10 Of The Cheapest Flights You Can Take Around The World

Has traveling been on your mind lately? Has the itch returned? You know the one that makes you want to leave the country so you can go live your best life in a completely different environment. If that is the case, you might have found yourself wondering if you should head on over to the world wide web so you can search for the perfect location to alleviate your travel FOMO.

To better your flight-browsing experience, we have put together this helpful list of the 10 cheapest flights in 2019. This could save you a lot of time by redirecting you towards more affordable options that won't cost you an arm and a leg.

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It is important to note that these prices can vary based on several factors such as the airline, weather, flight season, departure city, and how close you are to the departure date. Nevertheless, these flight options are currently among the cheapest on the market.

10 Sydney, Australia

Flights to Australia have experienced a significant drop this year and it is a rare occurrence in comparison with the previous years. Take advantage of 20% percent savings when booking your flights to Sydney. Compared to closer destinations, Sydney flights are obviously not cheap; however, it is nowadays quite affordable to go to Australia.

Thus, it might be the perfect time to take a trip across the globe. Average ticket prices currently range around $550 USD roundtrip from Hong Kong. From the United States, the cost does seem to be more expensive, but the cheapest thus far range around $1000 USD roundtrip flight from Los Angeles. Interestingly, the former does not include any stops hence that is a huge benefit to consider.

9 Las Vegas, Nevada

What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but your finances should not have to bear the brunt of your travel whims. Currently, flights to Las Vegas from most major US cities like New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and more are consistently showing attractive prices for round-trip flights.

This might be the perfect time to take a well-deserved trip with your friends. Thanks to Spirit Airlines, direct flights currently can drop below $150. Moreover, flights that do have a layover only have one and reflect a similar cost. You can thus happily save your money on flights and use it all on the casinos.

8 Paris, France

Paris awaits you this far a dream-like vacation filled with beautiful museum excursions, delicious pastries, and a few history lessons here and there. According to Skyscanner.com, October and November tend to be around the cheapest times to visit the French capital.

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This makes for a drastic change from last year where prices were much higher. Moreover, non-stop flights experienced a drop in price during the summer. Average ticket prices currently range around $800 USD roundtrip from select American cities.

7 Oranjestad, Aruba

The tiny Dutch island of Aruba is famously known for its sunny weather, sandy beaches, and Divi-divi trees. Indeed, a visit to this island will expose you to one of the many wonders of the world, a vibrant party scene, and breathtaking architecture. And now, you can visit this beautiful island without emptying your savings account.

Accordingly, prices from major US cities like New York reflect a slew of budget-friendly options. Booking websites show prices ranging in $300s for direct flights to Aruba's vivacious capital of Oranjestad. Lufthansa, American, and United Airlines are onboard with the cheap fares, hence there is variety in choice.

6 Madrid, Spain

A Spanish vacation is awaiting you and it is filled with history, fashion, and paellas. Flights to Madrid appear to be somewhat cheaper than usual this year, although January is generally estimated to be the cheapest period to visit Madrid. Airlines Delta, United, and America have been offering flights from New York to Madrid ranging in the low $400 for a roundtrip.

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Moreover, TAP Portugal has made itself much more accessible to the US and offer affordable, one-layover flights to Spain from an array of cities.

5 Bali, Indonesia

This popular destination and exotic haven have also experienced drastic drops in flight costs this year. So much that it ranks amongst the cheapest flight options of the year altogether.

Check off this location from your bucket-list and visit Bali for an affordable price with the help of approximately $500 USD worth of fare dips. Such low cost can, fortunately, be observed across 40% of airlines like Delta, Korean Air, and Garuda Indonesia. Though not all flights will be direct, we are certain Bali is worth a layover (or five). Admittedly, the prices have risen as the end of the year approaches, but it is still a great time to visit Bali.

4 Honolulu, Hawaii

Sky Scanner reports on incredibly low round-trip costs for heading to sunny Honolulu, Hawaii. Take a chance with these incredible price reductions ranging between $350 to $450 USD.

Multiple airlines like American Airlines, United, Delta, and Hawaiian have managed to consistently match the price, hence there are plenty of companies to choose from. The bulk of these flights appear to be direct flights from major cities like Los Angeles.

3 Cancun, Mexico

Are you ready to live an extraordinary experience in the southeast Mexican city of Cancun? You can get access to unique museums, sunny beaches and its clear-blue waters for a reasonable fee right now.

Flights departing from several cities in both Canada and the United States currently range between the fair costs of $230 to $400 USD. This cost is observed via an array of different airlines such as InterJet, WestJet, and Air Canada.

2 Athens, Greece

Greek delicacies, nightlife and more are awaiting you--thanks to this year's cheap flights to Athens. Flights to Athens tend to be particularly cheap from other European countries, but the price is also quite affordable from the United States, with a roundtrip during the fall season costing around $700.

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The fall season is an all-around budget-friendly time to visit Greece, especially after the bustling summer period.

1 Manila, Philippines

Is a lively excursion through the foreign land of the Philippines something of interest to you? Well, you might be able to turn this dream into a reality as tickets to the capital city of Manila are incredibly cheap at the moment.

Current rates reported by the booking website Skyscanner reveal reasonable round-trip prices throughout all major American cities. Of these, we include direct lights from the buzzing city of Los Angeles, California. Ticket prices are ranging in the low $300 to $450 USD.

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