Eat, Pray, Love: 20 of The Safest Places For Women To Travel To Alone (And 10 They Should Be Careful)

Eat, Pray, Love was one of the most inspiring books and movies that came out for women who lost sight of who they are. It starred Julia Roberts who went from a very unhappy married woman to someone who found her true meaning in life and fell once again madly in love. It inspired women to travel alone and to discover their standard of happiness, whether that be food, romance, or inner peace. It’s a great idea and all and women everywhere should definitely find a reason to travel as much as possible.

But unfortunately, as much as we women love to travel alone and discover our inner goddesses, not every travel destination is a safe place for women. As sad as that is to say, there are just some places that you should not go to alone. Don’t fret though, there are plenty of places that are safe for women to travel alone to and if you still want to see the other ones, just make sure you discover it with a group of people or your partner — just to be on the safe side.

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30 Safest: New York City, the Big Apple

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New York is a great place to visit, especially if you have a creative eye. There are many celebrities who take up residence in New York City because it’s such an amazing city. There are iconic landmarks to see like Lady Liberty and it has world-famous museums if you like to check out some art. Take advice from Carrie Bradshaw and dine alone in some of the greatest restaurants in the city, and if you love fashion, then you couldn’t find a better place to shop.

29 Safest: Wellington, New Zealand Is Famous

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The Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed in New Zealand and even if you aren’t a fan, the beauty of the area will have you wanting to walk around discovering everything. Apparently, it has more restaurants and bars than even New York City. The locals in Wellington are probably the friendliest you will ever find. They will be more than happy to tell you where to find vintage boutiques or the best hiking trails around and show you where to go.

28 Need to be careful: Agra, India is not our first choice 

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Although it’s a very popular destination, it is not a place that women should be traveling to alone. Safety for women in India is getting worse by the day. Ask any travel official and they will likely tell you that female tourists don't feel the safest when roaming around the city on their own, whether it's at night or during the day. It’s so bad in fact that  Australia, China, Canada and Japan have all issued warnings about traveling to India. If you must see the Taj Mahal, then bring some people with you.

27 Safest: Women Love the Land Down Under

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If you want to visit an awesome destination, then check out Melbourne, Australia. Not only is it gorgeous, but there is artistic culture and delicious food too. It may be one of the best places that you can visit alone as a woman. You will have so much to do that you will want to book an extra-long vacation. There are museums, theatres, and amazing places to shop. If you like exploring, then you can check out The Great Ocean Road or Philip Island.

26 Safest: Siem Reap, Cambodia is A Gorgeous Location

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Cambodia brings in thousands of tourists every year for the ancient Angkor Wat temple alone. Many of these people are women who travel alone. These monuments are things you see once in a lifetime and by traveling there alone, you have the freedom to wander around the beautiful area for as long as you want. If you visit Angkor Wat, you should be there during sunrise and explore the Prea Khan and Bayon in the early afternoon to avoid all the tourists.

25 Need to be careful: keep your wallet close in Morocco 

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Pickpocketing seems to be the least of your worries as a lone traveler to Morocco. It’s a country where there is high potential risk against U.S travellers. The State Department warns that tourists should be vigilant if they choose to visit Morocco. It’s a major concern for tourists and it’s just not advised that women travel alone. It’s advised to dress conservatively and to not keep a lot of money on you if you are in public. A safer way to visit this country would be to do a cruise that stops in Morocco for the day with the option to take an organized tour.

24 Safest: The Pristine Reykjavik, Iceland

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It’s considered to be one of the safest places in the world for women to travel to alone. It’s literally listed as a region of peacefulness so if that’s the kind of vacation you are looking for, then you must try Iceland. Not only is it safe, but it’s the “epicenter of life and culture of Icelandic people as well as one of the country’s focal points of tourism.” It’s pristine and beautiful and there are amazing local attractions like the Northern Lights and the Blue Lagoon that are totally Instagram-worthy.

23 Safest: Santa Fe, New Mexico is Like Nowhere Else


There are a lot of Spanish and Native American influences in Santa Fe. You will have a ton of reasons to take pictures and it’s the perfect place to see incredible sunsets. If you are an artist or an art enthusiast, then you won’t want to miss out on the interpretative water and oil paintings that are on display at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum or the art pieces at Meow Wolf. It’s the best place to soak in some culture and it has three art districts that are spread all across town.

22 Need To be careful: avoid driving in Veracruz, Mexico 

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Santa Fe may be a great place to visit but Veracruz in Mexico certainly isn’t. It’s got a great carnival festival and some insanely beautiful beaches, but if you are a woman traveling alone, it’s just not the best place for you. “The crime rate is so bad in Veracruz that the United States has placed it on a list for non-essential travel bans.” There are many beautiful places in Mexico to visit, so it might be best to pick a city that offers safe resorts.

