25 Top Destinations The Royals Love Traveling To

We love to watch the British Royal Family and nothing they do can slip by us; wherever they go and whatever they do, we want all the scoop. And what more would we want to know than where the British monarchy fly their planes to vacation "privately?"

When it comes to the Royal Family, it is a "never-miss a thing" relationship that we desire to have with them. If any family in the world has royal taste, it is the Royal Family themselves, and we could attempt to live vicariously through them. The Brits do not shy away from visiting and checking out the most lavish and expensive hotels and resorts around the world. The British Royal Family actually have a great influence on people. Remember Prince William and Duchess Kate's trip to India? People were extensively following their trip, which educated many people on the culture and enticed them to want to visit India. Their presence could actually help increase tourism in a particular city because of the power, fame, and status they hold. If you are wondering where the Royals love to kick back and relax and spend their millions, read on and then book your next trip.

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25 Skiing In Klosters, Switzerland

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The Royals do not always take trips to fancy beach resorts to relax, they also have a quaint desire for activity. It has been reputed that for years now, that the Royal Family have taken trips to every skier’s dream place, the idealistic and picturesque mountains of Klosters, Switzerland. It is no surprise that the Royals are regular guests at this renowned mountain resort. As a matter of fact, the resort is said to be so romantic that Prince William and Duchess Kate shared their first public kiss here.

24 A Diamond In The Rockies

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Evidently, the Royal Family always chose destinations and resorts that are "fit for a king," as the saying goes. And Prince Harry would no doubt opt for a room that accommodates a man of his caliber, even when in the Rockies in Colorado. In 2013, Prince Harry travelled to Colorado Springs and found a gem and posh resort called the Broadmoor Resort. This resort offers a wide range of activities for the Prince, but even though the Prince is an active man, he still loves his luxury.

23 Kenya Is A Precious Place For The Royals

When you're a royal, planning a getaway is peanuts! With such lavish taste and high expectations, one would not think that Kenya would be a chosen destination by the Royals to indulge in some much-needed privacy. The continent has been visited various times by the Royal Family and is a place that holds many special moments. The Queen vacationed there after she was granted the throne and adorable Prince William popped the question to Duchess Kate under the Kenyan sun.

22 Scotland Heals All

The Queen and Prince Andrew in the grounds of Balmoral, Scotland.

We already mentioned Scotland, but there is another specific area in Scotland called Balmoral that the Royals consider their home away from home. After Princess Diana's death, it is here that they escaped to to deal with the trauma and receive privacy. Die-hard fans of the Royal Family are aware that the grand influencers take a summer vacation there every year, but they cannot get near the untouchable family as the vast location is a private one — talk about royal power!

21 They Found Love In Botswana

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Our new favourite married couple had fireworks blast between the two in this destination, as if it was the 4th of July — we are talking about Botswana. It seems that the royal approval does not go too far out as they often return to the same countries. Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex will not be honeymooning in the African country, but it has a special place in their hearts as it was the first country they visited as a couple. We have Botswana to thank for lighting the fire.

20 Princess Diana Had Impeccable Taste

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Princess Di left a mark everywhere she went, and the island of Nevis, located in the West Indies, was lucky enough to have the soft-spoken Princess gracefully visit quite often. Princess Diana lovers know that Nevis is a well-reputed island because she was charmed by it and it was her desired getaway spot. The Princess had great taste, and after first visiting as a child in 1993, Prince Harry retruned to the island in 2016.

19 Mustique Leaves No Room For Others

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When you're a part of the monarchy, traveling to an area that is free of the media and the paparazzi is only a plane ride away. When the Royal Family has had enough and needs to break free, they hop on their private plane and land on the island of Mustique. Here, humanity can completely be non-existent as the Royals can choose to holiday there and rent the entire island to themselves. With posh and luxurious villas and a wide range of activities, we are sure if they could, they'd stay forever.

18 Prince Charles And Llwynywermod, Wales

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Royal holidays are evidently extravagant and one royal man who has always adored swimming in a pool of luxury is Prince Charles. Llwynywermod, Wales, is an area in Europe that knows Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall very well; the two indulge on a fancy annual vacation here every summer. If ever you want to visit charming Wales and capture its beautiful scenery, then you may want to consider this parkland that consists of 192 acres of land. Who knows, you may run into Prince Charles, too!

17 The Royal Trip We All Followed

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When Prince William and Duchess Kate decided to travel to India and Bhutan, all eyes were on the adored royal couple. We all wanted the intimate details of their trip to be revealed, and there was nothing hidden from the public. When arriving, the royal couple took the plunge, and headed straight to the Mumbai hotel the Taj Mahal Palace because of course, a Prince and Princess will stay in a palace. We were even told that at the iconic hotel, they stayed in the Rajput suite!

16 The Royals Love The BC Hills

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Don't think that the royals only travel the most lavish and ritzy beaches, they also have a soft spot for the beauty of Canada. For quiet days of skiing and relaxation, the Royal Family, for nearly one hundred years now, retreat to the Fairmont Empress hotel. This alpine resort is the largest one of its kind, boasting 8,100 acres for the Royals to spoil themselves with. Most recently, Prince William and Duchess Kate visited the fortress hotel that Will has been going to since he was a toddler.

15 The Hills Of Austria

Do you ever wish you could witness the picturesque and stunning hills of The Sound of Music in person? Well, you're in luck if you want to follow the Royal Family! The Royals are deeply fond about hills and upscale Alpine areas, and in Austria, at the Hotel Arlberg, they have all they desire. Princess Diana visited this chic and historical resort so often that before she passed, they labelled her as the most royal patron, and now her two sons are following in her steps.

