Boyfriends Stand In Cold & Rain Instead Of Joining Partners In Victoria's Secret

Some recent photos show that not even uncomfortable weather will make boyfriends join their partners inside a Victoria's Secret.

For years now, Victoria's Secret has been an extremely popular lingerie store for women around the world. Many women love the fashion brand's bras, panties, sleepwear, and the many beauty-items that include (but aren't limited to) skincare and makeup products. Men, however, tend to not have much an opinion of the well-known undergarment brand; if anything, they seemingly want nothing to do with it. It may seem silly, but no one should be surprised by that- and there's some proof that backs this up.

Photos were taken outside of a Victoria's Secret store in Glasgow, Scotland showed just how men really feel about their female loved ones dragging them there. Scottish comedian Christopher Macarthur-Boyd posted a couple of photos on Twitter that showed about a dozen men were standing outside Victoria's Secret, presumably waiting for their significant other, sibling, mother, or another loved one to finish their shopping.


Via Twitter

The weather looked rainy and miserable, but that didn't deter any of the men in the photos to seek refuge. Most just mulled about — most without wearing anything to protect them from getting wet- while playing with their phones. Those not on their phones continue to simply stand around in an awkward fashion. But they all share one common trait- none of the men pictured seem to have any desire to join their female companion while she continues her shopping inside Victoria's Secret.

Many men responded to Macarthur-Boyd's Tweet with amusement of varying degrees. Some joked that there should've been a nearby shelter of sorts for men forced to wait for their loved ones while they're inside Victoria's Secret. Others made remarks about how men shouldn't be in such a store, no matter what. The last camp of people felt that the men pictured were being childish for not joining their female companion inside the store.

The reactions on social media seemed to be all over the place, to say the least. Others who've seen the post—both men and wome— may share some of those feelings or may feel completely different about it. But one thing can be said for women — if you can avoid bringing your significant other or any other male loved one to Victoria's Secret, do it. They will no doubt thank you for this small gesture.


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