10 Surprising Things You Can't Take Through Airport Security

With airport security at an all-time high, it’s no wonder that the Transportation Security Administration takes its job very seriously. They have a list of items put out on notices every time the security system is upgraded. So, as a passenger, it is your duty to look at these items and remove them from your luggage before checking and boarding a plane.

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Though the reason for most items on the list of banned items is obvious, there are some items that will really leave you confused. Here we give you 10 surprising items that actually make it to the banned list!

10 Offensive Clothes

Well, this is something that you need to consider before boarding a plane. If your t-shirt has a highly offensive on it, then you are sure to be called aside. It would be better to cover up the t-shirt with a blazer or a jacket. Flight attendants are also quite strict about this rule and will make it a point to tell you so.

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The offensive message can be gender-based, religion-based or just outright rude. Whatever be your reasons for wearing it, the airport staff is not going to be too happy to see it. So next time you make your way to the airport, do a double check on the clothes you put on!

9 Soup

While some airlines allow for food to be carried onto planes, they do a draw a line at soup. The reason is the amount of liquid in the item. Since it exceeds the 4-ounce packaging rule, soups are something that you will have to leave at home. Soups cannot be heated up anyway so it’s pointless having cold soup.

Carrying food for babies is fine since the quantity you would normally carry would be within the permissible level. So pack in sandwiches, dry snacks or even sweets the next time you are traveling. You’ll just have to wait for your soup fix.

8 Bowling Pins

Of all the sports equipment you can take through airport security, it’s the bowling pins that you can’t carry with you. This is even more surprising, considering the fact that bowling balls are allowed on the plane!

The idea is that since bowling pins can be used as a weapon, they do not make the cut. It’s easy to use them as a bludgeon and this is what puts them on the banned list. This is surely one of the weirdest items on the list that has a lot of commuters surprised. Next time you are traveling, keep those bowling pins in your checked luggage.

7 Heating Pad

We love to feel cozy and warm while on a long flight and a heating pad is something that will surely help. These flights do give you a stiff neck, cramped legs, and backaches. The problem is that a heating pad contains gel inside it which is a liquid!

So it again comes under the banned list. Any liquid above the permissible 4-ounce volume is just not allowed in any form. So trying to ease your cramped legs or stiff neck won’t be easy now. You can pack the heating pad in your checked luggage and take it out once you have landed!

6 Snow Globes

A favorite for all holiday goers is the mesmerizing snow globe that transports you to a different world. But the TSA is sure to bring you back to reality with their list of banned items that contain the snow globes! The snow globe has liquid content inside the glass case and this exceeds the permissible limit.

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So the next time you see a beautiful snow globe, be sure to pack it in your checked luggage carefully. A much smaller sized snow globe can make it through security check provided it fits into a quart-sized bag. So good luck with that!

5 Fertilizer

Ammonium nitrate in fertilizers is the reason for it being on the banned list. So the next time you feel like carrying some fertilizer with you, think again. It is not allowed! Neither in your checked luggage nor your carry-on!

Although it is quite rare for anyone to want to carry fertilizer from one place to another, the fact that it has ammonium nitrate in it makes it dangerous. We all know what evil minds can come up with and it is always better to be safe than sorry. So if you do plan to buy fertilizer, plan to send it through courier services!

4 Curling Irons

Need to do a last-minute hair touch-up before landing at your holiday destination? Well, you will have to make do without a butane curling iron, at least.

The butane found in most cordless curling irons is a combustible gas and so it is really not advisable in the plane. It could catch fire if turned on by accident. Since most combustibles are not allowed on planes, the curling iron is also something that you will have to put in your checked luggage. Be sure to not carry any gas refills even in the checked luggage as are they are completely banned.

3 Cast Iron Pans

If cooking is your favorite thing, then be sure to check your luggage for any pots and pans. They are allowed as long they are not made of cast iron. While any pan, frying or not can be used as a weapon, a heavy cast-iron frying pan can be deadly.

We see the reasoning behind this the same as those behind forcing folks to remove the blades from blenders they want to take in their carry on. Being an alloy of iron, the cast iron contains manganese, carbon, and silicon as well. Next time you are traveling, be sure to pack your cast iron pans in your checked luggage!

2 Bear spray

Many travelers going on a hiking or camping trip, will carry with them equipment to keep them safe. One of the many items usually carried along is bear spray and bear bangers.

The bear spray is just like a pepper spray to keep bears away so that they do not attack. The bear bangers make a loud sound to scare away the bears. Now, these items can be dangerous in a plane and for good reason. The bear spray can be used as a weapon on passengers and the bangers can be scary too. TSA bans these items and so if you do have these in your collection, be sure to put them in checked luggage.

1 Gravy

Well, this is one of the surprising items on the banned list! The reason why TSA bans gravy is because of its liquid content which is obviously above the permissible levels. So the next time you want to carry some home-made gravy, be sure to place it in your checked luggage.

Of course, you would have to be extra careful with how you pack it in so as not to soil your clothing. If you do have a very small quantity of gravy to carry, you could try and carry it along. It is, though, all touch-and-go with the TSA and its rules.

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