Boom Unveils Plans For Supersonic Speed Traveling Plane 'The Overture'

Traveling at the speed of sound to get to your destination is the dream for any traveler out there, and although that hasn’t been available for some time now, the future of travel is looking a lot brighter!

According to Daily Mail, supersonic travel could be making a glorious come back soon.

The massive science and tech company, Boom Supersonic, has revealed a $100 million investment in Overture, a 55 seater supersonic passenger jet that will be capable of flying not at par of the speed of sound, but at twice the speed of sound, with a range of over 5,180 miles! In this case, the Overture would be capable of flying passengers from New York City to London, England in as little as 3.5 hours, which comes in at half the time it currently takes, says the source.


Via DailyMail

The Colorado-based company has many investors looking into the Overture, including the Emerson Collective, which is currently being headed by Laurene Powell Jobs, widow to Apple creator, Steve Jobs. These investments will ultimately allow the team behind the Overture to advance their copious research, and create the world “first economically viable supersonic airliners”, says Black Scholl, founder of Boom Supersonic.

Although travel time can be cut in half for countless destinations, the cost will be slightly more than your average plane ticket, however, that may be well worth it for some travelers who are looking to get places faster! According to Scholl, Overture fares, although slightly higher, will aim to sit close to today’s business class, which essentially opens the horizon for tens of millions of travelers, particularly those who travel a lot for work.

The goal behind this new and innovative aircraft is to “make high-speed flight affordable to all”, and considering flights can already be expensive as is, we’re interested in seeing just how Boom Supersonic will achieve that. In addition to the cost, the aircraft will only be able to hold 55 passengers at a time; however, the company plans on creating aircraft holding far more than that in the future. Would you take a trip on the Overture, or stick to your preferred airline to get you to where you want to go?


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