Death Valley California Records Hottest-Ever Month On Earth

The heatwave felt around the world for the past month is no joke and has led to the hottest ever temperature recorded on Earth.

This summer has been one of the hottest ever so far in many parts of the world, in some places quite literally. The UK has been basking in a long and seemingly never-ending heatwave, with Scotland almost breaking its all-time temperature record. If it hadn't have been for a poorly placed parked car near where the temperature was recorded, that new record would still stand.


One record that is not under threat from any parked cars, although at the time of typing this is not technically official as it is yet to be reviewed, is the one recorded in Death Valley, California. Well known for being one of the hottest places on Earth, Gizmodo has reported that Death Valley's July is the hottest ever month on record. Not just for the popular tourist spot, but for anywhere on Earth.

via gizmodo.co.uk

Once a day, a volunteer braves the heat and checks the two thermometers placed at the weather station near Furnace Creek Visitor Center. One records the lowest temperature of the day and the other keeps track of the highest. The average for the month of July in Death Valley? An incredible 108.1 degrees. If made official it will be the previous record of 107.4 degrees which was coincidentally set by Death Valley just last year, also in July.

It may not officially be the hottest month in the history of our planet of course, but the statistics we do have would suggest that it might be. Records of the temperature at Death Valley have been kept since all the way back in 1911. In the 107 years that records have been kept, four of the five hottest months ever recorded there have happened since 2005. Stats like that make it hard to deny global warming.

As touched upon briefly above, despite the almost unbearable temperatures in Death Vally, tourists still flock there all the time. People from all over the world want to boast that they have visited the hottest place on Earth, posing for photos alongside the thermometer. Be careful though. According to The Review Journal, one visitor actually died due to the extreme heat last month.


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