'Downton Abbey' Fans Can Celebrate Holiday Season At The Show's Real-Life Castle

For many of us, the holiday season is another excuse to get some more traveling in before the year draws to a close. Most people travel to visit their family and friends regardless of where they live. Others tend to go in a different direction; they travel to celebrate the holidays elsewhere. If you fall under the latter group, you may be considering a tropical destination—especially if you're currently living somewhere that's freezing cold. But there's another destination that you should consider to visit this holiday season — and if you're a Downton Abbey fan, you'll love it even more.

As revealed by Travel + Leisure, tourists can visit Highclere Castle for their Christmas Ball on Saturday, Dec. 15. 2018. The castle—which was the primary filming location for Downton Abbey—is located in Hampshire, England, which is just five miles from nearby Newsbury, Berkshire. Fans of the show and eager tourists alike will be able to mingle in the massive castle during this fancy one-night event.


via Highclere Castle

The itinerary for the Christmas Ball is both long yet intriguing for those wanting to learn more about Highclere Castle. Anyone who attends the event will drive up to the location while seeing many Christmas trees and will then enter the building to another decorated Christmas tree and a warm fire. After sipping champagne and canapés in the Saloon, there are guided tours to learn about the castle's history — both associated with and away from Downton Abbey. Once the reception draws to a close, there will be a three-course meal that consists of a Christmas-like starter, main course, and dessert. There's a raffle that will allow guests to win prizes such as signed copies of champagne, chocolate, and Eurostar tickets to Paris, France, to name a few. The event will end with guests listening to carolers performing by the fire and tree.

The Christmas Ball is set to take place at 4:oo p.m. and ends a  1:00 a.m. The dress code is quite formal; suits and ties for the men, cocktail dresses for the ladies. Given the fact that you'd be visiting an actual castle and maybe run into the owners, the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon, dressing your absolute best is a necessity.

If you're interested in visiting Highclere Castle for their upcoming Christmas Ball, you can visit Premium Tours' website to learn more and book your newest trip.


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