10 Crazy Rules Airline Staff Have To Follow In The Airport (When They Aren't In The Air)

Since the unfortunate and tragic event of September 11th, 2001, both airports and airlines across the world have strongly reinforced their rules. In order for security protocols to be firmly implemented, all individuals working for or with flight companies must maintain a highly professional and secure approach to all which they do. Indeed, everyone from the customer service agent at the front desk preparing your tickets to the pilot must proceed with security at the forefront of all actions.

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Interestingly, out of all the new rules which have been implemented, there have also been some pretty silly ones. Though, of course, an explanation underlies all of them, some of the regulations airline staff must follow in airports can often sound ludicrous. Let us take a look at these 10 crazy rules airline staff have to follow in the airport when they are not in the air. To note, information was yielded from TheTravel, Cheatsheet, BestLifeOnline and personal input from actual flight attendants.

10 Makeup restrictions

This rule has been repeatedly challenged in past years, but it remains no secret that airline staff (especially flight attendants) are expected to look their very best at all times. For this reason, all staff is required to appear well kept, properly dressed and with fair makeup at all times.

Self-expression is extremely restricted via makeup when working for an airline or at an airport. Mostly, minimal makeup is expected. Moreover, men are forbidden from wearing any makeup according to the Cheat Sheet.

9 No alcohol

Airline staff are forbidden from doing a lot of things in their uniforms. Indeed, the latter is considered as an emblem of the company they work for and as such, must be respected at all times. For this reason, airline staff including flight attendants are forbidden from drinking in their uniforms. Hence, you will most likely never see them having drinks at the airport or anywhere with their uniforms.

Generally, alcohol is usually tied to a lot of strict regulations and rules when it comes to airline staff. Smoking is also forbidden in one's uniform and certain airlines require 6 months nicotine-free prior to applying for a position among their ranks.

8 No gifts or tips

Airline staff are strictly forbidden from taking on any gifts or tips from clients. This includes the holidays, unfortunately. Hence, if you're thinking about gifting your favorite airline worker with something special or simply wanted to show your appreciation via a hefty chunk of change, you might want to reconsider.

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According to TheTravel, thanking airline staff will have to be enough as providing good service is simply apart of their mandate.

7 Empty belly

Have you ever noticed that airline staff, especially flight attendants, are never seen eating while at work? Indeed, eating is forbidden for airline workers and so specifically while sporting their uniforms.

This rule stems from the understanding that flight staff must maintain a certain appearance at all times and seeing one shoving a burger down may not be a good look for the company.

6 Calm demeanor

As you may have noticed, keeping up appearances is a recurrent theme in this list. As such, an important element of working for an airline also includes maintaining a calm demeanour. According to TheThings, flight attendants and airline staff are expected to remain calm at all times.

In the sign of a threat, they must appear to be reliable so customers continue to trust in their ability to help out, handle danger and more. For these reasons, nervous individuals or those more prone to panicking are usually avoided during the hiring process. Moreover, all candidates must undergo rigorous tests prior to employment.

5 Greeting etiquette

'Politeness is empirical when working for an airline,' shares Olivia, a flight attendant for Air Canada. 'You must always greet your coworkers and other airline staff whenever you cross them. It is almost an understated code, a secret greeting etiquette.'

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Indeed, in line with maintaining an ambiance of respect at work, airline workers are expected to greet their fellow coworkers whether on or off the plane. Overall, disrespectful behavior while wearing the uniform is forbidden as it may tarnish the entire company's reputation.

4 No casual clothing

According to BestLife, this strict requirement applies to flight attendants. These airline workers are not allowed to be seen without their uniforms in the airport and its premises.

While outfit changes are expected, these airline workers are forbidden from talking to customers without their uniforms. It is badly seen and is usually frowned up.

3 No naps

This rule is interestingly tied to the same reasoning underlying why airline workers may not eat while at work. In the event of danger, threat or worse, airline staff are always expected to be awake and alert. This is so that customers can reach out to them if they need any help. Hence, you will never spot an airline worker taking a nap at the airport because it is simply not allowed.

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The rules surrounding on-flight naps differ, however, considering the length of certain flights.

2 Side hustles

Promoting one's personal interests, side hustles or anything completely unrelated to their airline work is strictly forbidden for airline staff.

Thus, if you were thinking of joining an airline company for the purpose of soliciting customers to purchase your new book, subscribe to your Youtube channel or buy your mixtape--you are out of luck. Airline staff are required to keep it strictly professional whether on or off the plane.

1 Medical crisis

As helpful as airline staff are, a lot of them are bound to restrictions when it comes to using medical supplies. According to TheThings, certain airline staff can assist someone in need of medical assistance but must wait for a real doctor to show up to open up the medical toolkit.

Luckily, airline doctors are readily available to help out in case of emergency and assist with any injuries. This applies both on and off the plane.

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