10 Candies You Can Only Get In Australia (That People Everywhere Else Crave)

The greatest things in the world's diversity can easily be found in the various traditional and unique customs, diverse ways of thinking, and, of course, delicious foods. Travelers around the world who dare step out of their comfort zone to experience a reality other than what they are used to usually discover the beauty in novelty. Of the many places open to visitors, we find the exotic land of Australia, renowned for its breathtaking beauty, unique ecosystem, and more. Indeed, there are many things to appreciate in this wonderful country. However, if you happen to love candy, you may have noticed a few differences in the sweet treats available in this foreign land when compared to America.

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In case you were looking to take your sweet tooth back to the savory moment when you tasted one of Australia's unique candy, we have compiled a list of the 10 candies you can only get in Australia. This compilation is also very suitable for future visitors of Australia looking to get their hands on the best treats to satisfy their sweet tooth. To note, the majority of the data culminated in this list stems from articles shared by TheSmartLocalRanker & StyleCaster.

10 Tim Tams

This Australian chocolate biscuit is certain to satisfy the cravings of any chocoholic. If you love the idea of combining a chocolate delight with the uniqueness of a cookie-like crunch, then you will surely adore the Tim Tams. This malted biscuit is coated with a thin coat of chocolate and a light chocolate garnish. It is as delicious as it sounds and is a popular cookie only sold in Australia.

9 Cherry Ripe

This Cadbury chocolate bar is one of Australia's oldest candies. Lovers of cherry and chocolate will surely appreciate this chocolate bar which manages to perfectly combined these two elements beautifully. Along with a coconut coating underlying a chocolate layer, this chocolate bar is filled with a cherry consistency. Can you hear this delicious snack calling your name yet? Because we can.

8 Fairy Bread

Bread lovers will surely be left mindblown with this Australian concoction. Imagine a chewy and soft slice of white bread gently placed on a white plate. Then, add a coating of melted butter and finish it off by adding colorful sprinkles.

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For presentation purposes, ensure to slice your bread into fun triangles. That is exactly what fairy bread is and it is absolutely delicious. This snack is extremely popular at children's parties and rightfully so. Although, we are certain adults secretly enjoy these as well.

7 Lamingtons

This Australian spongecake is heaven-sent. It takes your everyday brownie to the next level through its chocolatey decadence. The latter consists of butter cake squares topped with an outer layer of chocolate sauce. Furthermore, the spongey cake is then rolled into desiccated coconut which gives the cake a very unique flavor. Lamingtons come in various forms including some with strawberry jam or cream coating. One word: amazing.

6 Pods

Pods are one of the many delicious sweet snacks you may find in Australia. These simple treats are perfect for movie dates, boring university lectures or a break from the office. Pop one in your mouth and prepare to meet the crunchiness of these cookie-like treats along with the delicious undertones of creamy chocolate. What makes these snacks unique is that they come in various forms including some Mint or Honeycomb-flavored.

5 Jersey Caramels

These multi-layered caramel cubes represent Australia's candy greatness. The chewy texture is elevated by a burst of sweetness. These cubed confectioneries are a go-to for those seeking a little sugar rush to stay alert at work or in class. Much like other items on this list, you are expected to have more than one because they are just that good. And if you are looking to take things to the next level, consider topping your favorite ice cream with these Jersey Caramels. You will thank us later.

4 Minties

Lovers of mint will enjoy this feature. Minties are exactly what TicTacs attempted to be, but they took it to the next level by allowing you to chew them as well. Minties will give your breath that extra freshness that lasts longer than your regular TicTac.

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Because it is also a gum, you can enjoy sucking on the candy itself and then chewing on it for the remainder of the day. It is a win-win situation, indeed.

3 Violet Crumble

Another chocolate goodie featured on this list, the violet crumble is a honeycomb toffee treat combined with chocolate. This is perfect for anyone looking to eat something sweet, but not too sweet. A lot of times, less sweet options tend to be bland, but not the violet crumble. The toffee aspect also gives you the extra boost of caffeine you may need to get through the day. Your teeth may not thank you, but your tastebuds surely will.

2 Caramello Koalas

Caramel and chocolate remain one of the best combinations there is. And Cadbury's Caramello Koalas does a wonderful job of bringing the two together. This sweet treat appears to be a chocolate cartoon koala. Upon the first bite, its tasters are met with a delicious caramel filling and center. You can enjoy many of them in bags of 12 or more. Evidently, you are fully expected to finish it in one sitting because that is simply the only way to consume these.

1 Chokito

The final addition to this wonderful list is no other than Australia's very own Chokito bars. There is a reason why these delicious treats have made it to the top of this list. Imagine a chocolate bar consisting of chocolate layers coated with some more chocolate. That is exactly what Chokito bars have to offer along with an insanely delicious caramel fudge filling and crispy rice touch. While these were once found in South Africa, they are now rampant in Australia and can be enjoyed by anyone visiting the land.

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