Atlantis Bahamas: 15 Things To Know About The Resort And Michael Jackson's Suite

Everyone has that dream vacation that they would do absolutely anything to take at some point in their lives. Whether they’re looking to soak up the sun on some beautiful beaches, be waited on hand and foot and treated like a VIP, or even try something adventurous and out of the ordinary, everyone has something in mind. Luckily for them, The Atlantis Bahamas has all of that and more for anyone looking to relax or seek some sort of thrill.

Whether it’s walking along the white-sand beaches, swimming in one of the many pools, or interacting with all kinds of marine life, there’s something for everyone looking to get away. If you’re looking for the true VIP celebrity experience, you can book a night in the Michael Jackson suite, also known as the Bridge Suite in the Royal Tower. That is if you can afford its hefty price tag, though. The Atlantis Bahamas is not cheap by any means, but you definitely get what you pay for. The resort is known to have many celebrities spend some vacation time there, after all. If you’re looking to book an out-of-this-world vacation of a lifetime, look no further than the Atlantis. Here are 15 things you need to know about the resort and the Michael Jackson suite.

14 Six Different Hotels

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What many people don’t know about the Atlantis is that it’s made up of six different hotels. When we think of the Atlantis, we usually picture the two iconic buildings that are connected by a bridge. This hotel, known as The Royal, is one of the six different hotels that make up the Atlantis. The structure captures the feel of the Lost City of Atlantis with the building’s mythical architecture, and it’s right in the center of everything. The Cove is much more secluded, if you want the feeling of being away from the real world. The Coral was recently renovated and is situated on the beach, leaving something for everyone. The Beach is much more casual compared to the other hotels, as guests come and go as they please, and doesn’t have full amenities compared to the other hotels, making it a little more affordable. The Reef allows guests to feel like they’re at home with kitchens and other home-like amenities. Finally, the Harborside Resort offers villas for big families and groups. There’s definitely more than meets the eye!

13 Five Miles Of Beaches

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When vacationing in the Caribbean, it’s only natural to set aside some time (or a lot of it) to swimming in the tranquil turquoise waters, walking along in the soft sands, and warming your skin in bright Caribbean sun. Luckily for the guests of the Atlantis, they have the luxury of five miles of beautiful beaches. The Cove beach is private just for guests of The Cove hotel, offering an even bigger luxury to them. The other stretch of beach is open to all guests to dip their toes in the warm waters and walk along the soft white sand. With all of the amazing things the Atlantis has to offer, it’s nice to take a break from the hustle and bustle and relax on the beach. There’s plenty of it to go around, that’s for sure.

12 Atlantis Live Concert Series

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If you’re not tired after hearing about the amazing attractions and exciting activities that the resort has to offer, there’s plenty more where that came from. One of the most exciting things that the Atlantis has to offer is the Atlantis Live Concert Series, where the resort is a host to many concerts, both private and open to the public. From Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, and even Justin Bieber, the Atlantis has been a host to many stars over the years. An extra perk to guests of the resort? Well, they’re able to attend the concert. What could be better than a Caribbean vacation and getting to see your favorite band or musician? We don’t think there could be anything better if we’re going to be honest!

11 Private Cabanas

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To really kick up the VIP factor, the Atlantis offers guests to rent private cabanas. These private areas offer guests their own space away from other guests while enjoying exclusive amenities that are just for them as cabana renters. Each cabana has exclusive pool or beach access, food and drink service, and a guest service host to cater to you. Each cabana provides guests with a private changing area, plugs to charge devices, a refrigerator, and a safe for their belongings. Holding up to six people, cabanas allow guests to relax alone or get the party started with a smaller group. If you really want to turn up the VIP experience, the cabana could be pre-stocked with beverages and WiFi for an additional cost.

10 The Dig

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The Dig is perhaps one of the coolest exhibits that you can see at the Atlantis. The Dig is an aquarium. However, it’s unlike any aquarium you’ve ever seen before. Keeping the theme throughout the resort, The Dig looks like the underwater ruins of the Lost City of Atlantis. Visitors can walk through the “ruins” and see so many different species of marine life. Guests can see anything from venomous lionfish to hundreds of jellyfish and, of course, beautiful tropical fish. If that’s not enough, guests can also have the opportunity to visit the 'touch tank' and interact with all kinds of animals such as starfish, sea urchins, conch, and crabs. The exhibit is huge, and guests should make sure that they allot enough time to see it all.

9 Aquaventure

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Aquaventure is the Atlantis’ out-of-this-world waterpark. It's 141 acres and offers 20 swimming areas, a water play fort, 11 swimming pools, and a handful of slides. Kids will definitely be entertained all day when they have pools that are just for them, along with Splashers, and a water playground just for them. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can take a plunge on one of several different slides that range from body slides at an almost vertical drop, racing side by side with a friend or even on a tube that passes through a tank that holds all kinds of fish. If relaxing is the way to go, you can grab a tube and take a leisurely float down the lazy river. With 141 acres of fun to explore, you’re bound to find something fun for everyone.

