10 Cities In England Where The Rich & Famous Come Out To Play

England is a nation that is often associated with being incredibly wealthy, and regardless of whether or not you believe in that, it's a stereotype that will likely stick for many more years to come.

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As such, we want to try and zone in on the cities around the country that feature the rich and the famous most prominently. Sure, they may not broadcast their location to the world, but you don't have to be a genius within the British Isles to know that the stars are often going to come out to play (and flaunt their cash) in these cities.

10 Newcastle

One stereotype associated with the Geordies is that they know how to party, and to be honest, that’s a pretty accurate statement to make.

Newcastle is a fun city located right up towards the North East of England, and as the years have gone on, it seems to have turned into quite a hub for young, successful people that want to build a life for themselves there. From tech upstarts to YouTube companies to Geordie Shore (you may hate them but they still exist), Newcastle is certainly on the map.

9 Manchester

The north is home to many iconic Englishmen and women, many of whom decide to stay true to their roots by remaining in the city that made them. Most of the time that city in question is none other than Manchester, which many deem to be the ‘real’ second city.

Again, building on from what we’ve already said about Newcastle, it’s not exactly rare to see the majority of influencers and youthful new business-orientated individuals make their presence known in the city. Oh, and did we mention the volume of sporting stars?

8 Brighton

Being down by the seaside is more of a commodity than you might think, which is why there’s so much property down in places like Brighton for the rich and famous to enjoy. From the great sights to the high end style of living, it just feels a lot more trendy than most other cities around the country.

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It’s also well known for being a popular hotspot for YouTubers, and pretty famous ones at that. There’s a lot of money there, both to be made and to inevitably be spent.

7 Chester

Cheshire serves as one of the wealthiest places in the entire United Kingdom, which is why it shouldn’t really come as all too much of a surprise to learn that it’s a pretty bustling city.

From the gorgeous, quaint nature of the city itself to the utterly astonishing countryside surroundings, it’s much harder to find reasons not to live here than to actually commit to moving up there. If people want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the neighboring destinations, then they now know where to come.

6 Liverpool

Speaking of, we’ve arrived in Liverpool. Home to a hub of art, music and sporting greatness, Liverpool is one of the most popular cities in England – and it should be one of the most popular in the entirety of Europe, but that’s another debate for another day.

From the Titanic Hotel to the docks to the many great pieces of architecture, Liverpool feels more like a family than just any other city. Oh, and just because it’s in the north, don’t think that means everything is going to be cheap as chips.

5 York

From a beauty perspective, Yorkshire is probably the most breathtaking and well-rounded county in England. With that being said they aren’t particularly known for being well off, which is why a high proportion of their ‘traffic’, if you will, runs through the namesake of York.

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It’s a gorgeous city but it’s also an expensive area, mainly because it isn’t exactly all too difficult to get to some of the other top towns and cities in the area. It has a growing nightlife scene, too, which is hardly bad news, really.

4 Bath

They come for the Christmas market, they stay because it’s one of the most stunning cities in Europe. The Honey-colored stone tones felt around Bath, coupled together with the phenomenal atmosphere, makes for quite the experience. They say once you’ve arrived your heart will never leave and we can certainly believe that in regards to the wealthy because there’s an awful lot of money in the area.

It’s an upper class type of place with really niche bars and clubs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s exclusive. Test it for yourself.

3 Cambridge

A spec of dust on the side of the road would probably come as a great surprise to the locals of Cambridge which is both an incredibly clean and an incredibly proud city. The university is at the very core of that, as you can probably imagine, but a quick trip here will soon lead you to understand why many rich folk set up camp in Cambridgeshire and never look back.

It’s tucked away from most of the chaos associated with the perceived ‘booming’ areas, which is why more notable members of the mainstream media feel pretty comfortable in the city.

2 Oxford

One of the biggest distinctions between Cambridge and Oxford, from our experience, is the price. It’s well known that Oxford rivals London as being the most expensive city in the country, and while the university is likely a great reason for that, it’s probably because of its close proximity to the capital – and most other places around the nation.

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Nobody is shy over there and they’re more than happy to tell you why Oxford is the greatest place on earth. Alas, when you see some of their gorgeous parks and great bars, it suddenly becomes hard to disagree with the sentiment.

1 London

It’s the capital city of England and it’s the financial heart of, well, most of Europe and potentially even the entire world. You will quite literally never find it difficult to have fun in London, mainly because there’s just such an overwhelming amount of stuff you can do.

As a result the rich and famous tend to spread themselves out fairly well across the entire city, but make no mistake about it, running into one of them is much more likely than you may think. It won’t happen every day, but it’s certainly possible.

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