5 Reasons Airport Lounges Are Worth The Cost (& 5 Why They Aren't)

It’s a decision that has come up for millions of travelers all over the world: is it worth it to pay for access to the airport lounge? Ultimately, the answer will depend on the individual. While it may be worth it for some travelers, it won’t be worth it for others.

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There are a few common reasons why some travelers think airport lounges are worth the cost, and a few reasons why others believe that they’re not worth it all. We’ve listed the reasons below so you can make your own deductions about airport lounges, and whether it’s worth splashing your cash on them or not. Check the reasons out now!

10 They’re Worth The Cost: It’s Somewhere Comfortable To Rest

When you’re catching long-haul flights and you’re feeling a little jetlagged, comfort is priceless. It’s usually worth it to pay any amount just to have somewhere comfortable to rest. This is especially true if you’ve been cramped in an uncomfortable plane seat for a few hours and you’ll soon have to board another plane where you’ll be even more uncomfortable.

The seats in airport lounges usually are much more comfortable than the seats in other areas of the terminal. If it’s comfort you’re after, it may be well worth paying to get into the lounge.

9 They’re Not Worth It: If You’re Sitting For The Entire Flight, You Probably Want To Stand Before And After

That said, sometimes, it won’t be a comfortable seat you’re after when you’re waiting in an airport. If you’re about to be sitting down on a plane for hours, the last thing you probably want to do is sit down in another seat in the airport. If you’re about to have a long flight, or you’re in between two long flights, it may be worth it to use your layover time to stretch your legs.

A lot of travelers use layover time to stroll around the airport and move their legs. This can actually help you to feel more comfortable during the next flight, where you’ll be sitting for an extended period of time.

8 They’re Worth The Cost: You Don’t Have To Pay For Food And Drinks

The biggest bonus of getting into the airport lounge, without a doubt, is the free food and drinks that will be available. You can actually end up saving a lot of money this way because food and drink are probably things that you were going to buy anyway.

If you hate plane food and you have a long layover, you’ll definitely want to eat during your stop before you have to get on the plane again. Having access to free food and drink in the lounge is worth paying for the lounge if you’re the kind of traveler who needs to eat on your stop.

7 They’re Not Worth It: The Free Food Might Not Be Enough

In many cases, the free food is enough to justify the cost of the airport lounge. But in some cases, the food just isn’t enough. Some travelers have reported paying for airport lounges only to be faced with free snack foods like potato chips and nuts. If they wanted anything more substantial, they had to leave the lounge and buy it.

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This is why it’s always important to do your research and find out exactly what you’re getting from the lounge. Are you getting a buffet of quality food or a packet of potato chips?

6 They’re Worth The Cost: Sometimes Layovers Can Be Really Long

The longer your layover, the more an airport lounge starts to become worth the price. Even if you want to stretch your legs and buy a meal, you’ll want access to the lounge if you’ve still got hours and hours before your next flight.

Sometimes, airport layovers can last up to 12 hours and more. That is a long time to be waiting in the terminal! You might want to catch up on some sleep or rest in comfort before your next flight with some of that time, so the airport lounge is worth it.

5 They’re Not Worth It: And Sometimes They’re Really Short

The flipside to that is sometimes, airport layovers are really short. If you’re only waiting for an hour or even less, there’s not much point paying to get into the airport lounge. In that time, you’ll probably want to go for a walk and stretch your legs. Even if you want to spend it sitting down, it’s not worth paying extra if you’ll only get to sit in the super comfortable seats for a limited amount of time.

Take into account how long your stop is before deciding whether or not to pay for airport lounge access. More often than not, it’s not worth it if you’ll only be in there for a short time.

4 They’re Worth The Cost: There May Be Shower Facilities

A big upside to paying for access to the airport lounge is that many of them have shower access these days. That means that you can really freshen up before your next flight, which can make a lot of difference to how you feel.

If you’ve just been on a really long flight and you have to get on another one soon, the one thing you probably want to do more than anything else is scrub yourself in a shower. When that’s a case, having access to the lounge showers is totally worth the price.

3 They’re Not Worth It: You Can Get The Same Facilities In Some Airports

Always check whether or not the airport lounge in question offers shower facilities before making your decision. You should also check with the airport you’ll be in has any of those same facilities for the average member of the public. Sometimes, you’ll find that some of the facilities on offer in the lounge, such as showers, will be available for free in the airport.

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Even if it’s available for a small cost, you still might pay less to use the airport showers than you would pay to get into the lounge. That’s why it always pays to do your research!

2 They’re Worth The Cost: The Free Wi-Fi

If there’s one thing that humans need more than anything else today, it’s free Wi-Fi. The reality is most of us are glued to our devices, so working Wi-Fi never goes astray. Most people like to use their layover time or their waiting time before their flight to contact loved ones, and Wi-Fi just makes this easier.

Because so many people rely on Wi-Fi, having to pay for it can sting. So the free Wi-Fi that’s available in airport lounges is worth it. That said, check to see whether free Wi-Fi is available in the entire airport anyway. If it is, it may not be worth paying extra for it!

1 They’re Not Worth It: Many Airport Waiting Areas Are Now Reasonably Comfortable

It’s true that the furniture in any standard airport lounge is more comfortable than your average terminal waiting area seats. But as more and more airports go through refurbishments and renovations, this is slowly changing. Now, the regular seating is often still comfortable, even if airport lounge seating is more comfortable.

It comes down to exactly how comfortable you want to be and how long you’ll be spending enjoying that comfort. If you can handle being reasonably comfortably (but not overly) while waiting for your next flight, it might not be necessary to pay for the airport lounge after all!

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