Travelers Warned About Bedbug Outbreak On Planes

To say most people already didn't love the long lines and crappy food that came with air travel would be an understatement. Now that bed bugs have broken out on Air India flights from Newark Liberty International Airport to India, travel by plane went from bad to worse in a hurry.

According to a report by Fox5NY, bed bug infested seats were spotted on certain Air India flights which can only mean those same beg bugs made their way through the airport, got on and off with the passengers that brought them and have likely infested other things. Booked passengers started sharing their run-in with these bed bugs and posted on social media both their concerns over health issues and frustrations over money spent to board a plane that was clearly "bugged."


After multiple complaints, Air India has responded that they are looking into the matter and "sharing the details with our maintenance team for corrective measures in this regard." Of course, for many passengers, it's too little too late. So too, the bedbugs were only part of the issue as the same passengers complained about a broken table and non-working tv.

The idea of less-than-spotless seats and plane rides are something passengers have grown to expect. But, when boarding a flight that last multiple hours, the least an airline can do is ensure the seats and planes are cleaned and void of any infestations that could leave customers itching and infants covered in bites.

There was no mention of any lawsuits coming out of the reported incidences nor any refunds being offered by the airline. But, passengers like Pravin Tonsekar (who reported the disgusting dilemma on Twitter) have been forced to ensure his family gets 10 days worth of medicine while they were supposed to be on a holiday.

Someone remind us to check off Air India as one of those airlines we should potentially avoid if we can at all costs.


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