10 Most Expensive Hotel Suites In China

China is an extremely rich country when it comes to culture, food, and art. It's also home to quite a few billionaires, and when it comes to living the associated lifestyle, the country delivers! Home to some go the most luxurious and expensive hotels in the world, China has gone above and beyond in its efforts to deliver luxury experiences to those who can pay or it.

For most of us, some of the suites on this list will never be more than a dream. If you're used to paying no more than $100 a night at your local hotel, then buckle up! It's time to take a very expensive trip down the lane of China's most expensive hotel suites. Be warned, you might be just a little bit too excited!

10 Mandarin Oriental: The Mandarin Suite - $10,000

The Mandarin Oriental is located in Hong Kong, at the very heart of the city. One of the most luxurious hotels in Asia, The Mandarin is known for its lavish views and stunning decoration. Two steps in and you can actually smell the money and the finesse of it all.

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Inside, you can find the Mandarin Suite. For an incredible $10,000 a night, you'll be presented with a tap-bed suite, equipped with a balcony, a kitchen, a dining room and - wait for it - a spa. The dining room can actually fit a dozen people, and it grants you a stunning view to the Victoria Harbour.

9 China World Summit Wing: The Summit Suite - $13,000

This hotel is located in Beijing, on top of the China World Shopping Mall. You won't find a bedroom with less than 55 square meters, and those are the "cheap" ones. Every single guest staying at the hotel Club Lounge facilities and services at the Resident’s Foyer on Level 64.

It's an extremely modern and futurist looking hotel, and here you enjoy a night at The Summit Suite. With 247 square meters, you can get access to all the amenities that you can dream off, and breathtaking views, all for the sum of $13,000 a night. Fram from being the priciest, it's still an incredibly expensive and luxurious choice.

8 InterContinental Hong Kong: The Presidential Suite - $15,000

The InterContinental hotel is present in many countries throughout the world, always at premium prices, but differing slightly when it comes to the installations. In this case, we're travelling all the way to Hong Kong, where you can book The Presidential Suite for $15,000 a night.

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With 7,000 square feet, this is the biggest out of all the suites you can expect to find in Hong Kong. Surprisingly, this doesn't make it the priciest. It includes five bedrooms, and a terrace that offers an infinity pool plus a jacuzzi, a private gym, and around the clock trips to and from the airport in high-end cars. Living the big life!

7 The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong: The Entertainment Suite - $16,350

The Entertainment Suite located inside the luxurious Landmark Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong became available to the public in 2017. When it comes to the name, owners were spot on! But be warned - entertaining in this suite will set you back $16,350 a night. So maybe think it through?

When it comes to the actual suite, here's everything you can expect: a high-end sound system, an over the top TV screen, VR and Play Station equipment, and to top it all off, a DJ booth and a jukebox. We warned you that entertainment wasn't in the name just for the sake of it!

6 The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong: The Ritz-Carlton Suite - $17,000

Obviously, The Ritz-Carlton would be bound to feature somewhere on this list. One of the most luxurious, expensive and high-end hotel chains in the world, The Ritz-Carlton wouldn't miss the opportunity to set roots in China, home to so many millionaires and billionaires. And here, you can choose the Ritz-Carlton Suite, for $17,000 a night.

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It includes a stunning panoramic view of the city, a private butler, a jacuzzi strategically places next to a window, daily massages for two people, and a stunning set of six meals every single day. You pay for the good, you get the good!

5 The Peninsula Shanghai: The Palace Suite - $17,900

This isn't the first appearance The Peninsula in Shanghai will make on this list. Simply put, this hotel is probably one of the most exclusive not just in China or Asia, but the whole wide world. It's chic, it's elegant, it's opulent, and you'll feel like royalty. There are probably royals who've stayed there.

The Peninsula's second to last most expensive suite is the Palace Suite. For nearly $18,000 per night, you'll have access to 1,098 square meters of stunning views, a balcony, a piano (if that's your thing), all decorated with the finest fabrics, rugs, and furniture you could imagine.

4 The Wanda Reign: The Presidential Suite - $20,000

Coined as the first-ever 7-star hotel in Shanghai, the Wanda Reign is an incredibly luxurious hotel that cost a reported $516 million to bring to fruition. Entering the hotel, you can clearly see where the money went - the opulence is everywhere, from the furniture to the art pieces, everything is grand.

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Here you can book a night at the Presidential Suite for a whopping $20,000 a night. It's a five-star price, with seven-quality. You can get everything your heart's desire, including driving around with a private driver on a Rolls Royce. Why? because it costs $20,000 a night, that's why!

3 The Peninsula Shanghai: The Peninsula Suite - $21,000

If you were one of the world's most influential people, one of Hollywood's highest-paid actors, or an important political figure, The Peninsula in Shanghai is very likely the hotel you would choose to host your visit to China. And you would probably select The Peninsula Suite, which costs at least $21,000 a night.

What can you expect? Nothing short of extraordinary. Everything from insane views along The Bund and to Pudong across the Huangpu River to a fireplace, a private gym, and a dining room, even those who are used to living big will have their breath taken away by this suite.

2 Mandarin Oriental Pudong Shanghai: The Presidential Suite - $23,175

Apparently, selecting the Presidential Suite for any of your stays will immediately implicate spending some serious bucks. In the case of the Mandarin Oriental Pudong in Shanghai, booking the suite will cost you a whopping $23,175 a night.

What exactly makes this suite so special, you might ask? Well, for starters, you get a roof garden, a wine bar, and a meeting room on top of all the things you'd expect. Plus, everywhere you look, you'll be present with absolutely stunning views of the city, that are sure to take your breath away. Plus, you get your very own wine bar. How cool is that?!

1 Four Seasons Hong Kong: The Presidential Suite - $35,000

The thing about The Four Seasons in Hong Kong is that it demands a minimum of a two-night stay in the case of the Presidential Suite. As such, what would normally cost around $17,500 a night, will automatically cost at least $35,000 since you have to stay two nights. But still, you get what you pay for!

There's no need to go to much further with this considering Four Season is part of the title. This stunning suite cannot find a match when it comes to elegance and finesse, plus it provides 180-degree views into the gorgeous city of Hong Kong. If you won't mind staying for a couple of days, this would be an option. Also, you get a butler!

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