8 The Current

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The Current is a water attraction that is a part of the Aquaventure water park. Just like the lazy river, The Current has the same concept, but there’s nothing lazy about it. You wouldn’t take The Current if you just wanted to float around and soak up some sun. While sitting in your tubes, jets propel you down the one-mile-long river. But that’s not all. The fun continues as you travel along the river with rolling waves and rapids that send you on a wild ride around the water park. It’s a wild ride that’s tons of fun for the whole family. The Current is definitely the lazy river for the thrill seeker, for sure.

7 Stingray Experience

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You really don’t realize how big the Atlantis is until you discover and learn about all of the activities that it has to offer. Another cool activity that the Atlantis provides to guests is its stingray experience. This amazing opportunity is a hands-on experience that allows guests to get in the water with a number of stingrays and tropical fish, where you get to get up-close and personal with them. The entire experience is about 45 minutes, and you get to spend a half hour in the water touching the stingrays, learning about them, and even getting to feed them. Guests even have the chance to put on a mask and snorkel with the stingrays as well, making for an amazing experience.

6 The Cove Pool

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When we’re on vacation, the whole reason we’re there is to escape the real world and get away for a while. The last thing we want to hear are screaming children misbehaving. Luckily, the Atlantis offers a solution to that problem, and that’s The Cove pool. This particular pool is strictly adults only—no kids allowed. The massive space offers guests to rent cabanas, as well as poolside and beach concierges that will cater to your every want and need. If you’re hungry, there’s no need to leave The Cove as there’s a cafe and a casual restaurant so you can go grab something to eat without having to venture far. The Cove is the perfect place for adults to really sit back and relax.

5 Walk With The Sharks

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Looking at all of the activities that the Atlantis has to offer, it’s easy to see that there’s a lot for the thrill-seekers. Yet another something for them or even someone willing to try something new and exciting is an activity called walking with sharks. Guests are able to get up close and personal with the ocean’s deadly creatures. Once equipped with clear helmets, guests are taken to the bottom of the shark exhibit where they can walk around and explore the tank and even come face to face with a shark—a nightmare for some. Whether you have any kind of snorkeling or scuba experience or not, guests are able to walk with the sharks...if they dare.

4 Dolphin Cay

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Have you ever wanted to swim with a dolphin? Really get up close and personal with one? The Atlantis has the opportunity for you to do just that and so much more. The Dolphin Cay is one of the world’s largest open-air man-made marine mammal habitats that takes up over 14 acres. Guests have the opportunity to snorkel, kayak, and paddle board with the dolphins. If you want to get even closer with the mammals, you can sign up for a shallow water interaction where you get in waist-deep water and meet the dolphins face to face. If that’s not enough, you can even go for a deep-water swim where you can actually swim side by side with the dolphins in deeper waters. They even perform tricks around you and play with you as you enjoy this extraordinary experience.

Snorkeling Through Atlantis Ruins

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If snorkeling is your thing, you can take it to the next level and snorkel through the ruins of the Lost City of Atlantis. Guests can snorkel through Ruins Lagoon which is a host to all kinds of marine life such as spotted rays, tropical fish, and even some sharks. The Ruins Lagoon is visible from The Dig, so other guests are able to watch you as you snorkel through the huge tank. It’s also filled with ruins that are inspired by the Lost City of Atlantis to provide an even cooler effect while exploring Ruins Lagoon. For 30 minutes, you can see so many different animals that are right at your fingertips, without having to worry about snorkeling out in the actual ocean. It’s definitely an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss.

3 Atlantis Casino

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One of the biggest attractions for adults is the huge Atlantis Casino. The casino connects the Royal and Coral towers, and it spans a 7-acre lagoon. There are hundreds of slot machines and 85 gaming tables to try your luck at. The casino itself is beautiful, with handmade sculptures decorating the entire casino bringing it to life. If you’re not sure how to play, there are gaming lessons available for you to try something new. Everything is state-of-the-art, giving you the ultimate gambling experience. Guests should definitely try their luck either on a slot machine or one of the many gaming tables. You never know, it could be your very lucky day!

2 Leap Of Faith Slide

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Out of all of the slides at the resort, the leap of faith slide is the most iconic one that the Atlantis has to offer. In fact, the slide is what most people think of when they see the resort and is the one that’s most advertised. The slide is definitely not for the faint of heart, as it sends you down an almost-vertical 60-foot drop from the top of the Mayan temple. If that’s not enough of a thrill for you, the slide also sends you sailing through a clear acrylic tunnel that goes straight through a shark-infested lagoon as they swim all around you. The leap of faith is definitely for the thrill seekers of the family or ones that are just brave enough to try something new.

1 The “Michael Jackson” Suite

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The Bridge Suite, located in the Royal Tower, is also known as the Michael Jackson suite as he often stayed in the luxurious room. The Bridge Suite offers ten rooms at almost 5,000 square feet of space. There’s a living room with a grand piano, a dining room with a 22-karat gold chandelier, and multiple bedrooms. The suite offers out-of-this-world views of the entire resort and the beautiful tranquil waters. As if that’s not enough, the suite also has seven of its own butlers and attendants to provide you with anything you could possibly want or need. That all sounds like an amazing vacation, but it comes with a VIP price—starting at $25,000 a day. No wonder why Michael Jackson frequented the suite; it was pocket change to him. Talk about an expensive vacation!

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