10 Things That Separate An Expensive Airbnb From A Cheap One

Most of us have toyed with the idea of staying at an Airbnb, and those of us who have gone ahead and done it almost certainly haven't lived to regret the decision. The site has opened the door to a whole new range of accommodation possibilities, and we absolutely love that.

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However, there's no point in pretending like there isn't a clear gulf between the top class & expensive Airbnbs and the cheaper ones. There's nothing wrong with getting a cheap Airbnb whatsoever, but for the sake of this piece, we're going to try and figure out what those key differences are.

10 Security

We aren’t suggesting that the security in a regular Airbnb is bad, but what we are suggesting is that we’ve experienced a few faulty locks over the years as a direct result of us paying for a much cheaper service.

In a more expensive Airbnb you’re going to be awarded the luxury of better security and that much is just kind of obvious. Whether it be a structured alarm system or perhaps even CCTV, there are plenty of ways in which a pricier Airbnb can end up benefiting you in a big way.

9 It’s Generally Bigger

You pay more, and more often than not, you’ll get more. Perhaps it won’t seem that obvious in an immediate sense, but a quick stroll around your Airbnb will soon be enough to indicate that this is a much more impressive facility we’re talking about here.

Smaller Airbnbs aren’t all bad, but the primary issue is that there just isn’t quite as much room to move around and generally express yourself. You can have a good time regardless and that should be known, but again, there are levels to this game.

8 Professional Communication

People who don’t tend to charge quite as much are probably a bit more laid back, because they’re aware of the fact that there isn’t quite as much riding in this and it’s more of a side project than anything else.

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The people renting out the bigger and more expensive properties could easily be doing this as their main form of income, and therefore, they are probably going to speak to you as if it’s a business meeting more so than anything else – which we happen to enjoy, to be honest.

7 Amount Of Noise

We once stayed in an Airbnb that was $19 for the night, and it was the noisiest place we’ve ever been to courtesy of the reggae music that was being blared out loud all throughout the night.

We didn’t have a major problem with it, but even with that being the case, privacy is everything and there’s a certain invasion that comes with loud accommodation. That noise, in an expensive Airbnb, is almost certainly going to be kept to a minimum.

P.S: Yes, the reggae music was a whole lot of fun.

6 More Superhosts

Improving to superhost status is guaranteed to get quite a few more eyes to the product, and by product, we mean the house in general. It’s not impossible to get to that point by any stretch of the imagination, but it will certainly help if you have a super expensive house.

People who browse Airbnb regularly tend to associate superhosts with being amongst the best of the best, and it’s kind of easy to understand why. They’ve reached that point for a valid reason, and their accomplishments shouldn’t be tarnished or thought less of.

5 Number Of Recommendations

It sounds odd but we actually tend to believe you’ll get more recommendations for local things to do around the area if you visit a cheaper Airbnb.

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They don’t have quite as much to offer, and therefore, they’ll want to spruce their gaff up a bit by talking about some of the surrounding areas. We won’t suggest that they’ve got discount codes for all of the local bars and theme parks or anything like that, but the more expensive hosts aren’t likely to consider that as they’re mainly focused on making their house feel & look spotless.

4 Fancy Artwork

You can call it pretentious or you can appreciate it for what it is, but either way, fancy artwork is here to stay.

A lot of people who are in the position whereby they are able to become an Airbnb host tend to want to make themselves look a bit more sophisticated. On the other hand, they may not even think about buying nice artwork, because they’ve already got so much of it lying around.

You’ll find that the cheaper Airbnbs, even if they have features like this, won’t flaunt them around quite so much as a direct result of the aforementioned security issue.

3 Possible Spa Facilities

Whether it be a hot tub within the garden or just a spa that happens to be attached to the apartment complex, this is one commodity you simply aren’t going to find anywhere else.

Sometimes they advertise it as being part of the Airbnb itself, whereas on other occasions they just mention it in passing once you get there. In truth, there’s only a small percentage that will be able to tick this box, but that’s the level we’re starting to play at here. These guys and girls don’t mess around.

2 Location

Most of the time, the nicer Airbnbs tend to be a little bit further away from civilization. That’s perfectly fine if you’re looking for a quiet getaway, but if you want to be in the midst of the madness that is a city atmosphere, look for the cheaper option.

This is where several of the entries come together into one, allowing people to make an honest decision about what type of atmosphere they’re going for on their trip away. There’s so much on offer on Airbnb, and that theme looks set to continue.

1 Cleanliness

The odd crumb here or a little stain there – it all matters and it all adds up. More expensive Airbnbs often demand much higher cleaning rates, and as a direct result of that, they take a whole lot more care of their place.

Being clean, from the perspective of the actual definition, can mean a whole lot of things. We tend to think it means being tidy and taking care of your house’s appearance. That adds to the ambiance and it makes you feel like you’re a legitimately important guest, which is always pretty pleasant.

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