14 Talk About Paradise

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Nothing will ever beat Prince William and Duchess Kate's honeymoon — we seriously got nothing on them. Think of a tropical island paradise. Now think of that entire villa belonging completely to you, with no human species around — that is exactly what their honeymoon in North Island, Seychelles was like. With 11 private villas, renting one would mean you would have 201 hectares of heaven all to yourself. The Royals often travel to Seychelles for its renowned privacy and romantic vibe.

13 New York Loves The Royals

Being royal means enjoying the finest luxury amenities at their service; with impeccable service, the royals are always treated like what they truly are, kings and queens. And so, when the Royal Family visit the city that never sleeps, New York, they make their way to the palatial and grand Waldorf Astoria hotel. The hotel is so posh, that it would be quicker to name the royals who have not visited this hotel with a Victorian and historical look.

12 A Taste Of Caribbean Paradise

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Taking a glimpse into the hotels and destinations the royals have visited undeniably make us envy them. The British monarchy visit many Commonwealth countries, and sun-bathing in the Caribbean island, like the Bahamas, has attracted the members for years. The Queen has often hopped on her private plane and made her way to the clear blue waters and white sandy beaches of the Caribbean islands. Nassau, Bahamas is the one of the Queen's most beloved sunny destinations, and we are not surprised she'd indulge in paradise.

11 They Don’t Always Travel Too Far From Home

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The royals frequent the same destinations year after year when they need to get away from their sumptuous Buckingham Palace and the extravagant lifestyle that comes with it. Sometimes, they do not escape too far from home for a holiday, and visit the rest of England, like Sandringham, Norfolk, England. The Royal Family are the only people allowed to escape to more luxury, like the Sandringham home — before Duchess Meghan was married to Prince Harry, she was not allowed to step foot into this house.

10 The Royals Love Wales

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When the cast of the famous Downtown Abbey show and the British Royal Family are meshed together, you get an alluring area in Wales. Just picture a historical castle with pastoral charm in its history, and you will understand exactly why the Royal Family insist on visiting the Llangoed Hall in Wales. The mansion made an appearance in Downtown Abbey, so it is pretty coincidental that actual royalty has stayed and visited the grand home in the Wye Valley.

9 The Royals Even Made It To Jamaica

A destination that many of you may speculate as a rumour spot, Jamaica is actually a Royal Family favourite. The royals do love the Caribbean though, so staying at a large and luxurious hotel like the Half Moon in Jamaica is not unlikely of them. It may not be the most private vacation spot, but since the 1950s, numerous members of the Royal Family, including the Queen, have taken a summer break to enjoy the Jamaican culture and lifestyle.

8 They Have Even Graced Singapore

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Always taking a leave to more exotic destinations, the Royals have most countries ticked off on their lists, including Singapore. The price tag does not matter, however, to the monarchy, so staying at top-notch hotels, like the Raffle in Singapore, is totally ordinary. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are big on travelling and have stayed at the most extravagant places around the world, and this hotel is favoured among many of the Royal Family members.

7 The Royals Even Kick Back In Toronto

Toronto? Say what? The Royal Family are very meticulous in what they choose, and if they keep coming back, it is because their grand standards have been accommodated. And we bet you did not know that the Royal Family enjoy a little downtime in the six? Big fans of the Fairmont hotel chain, members of the British elite have their footprints all over the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto. Since its opening in 1929, members of the Royal Family have been frequent visitors — you could even find pictures of the elite crew inside.

6 Prince William Has Expensive Taste

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If you have never heard of this place and are planning to have the most romantic proposal ever, then head on over to the Eskaya Beach Resort in Bohol, even if it comes with a hefty price. Prince William has spoiled his duchess and taken her to many majestic resorts in impressive countries, and this happens to be a sentimental vacation spot for them. Shortly after their engagement, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge headed to this romantic resort in the Philippines.

5 When Prince Harry Is Calm…

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Prince Harry has always been known as the rebel of the Royal Family, often pictured partying it up in Las Vegas, but now that he is tied down, he will most certainly be visiting his other adored vacation spot, Barbados. Contrary to what the married Prince was used to growing up, he seems to find constant solace at the Sandylane resort in the Barbados. Having visited many Caribbean islands, Prince Harry chooses to always make his way back to this luxurious resort.

4 Canada has a special place in their hearts

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Many Canadians have not visited their vast and gorgeous country, eh? True, but we could live through the Royals evidently. The Royal Family members, despite being so powerful and influential, are also humble and down to Earth and enjoy some downtime at a cabin-like resort. Despite their expensive taste, many members of the Royal Family have visited the Jasper Park Lodge situated in Alberta. With a wide range of activities offered, it is no surprise the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would go back.

3 The Royals Go Hard In France

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Our never-ending fascination with the Royals is because they lead an unattainable travelling lifestyle many of us can only dream about. And when in France, it is hard not to go all out and do it in true French style, so when Prince William and his family take annual summer trips, they stay at an opulent resort. If ever you are planning on taking a summer trip to the South of France, then hurry and book Chateau La Roque, as it only has only five rooms.

2 India Is A Must For The Royals

Want to live the dream like the Royals do? Then start saving every penny and book a flight to Kerala, India and a room at the Kumarakom Lake Resort. Forget about Bali, the Royals, including Prince Charles, have visited the resort that looks like a painted picture one too many times — and that is includes his 65th birthday celebrations. We wish we could have a birthday party at "one of the most luxurious resorts in the world," but we'll keep that a wish.

1 They Love Visiting The Alps

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Various holidays a year means there needs to be at least one glamorous ski trip, and the Royal Family members do not cheap out when it comes to cottages. Those who follow members of the British monarchy will know that they have often made their way over to the French Alps, and this tradition goes way back to when Princess Diana was alive. Prince William has followed in his mother's footsteps and taken his family to the ritzy Courchevel chalet — sigh!

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