21 Safest: Zanzibar, Tanzania is Breathtaking

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Not only is this place breathtaking, but it’s one of the most unique places you can visit, too. It carries the name “Spice Island” because you can literally take a breath and spell a perfume of spices in the area. That’s because there are a ton of spice farms that specialize in cloves, cinnamon, pepper and nutmeg. You can spend the whole day exploring and not have to worry about getting lost. Most locals speak English and are more than willing to help you out.

20 Safest: Amsterdam, Netherlands is super friendly

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If you're craving European vacation, then you can’t go wrong with Amsterdam — it’s one of the safest places that a woman can travel to alone. It’s friendly and vibrant and has a lot to offer. It’s known as the “Venice of the North” because of its gorgeous canals, stunning bridges, and beautiful architecture. There are plenty of places to go to if you want to party, but there is also lots of rich history and culture to discover.

19 Need to be careful: Be vigilant in Montego Bay, Jamaica

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If you want a resort vacation, you might be okay but going outside of the resort is not a good idea. "Popular resorts are fairly safe but traveling beyond those borders will mean dealing with unwanted attention," says Julia Pond. Lack of safety a problem in Jamaica, especially in areas such as Montego Bay and Kingston. Even resorts aren’t safe. According to the State Department, "the U.S. Embassy received more than a dozen reports of assaults against American visitors to Jamaica in a 12-month period. Most of these took place at all-inclusive resorts; most were allegedly perpetrated by resort staff."

18 Safest: Bled, Slovenia Is Like A Fairytale

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When you see the views of Slovenia, you will feel like you dropped right into the TV series Once Upon A Time. You cannot visit Slovenia without seeing the medieval Bled Castle which overlooks a gorgeous Lake Bled. There is plenty to do and if you are outdoorsy, then you will enjoy hiking, horseback riding, and so much more. It’s a cute place that allows you to visit the local town which is so very charming. If a quiet vacation is what you want, then you found your destination.

17 Safest: Guatemala is Stunning


A lot of people will head to Guatemala to see the Mayan ruins and for good reason. There are so many historical attractions, your Instagram followers will get sick of all your posts! If you are on a budget, it’s also one of the most inexpensive places you can visit, never mind the fact that it’s safe. If you like a little adventure then you can go kayaking or whitewater rafting. Volcanoes are also a great sight to see and there are plenty of active ones in Central America.

16 Need to be careful: avoid nighttime touring in Delhi, India

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It might be best, for the time being, for women to avoid travelling to India on their own.  "India is a Trip by Skyscanner favorite destination for solo female travellers and one of the most complex, with wide variations across regions," says Julia Pond. Unfortunately, the State Department doesn’t recommend it because it seems like the touristy spots are the ones that are being targeted, no matter if it's day or night. Just be wary of populated areas when visiting main cities in India.

15 Safest: San Francisco, California Is always a good time 

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If you're looking for fun and friendly vibes in California, then San Fran should be at the top of your list. It is the location where they shoot Fuller House if you're a fan. There are so many things to see while you are there, especially if you love art. Locals are open and friendly and willing to chat with you. Some great places to check out are the noodle shops in Chinatown or do some souvenir shopping at the Fisherman’s Wharf. There are also national parks like Golden Gate Park and Alcatraz Island.

14 Safest: Montreal, Canada is Scenic

Aside from Montreal being one of most inexpensive places to visit, the area of Old Montreal will also have you feeling like you're in Europe without the long flight and high currency. Women love Montreal because it offers them the scenic riverfront in the Old Port, French restaurants, cobblestone streets, museums, and 17th century buildings. There are bars and nightclubs as well as the beautiful Montreal Botanical Gardens. It’s charming and friendly and you will feel very safe to travel alone. Not to mention, it’s just a few hours away from Niagara Falls.

13 Need to be careful: Cuzco Region, Peru is beautiful but not the safest 

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In this case, it’s really just unsafe for anyone to travel alone which is really unfortunate because Peru is such a beautiful place. Machu Picchu alone is worth the flight to Peru. But the State Department has concerns because the country has become somewhat dangerous. It's probably best to visit this country with a few pals or even family, just to be on the safe side.

12 Safest: Taipei, Taiwan and The City Views

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You can check out some amazing city views from Elephant Mountain and one place you are sure to want to check out is the National Palace Museum. One thing is for sure, you won’t want to stop eating from the moment you get there. The main cities have the most amazing foods, no matter which vendor you pick. It’s a great place to eat for cheap and it has world-class restaurants. It’s a safe place to travel even if you are on the Mass Rapid Transit which has plenty of surveillance.

