10 Best Luxury Cruise Lines, Ranked

When it comes down to picking a holiday destination, we never really know where to turn. There are so many options out there, so many incredible places to visit, so many beautiful hotels and rooms to stay at... and, because there's so much choice, we inevitably get stuck and end up taking the same old trips we've been taking for the past few years.

This is where cruise lines can really be a game-changer. If you pay enough money, you might just get the vacation of a lifetime. Everything from personal butlers to the finest meals in the comfort of luxurious room while you sail along unknown seas and make a few stops in stunning places—all of this is only a cruise line away. Just in case you've been looking for the ideal luxury vacation, here are the ten best cruise lines you can pick and choose from!

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10 Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Brought to you by Regent Seven Seas Cruises, the Seven Seas Explorer is undoubtedly one of the most exquisite ships you can ever hope to find yourself in. Every single cabin on the ship is a suite, and the balconies are some of the grandest and most beautiful in the entire industry. The food is of a higher quality than some of the most well-regarded restaurants in the world, and shore excursions are complimentary.

You can find anything from seven to 131 nights. For instance, one of the most popular lines includes a 12-day long trip to Cuba which includes all of the best treats; cigars, rum, champagne. Only the absolute best, for the modest amount of $7,000.

9 Cunard

Cunard is preferred mostly by retirees, but, in reality, there's something to please everyone. The thing about Cunard is that they know exactly how to keep their passengers happy. Even though they have an impressive fleet that carries over 2,000 passengers, you can rest assured you won't even notice all the people thanks to the comedy shows, Shakespeare plays, and nightclub.

Plus, if you're looking for a trip around the world, then Cunard has got you covered. For $13,800, it will take you on a 99-day long trip through pretty much everything.

8 Silversea Cruises

If you are looking for something a little more intimate, then the cruises offered by Silversea Cruises are the right choice for you. Each gorgeous ship takes between 100 and 596 passengers, which is something to pay attention to considering cruises usually carry up to 2000 people. Plus, some of the ships from Silversea offer a range of small restaurants you can choose from, with most of them being complementary.

You have dozens of routes to choose from, but the most popular one is undoubtedly the 29-day long cruise departing from Japan and focusing mostly on Russian ports. Plus, if fishing is your thing, the stop in Alaska will completely fill all of your heart's desire—if you're willing to spend at least $23,500, that is!

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7 Oceania Cruises

Oceanis Cruises is one of the most well-regarded companies both in the industry and in the world. There's a little something for everyone in the company's cruises, and, even though they accommodate up to 1,250 passengers on two of their ships, the customer to staff ratio is kept well enough that the intimacy isn't lost.

You can expect to find art classes, libraries, and all sorts of games to keep you entertained at sea. Still, erhaps the most exciting part of it all is the journey from New York to Barcelona, which offers the chance to get to know some of the most stunning European cities in the process, including Portugal and Spain—but it will cost you at least $6,000.

6 Azamara Club Cruises

Beloved particularly by those who longed for their relaxing retirement years, Azamara Club Cruises have earned quite the praise from people inside of the industry. Expect to find some of the best personalized services if you choose this company, and expect the intimacy to be a lot more valued than in other cruises.

With 80 countries to choose from, selecting the perfect route might seem overwhelming. Yet, perhaps the most exotic and loved among them all is the 22-day long African West Coast cruise that will allow you to explore new cultures, and just so happens to include a safari in the mix. The pit stop in Morrocco is ideal for those who want to try their hand at a four-wheeling excursion through the dunes. All for $16,000!

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5 Crystal Cruises

This particular cruise line has only two ships to offer, and that's because they know exactly how much people are willing to pay for exclusivity and special treatment. The rooms alone are a sight to behold, and you can choose between deluxe rooms, some of which include private balconies, and penthouse cabins.

It's very doubtful that you'll ever be bored considering the lengths the cruise line goes through to ensure the guests' entertainment. However, you can be sure to find all you need and more if you opt for the $51,000, 139-night long cruise around the world.

4 Windstar Cruises

If anyone can carry out the ultimate intimate experience, that would have to be Windstar Cruises. Their ships only carry between 148 and 310 passengers, so, if you're worried about feeling surrounded by people, you can breathe easily now. Nothing will feel cozier than one of their journeys—as cozy as the high seas can get, that is!

But don't be fooled by the small number of people it carries; you'll still find everything from a spa to a gym and a casino! Plus, for $21,700, you can go on the trip of a lifetime around Europe, visiting iconic places along the lines of Iceland, Spain, Scotland, and England, amongst many others.

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3 Viking Ocean Cruises

Anyone who is looking for the perfect vacation to reignite the spark with their significant other, or perhaps wants something slightly different for their honeymoon, should definitely pay close attention to the trips offered by Vikings Ocean Cruise. They were deemed the number one cruise line for couples, and, considering they offer fireplaces, spa services, and infinity pools, that's not too surprising.

No children are allowed on board of any of the five ships owned the cruise line, which amps up the relaxation about a thousand points. For $10,000, you can experience a cruise along the Western shores of Africa with pit stops in London, Spain, Morocco, and more.

2 Virgin Voyages

Is there anything the Virgin group won't touch? Probably not! And, of course, our favorite businessman and billionaire Richard Branson would try his luck with the cruise business. The Virgin ship truly is one of a kind, and, if you love all things hip, modern, with just the right kick of futurist, then you've come to the right place.

You can actually attend a trip for Richard's birthday bash in July 2020. However, if you're feeling a little more intimate, then Virgin Voyages can take you on a once in a lifetime New Year's experience with the Mega Rock Star Suite, equipped with their own personal rider, going for a whopping $22,850!

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1 Seabourn Cruise Line

With a capacity of a maximum of 600 passengers per ship, you can rest assured that Seabourn will put an intimate environment above the maximization of their space. This, of course, makes for a unique experience that includes only suites for rooms and meals prepared by one of the most well-renowned chefs in the world.

And guess what? This cruise line offers you the chance to travel for 33 nights with an unforgettable itinerary. For $16,000, you can expect to visit ports all the way from Indonesia to Australia and New Zealand. Plus, you also have the option of renting your own private car and driver!

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