10 Hacks To Get A Cheap Flight At Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner. In certain parts of the country, the snow has arrived abundantly. The purchasing of gifts has begun and planning has everyone running around. Moreover, excitement has grown at the pit of our stomach in anticipation of gathering with close family and friends to celebrate the festivities. Along with Christmas comes a lot of stress because, well, it is a holiday that requires efficient planning. Unfortunately, most of life's unexpected events can often lead us to forget a few things along the way. Like perhaps purchasing a gift for mom or even worse, forgetting to buy your ticket home.

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Have no fear, however, we have got you covered. This article lists the top 10 ways to acquire a cheap(er) ticket just in time for your Christmas holidays.

10 Airline mixing

Mixing airlines and flight carriers are a great way to save a few bucks. In order to remain competitive in both the market and industry, various airline companies tend to offer different prices for the same flight.

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Hence, you should definitely consider booking your departure and arrival flights with separate airlines to increase your chances of saving some extra cash.

9 Budget-friendly carriers

Some flight carriers are reputable for being cost-friendly. Of these, we can find some incredibly cheap flights to a destination of choice. Though, you should be aware that budget-friendly carriers tend to loosen their flight prices, but tighten their baggage fares. As such, you may be expected to pay a bit more for checked luggage, seating and other perks usually included in costlier prices. Nevertheless, it remains a considerable source for saving money. Moreover, signing up for alerts with these carriers can further your chances of getting a fair deal.

8 Student discounts

Are you a full-time student? Or perhaps you have recently graduated and still have access to a valid student card? Then you may be eligible for a student discount that could make you save a lot of money. Student discounts are not always offered, but it remains a practice done by certain flight booking websites like Flight Centre. Make sure to look for this discount on the checkout page and it may add an additional 10 to 15% savings--much like train and bus ticket fares.

7 Diverse search engines

Search engines are usually the go-to for booking a flight, but have you considered all of them? We know it can be easy to find ourselves entering a rabbit hole when it comes to flight booking websites and search engines--but do not let the latter discourage you from looking thoroughly. Search engines also allow you to cater your research to specific needs (i.e. layovers, dates, budget and more). We recommend Skyscanner and Kayak amongst the several options available.

6 Swapping departure days

Have you considered switching up your departure days? Indeed doing so could make a considerable difference in the final booking price. According to Skyscanner, departure dates scheduled on Fridays are about 21% cheaper than leaving on Sundays. Frequent flyers know that components of time like seasons of the year, special holidays and flight popularity play an important role in the outcome of the price. Hence, remaining flexible with regards to departure and arrival days will help you greatly along the way.

5 Newsletters

Newsletters to increase your chances of coming across a cheap flight. Most flight booking agencies, websites and search engines offer daily or weekly newsletters with deals, discount codes and more.

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This can lead to significant changes in price for your Christmas flight home. Newsletters keep you in the loop which is essential to getting great deals.

4 Price alert

We have just mentioned how helpful subscribing to newsletters from third-party search engines may be in your search for a fair flight. Price alerts are just as important when it comes to this. Consider requesting price alerts on your flight search engines, booking websites and more so you can be alerted if any increase or decrease in price occurs. This strategy goes a long way, especially in events where airline companies chose to randomly switch up their prices.

3 Swapping currencies

This trick is rarely considered, but nevertheless is a great hack to getting an affordable flight price. Switching the currency around can actually help you pay less depending on conversion rates. The US dollar, for instance, maybe stronger in certain countries that have cheaper prices to the destination of choice. The latter does not mean you have to change your flight, simply changing the currency will help you save a lot.

2 Layovers

Layovers are not fun, especially when they last forever. Though, depending on how late you are in booking your flights, they may be your secret weapon to a good deal. Usually, demonstrating flexibility to one or more layovers opens doors to cheaper flight prices. Surely, the route to your destination will be a bit longer than usual, but at least you will not have to spend loads on a similar, direct flight.

1 Price checks

Much like newsletters and price alerts, price checks are another great feature for travellers. Price checks allow you to compare flight prices between competitive airlines. In doing so, you can claim a certain percentage off an initial price for the sake of competitiveness.  Most major airline companies run price check investigations to see if their competition is offering similar prices for better value. Here, one more, you get to save money on behalf of companies simply being at war with one another.

If you have not purchased your flight already, you can price check an offered price and show proof to the company so you can get a better deal. Similarly, there is a time window to price check your recently purchased flight. If you find something better elsewhere, you can get a considerable percentage of your money back. Hence, familiarize yourself with the process of price checking and get in on all the good deals.

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