11 Safest: The Peaceful Chiang Mai, Thailand

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You will find the gorgeous Chiang Mai on Northern Thailand’s foothills. It’s a picturesque place that is completely safe for women to travel to alone. You will find yourself surrounded by mountains and countryside that is quite breathtaking. If you're interested in visiting a Buddhist temple, then you will be happy to hear that they have over 300. If you're looking for a mental break, then head to Chiang Mai for some yoga and meditation. They also have a ton of vegetarian dishes if you are not a meat eater.

10 Need to be careful: best to stay at the resort in Nassau, Bahamas

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You might be surprised that such a popular beach locale like the Bahamas would be a dangerous place, but it unfortunately is if you are a woman traveling alone. Areas such as Paradise Island and Nassau have a threat level that is quite high according to the Department of State. "The U.S. Embassy has received multiple reports indicating tourists have been robbed in tourist locations in the downtown areas of Nassau; several of these incidents occurred during daylight hours," says the State Department.

9 Safest: Prague, Czech Republic Is A Gem

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Visiting Prague, Czech Republic would be jumping into a fairytale book. If you are a beer drinker, then you will be pleased to know that Prague has some of the best beer in all of Europe. They also have a relaxed nightlife culture so you can feel safe to check out their many pubs. One traveling perk is that it is considered to be inexpensive for a European destination. There is so much history to discover that you will find yourself sightseeing at the Castle District and visiting the Lennon Wall.

8 Safest: Bali, Indonesia Has Relaxing Beaches

If a beach vacation is what you are looking for, then you can feel safe in Bali. Aside from its breathtaking beaches and mountains, food and lodging are also quite cheap. If you are a fan of backpacking, then you are sure to love this place. It’s a tropical haven that has long, amazing beaches and plenty of cool people to hang out with. If you're in need of some quality "me" time, Bali is the perfect place for a mental break.

7 Need to be careful: Springfield, Missouri Is A Problem


You might be surprised to find that Springfield, Missouri is a dangerous place. Well, it is if you are a female traveling alone. The reason for that is it’s not as harmless of a place as you would think. In 2015, it was reported as the city that had the highest incidents in the entire country. And to be honest, if we're going to travel across the U.S., Springfield wouldn't exactly be at the top of our list, so we're not too upset about this.

6 Safest: British Virgin Islands is great to meet people 

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If you are a solo traveler looking to meet other singles, then you can’t go wrong with this destination. It’s one of the most popular spots in the Caribbean for females who are traveling alone. Not only does it have stunning beaches to relax on during the day, but they have a great nightlife circuit as well. It’s an area where everyone seems to be very friendly so you are likely to meet some new friends. You will feel amazing while you enjoy your paradise vacation.

5 Safest: you'll feel like a local Madrid, Spain 

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Madrid is not a party city like Barcelona is, but it will give you a less touristy vibe. There is so much historical architecture to see that you will forget all about partying anyways. Not that they don’t have a great entertainment hub, which features great music and even better food. There are traditional Spanish tapas and Valencia's paella for you to feast on. It’s customary to have a late dinner in Spain and to tour the nightlife scene.

4 Need to be careful: Medellín, Colombia is not ideal

Colombia is another beautiful place to visit, but it’s best to have people with you when you go. Although Julia Pond states that "Colombia can be an incredible experience," it’s also on the Department of State's list of dangerous places. Colombia is definitely on our bucket list, but just to give us some peace of mind while we're travelling, we'd rather do this trip with some friends.

3 Safest: the women in Louisville, Kentucky are leading the way

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If you have ever wanted to experience authentic bourbon, then this is the destination for you. You might be surprised to hear that there are some female distillers there that are leading the local pack in the area. Castle & Key is one that is female-operated to check out. This is a place that you can feel comfortable strolling around and taking in the sights. The Butchertown Grocery is an eatery that you are going to want to check out, too.

2 Safest: Rome, Italy Loves Its Women

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If you are a woman that loves food and fashion, then you will love Rome. You will have no difficulty roaming around the city alone and feeling empowered while doing so. The men of Italy love women, so don’t be surprised if you get a marriage proposal, or two! Not only are there great views to be seen in Italy like the Pantheon and The Vatican City, but you can spend a whole day just looking at fountains, walking down cobblestone laneways, and having a few drinks at a local eatery.

1 Need To Careful: The Mysteries of Egypt

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Unfortunately, as beautiful as Egypt is, it’s on the top of the Trip by Skyscanner list of dangerous places. It’s just not a place that a woman should travel to alone. "There is certainly cause for concern but that doesn't mean you should cancel all travel plans," says Julia Pond from Skyscanner. However, Egypt is going through some political issues, so it might be best to wait some time until things settle down a little more.

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