand, India. There was an unsolved murder that took place there, where a British clairvoyant was poisoned with cyanide. Nobody ever found out who was responsible, but the clairvoyant’s doctor was also poisoned a little while later.

Guests report hearing strange noises in the rooms as if there are other people there. One Indian author even wrote an essay about his encounter with ghosts in his room. The unsolved murder actually inspired Agatha Christie’s novel The Mysterious Affair at Styles, which was released in 1920.

9 Hotel Presidente: Macau, Hong Kong

If you’re looking for a haunted hotel in Hong Kong, look no further than the Hotel Presidente in Macau, which has a reputation for housing a few spirits. Many believe that the hauntings began when a man checked in with two women, slept with them, and then murdered them.

One woman staying in the hotel revealed that she could always smell perfume in her room, even though she hadn’t brought any with her. She also woke up one morning to find that her makeup, which she left neat and tidy, was left a mess in the bathroom. Later, she found out her room was the very room in which the women were murdered.

8 Hoshi Ryokan: Tsuwano, Japan

Hoshi Ryokan has been around for roughly 1,300 years, so it’s not hard to see how there might be some spirits lurking around the premises! According to Travel Myth, there is a legend surrounding the hotel which explains why spirits would want to hang around.

It is said that a mountain god appeared to a Buddhist monk and told him to build a welcoming place over the Hakusan Mountain healing spring, so everybody could have access to it. The monk’s disciple then built the inn over the spring, inviting his guests to benefit from it.

7 Grand Hyatt Taipei: Taipei, Taiwan

The Grant Hyatt Taipei is built on something far less beautiful than a mystical healing spring. This Taiwanese hotel is built on an old prison camp from WWII, and the staff believes that the ghosts of the former prisoners sometimes appear in the rooms.

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If you visit this hotel, you’ll notice that there are two talismans in the lobby. They aren’t there for decoration—they are there to protect the hotel from evil spirits. Some reviews on TripAdvisor explain that guests in the rooms have heard strange noises in the middle of the night.

6 Yu Shan Hotel: Chengdu, China

Situated in Chengdu, China, the Yu Shan Hotel also stands on land with a dark past. It was built on land that was once part of the royal garden during the era of the Qing dynasty. Today, they’re not just any ghosts that haunt the hotel. They’re royal ghosts!

Some believe that Empress Dowager Cixi still walks through the hotel and the grounds, missing the garden she used to enjoy when she was alive. Well, if any ghost is going to visit you, it may as well be an imperial one!

5 Swissotel The Stamford: Singapore, Malaysia

The Swisshotel in Singapore certainly doesn’t look like your average haunted hotel. But if the reviews on TripAdvisor are anything to go by, there is a poltergeist or two hanging around there. Some guests have seen spirits walking up and down the corridors, many of them distressed and asking for mercy.

During the Second World War, the hotel grounds actually served as the location for the Japanese to execute their prisoners of war. Later, in 2015, two people committed suicide at the hotel. There’s definitely dark energy there, whether you see any ghosts or not.

4 The Taj Mahal Palace: Mumbai, India

The Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai is said to be haunted by just one ghost. But he’s a very important ghost as far as the history of the hotel goes! Rumor has it that the ghost is actually W.A. Chambers, the hotel’s architect. After creating the floorplan for the hotel, he left India to return to his homeland. When he returned, he found that the hotel had been built back to front.

Chambers was so devastated by this that he took his own life by jumping from the fifth floor of the hotel. Staff members are convinced that the architect never left, and can still be found wandering around the halls of the hotel.

3 Baiyoke Sky Hotel: Bangkok, Thailand

Locals believe that the Baikoye Sky Hotel has been haunted ever since the tragedy that took place there in 2012. Three workers were putting up billboards on the building when their gondola’s cable snapped. After the gondola tilted, they fell out and plummeted 67 floors to their deaths.

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Now, guests staying in the hotel experience strange and unexplainable occurrences. Sounds radiate through the rooms, like footsteps and splashing, even when the bathtubs are empty. And some guests have also reported the sensation of cold air that passes by them at night.

2 First World Hotel: Genting Highlands, Malaysia

The First World Hotel seems like the opposite of a haunted site. It’s cheerful and colorful, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t home to a few ghosts. Many believe that the supernatural occurrences that have taken place there stem back to the suicides committed on the hotel grounds as a result of gambling losses.

Guests swear that they saw apparitions in the middle of the night and hear spooky sounds in their rooms. Others complain of falling ill after staying in certain rooms, leading the hotel to stop booking those rooms altogether.

1 Marroad International Hotel Narita Airport: Narita, Japan

Ever since a horrific incident took place there in 1999, the Marroad International Hotel at Narita Airport has never been the same. Members of a cult booked Room 1272 and hid in there for months, refusing to be vacated. Eventually, the police were called in. They made a gruesome discovery: one of the cult members was dead and had been mummified.

Though no other criminal activity has taken place at the hotel, the building is still tainted by the incident. Guests are kept up at night by the sound of loud footsteps and leaking taps, even when there’s nobody staying in the rooms next to them.

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