Customers Never Have To Interact With A Person At This China Smart Hotel

There is a new smart hotel in China where patrons never have to interact with another person, not even to check in or out.

WeChat has partnered with InterContinental to create a smart hotel in Shanghai that allows customers to do everything through their app. Those who book rooms at the hotel can check in, order room service, check out and use their phones as key cards without the assistance of a single human.


According to The Verge, once the customer has arrived and the reservation is confirmed via the app, facial recognition is done to activate the room key card via a cell phone. This concept is even more remarkable considering the hotel is underground but is run solely via an app, which means it runs on an excellent internet service.

WeChat and its parent company, Tencent, have been working to create the smart hotel since 2014. Thanks to the app, those staying at the hotel can also set the air conditioning in their room, pay their bill, adjust the lighting as well as open and close the curtains. Patrons are also required to use their phones when they go eat in the dining room or have a drink at the bar.

Even though WeChat has been integrated into several restaurants and shopping malls throughout China, this is the first time the app has been used in a hotel. WeChat has literally turned its amazing tech app into a hotel experience customers are going to love. It's being referred to as China's largest app and is kind of taking over the world.

It is pretty insane to think that an app operates an entire hotel. The idea is genius and scary at the same time. Yes, for many not having to deal with a single person is a bonus but at the same time, it seems cold and unwelcoming. There is something to be said about good hospitality. Despite the hospitality business not being what it used to, nothing can compare to excellent customer service with a smile.

What do you think about an entire hotel in China being run by an app where you never have to interreact with another person? It is quite an interesting topic.


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