10 Things Guests Do That Airbnb Owners Can't Stand

Airbnbs are a great way to experience something new while still finding accommodations during your vacation. It basically involves a stranger opening up their home to you as they entrust you with the responsibility of staying in their home. There are some things, however, that guests do which really grind the gears of their hosts.

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We have compiled a list of these negative things so you can avoid making these mistakes the next time you use an Airbnb. Some of them may seem like common sense, while others will leave you thinking twice about your actions. Keep reading to learn ten things guests do that Airbnb owners can't stand!

10 Remember To Leave The Keys

One of the biggest pet peeves of Airbnb hosts is that their guests have taken the keys with them that gave them access to the space. It is not uncommon for places to be booked back to back, and when one guest takes the keys home with them, it can cause some issues and delays for the next scheduled guest. Many say that the hosts can just have a copy made of the keys, but those with multiple forms of security including fobs or other specialty devices are more pressing issues.

9 Keep Your Host Informed If Your Arrival Time Changes

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Traffic can be pretty unpredictable at times, which can mess up your plans for arrival at a certain time. It is common courtesy to work out these details beforehand when you first book a stay with an Airbnb host so they can be ready for you when you do show up.

Several hosts prefer to be there to walk you through the place you are renting when you get there, but some guests neglect to inform their hosts of any delays. This will already create unwanted tension between you and your host that could have been solved with a simple phone call, text, or email.

8 Ask If You Don't Know How To Use An Appliance

When you travel to a different country or even a different state, they may have appliances that you are unfamiliar with. It is always better to ask your host, rather than try to figure it out yourself since you probably already feel like an idiot.

The hosts would much rather you ask these important questions because using something the wrong way could cause it to break or malfunction and lead to a disastrous ending. It might seem like most things would be common sense, but those with wood-burning stoves or a fancy thermostat might come as a challenge for a guest who has never used it before.

7 Don't Bring In Extra Guests Or Pets

It might not seem like a big issue to you during your stay at an Airbnb, but it can cause some serious issues for your host. If something happens to go wrong during your stay that would involve the host being reimbursed, the company won't cover damage incurred by the other people who weren't in the original agreement.

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It can also cause issues with their private insurance if they only cover up to so many guests in the policy. Many people do this to avoid fees for extra guests, and this is wrong as more people in a residence causes more wear and tear on the house itself.

6 Don't Raid The Closets

When you walk into a stranger's home it is usually impolite to raid their closets in search of something you need. The same courtesy should be extended to your Airbnb host when it comes to things like towels, placemats, pillows, sheets, and so on.

They lay out what they think you need, and when you take extras without asking it could mess up the home for the next booking and cause them added stress. If you do run out of towels or need a change of sheets then it is best to ask if the host has not already stated that you can take what you need from a certain closet.

5 Don't Walk Around A Shared Space In The Nude

Many people rent out spare rooms on Airbnb to help with the cost of rent, but some guests take it a step too far. Some feel free with their bodies and have no qualms with walking around someone else's home completely in the nude.

This would be fine if you had rented the entire building, but when the hosts are still there it is good practice to put on some clothes when you leave your designated area. You might feel comfortable in your own skin, but the hosts or other guests will probably have an issue with it.

4 Don't Leave It A Complete Mess

You have probably been told at some point in your life to leave a place cleaner than it was when you arrived. This applies to an Airbnb because when you trash a place, it can lead them to charge you extra fees and it is just impolite. There are some that charge a cleaning fee following your stay, and in these cases, you don't have to have everything spotless, but you shouldn't be a slob either.

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The host wants to be able to deep clean the property before the next guest arrives, so you should have all dirty towels and sheets in a designated pile, trash is thrown away, and any dishes you used should be squeaky clean.

3 Stealing Is Wrong

This is probably one of those things that shouldn't have to be said, but unfortunately, it happens all the time to Airbnb hosts. They spend large sums of money to furnish and decorate a space in a way that guests find appealing.

When these same guests steal things from the space it detracts from its value and can even cause issues for the host as they don't spot missing items until it's too late. It is not uncommon for people to take simple things like towels or blankets, but others decide they like certain paintings or sculptures in the host's home and view it as a souvenir.

2 Clogging A Toilet Isn't An Issue... Unless You Make It One

No one ever likes to admit that they were the one that clogged the toilet but don't be that guest who tries to use alternative methods to cover up their number two. All it takes is a snake or a plunger, which your host usually has on hand and all you have to do is open your mouth and ask.

The issue comes in when people hit the button to flush until it begins to overflow before calling for help. This not only makes a mess on the floor, but it also ruins any rugs, and good towels, that your host had in the home. It is a bodily function and it happens to everyone, so don't be embarrassed and ask the simple questions when in need.

1 Give Your Host A Chance To Fix Things Before You Leave

The worst thing an Airbnb host can receive is a bad review, and most will do anything to stop that from happening. Many guests neglect to share their concerns with their host before leaving the residence, and this drives hosts utterly mad.

It is often something fairly simple like a lack of towels or an appliance isn't working, and the host was never given a chance by the guests to own up to their mistake. You shouldn't feel like you are being rude or putting them out during your stay, because it is something you paid for and their rating depends on your happiness.

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