One Of The Houses Used To Film Breaking Bad Is Now On Airbnb

You can now rent one of the houses featured on Breaking Bad via Airbnb, just in time for the release of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.

Landmarks are landmarks for a variety of different reasons. For most people, the first things that spring to mind when they hear the word landmark are ones of the historical variety. The Statue of Liberty in New York City, or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. However, as more and more landmarks are made famous by other forms of media, more of us are taking trips to see things we have seen on TV.

Perhaps some of you have vacationed to Ireland to see where Game of Thrones was filmed, or marveled at Times Square due to how many times you have seen it on TV. Thanks to the 21st-century amenity that is Airbnb, fans of movies and shows are now able to actually stay in some of the buildings where they watched the lives of their favorite characters unfold.

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The latest addition to that list is one of the houses in which Walt and Jesse cooked meth in Breaking Bad. More specifically, for the hardcore fans among you, the house the pair stayed in during season five, episode three of the show. The pair pretended to be from a company called "Vamonos Pets", tented the house, and cooked meth for the weekend while everyone passing by assumed the building was being fumigated.

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As you might expect, and would want if you're going to the building for Breaking Bad reasons, its owners have really leaned into it being featured on the show. Those who stay at the four-bedroom house have Vamonos Pets and hazmat suits at their disposal. Today revealed that fans who stay there often try to recreate shots from the show. There are even posters on the walls to help you out if you can't remember them exactly.

Considering the significance of the building, fans won't need to break the bank in order to spend the night there. It costs $259 per night, and since the house sleeps as many as 17 people, you have the option of splitting that price tag quite a few ways. You can check it out for yourselves by heading to Airbnb but be warned, we'd have thought there is quite a wait to stay there.

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