20 Things We Could Ask Hotels For That Are Free

One of our favorite parts of traveling, staying in a quality hotel room allows you to escape the doldrums of your own home. In fact, if you want a cheap vacay, getting a room in your local inn can feel like a mini vacation without the stress of actually traveling. No matter how cheap your stay may be, however, it makes sense to get everything you can out of it.

Something that is sometimes played for laughs like in some sitcoms where they want to make a character look cheap they will show him raiding a hotel for everything they can. However, that is quite silly as you don’t have to be cheap to want to get the most bang for your buck. Of course, in order to take full advantage of everything that is available to you, it requires talking to hotel staff as there are some unexpected items they will provide. Realizing that inspired us to put together this list of 20 things you could ask hotels for that are surprisingly free.

In order for something to be considered for possible inclusion on this list, it first and foremost needs to be available for free from a hotel if requested. Of course, not all hotels are created equally so there are some things on this list that may not be available at all of them. Finally, we do want to make it clear that you can be charged for some of these products if you take them home as they are meant for use at the hotel only.

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20 Stain-Remover Wipes

Via livinginyellow.com

We know, we know, it isn’t that exciting to get a free stain-remover wipe. That is especially true given how little they cost to buy them. However, there is one major reason why we believe this entry deserves to be on this list, convenience. After all, who among us hasn’t been in the situation where you spill something on your shirt just prior to heading out and now you are left to figure something new out. Well, if the hotel you are in hand these out and you ask, your planned look may still come together in the end.

19 Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Via Pinterest.com

A task that we have undertaken every time we were going to be staying in a hotel, going out and buying one of those little tubes of toothpaste isn’t a big deal. Still, making the trip for something so mundane is a pain in the butt. Yet, each time we either don’t have the patience to hold onto the tube until our next hotel stay or we forget it in our previous room. Now we know none of that was necessary as we could have just checked ahead to see if our hotel provides those tubes and a toothbrush for free.

18 GoPro Rental

Via amazon.co.uk

We have to say that we are of two minds on this one. On the one hand, the idea of a hotel giving out free rentals of GoPro cameras seems entirely random. However, when you remember that people that are renting out rooms to stay in are often doing so because they are planning to do awesome things they would love to look back on. With that latter point in mind, we can totally appreciate that it has been confirmed that at least some Marriott Hotels have begun offering this service.

17 Phone Chargers and Adapters

Via expertreviews.co.uk

One of those items that not too long ago weren’t a concern at all but have since grown to be an absolute necessity, being on the road without your phone charger is bound to be a big problem. After all, many of us use our phones for pretty much everything these days, including as our principal camera, means of communication, and alarm clock. For that reason, we absolutely applaud the idea of hotels lending out the use of phone chargers for free to their patrons in just such a jam.

16 Disposable Razor

Via livestrong.com

We don’t know about you but if we are staying at a hotel it means that we are set to do something memorable. Whether that means sightseeing with family and friends with lots of cameras present or we’re on a business trip, looking our best is something of a must. Despite that, having to shave on our trip often slips our mind, especially when going on a fun-filled vacation. If you are the same and you find yourself with a desired razor on a trip there is a good chance your hotel has got your back for free.

15 Sewing Kit

Via aliexpress.com

Throughout our lives, there have only been a handful of time in which we’ve needed to sew something and much to our dismay, in pretty much every instance we don’t have the required item to do so. Definitely, something that has happened to us while we were set to spend the night in a hotel, at the time we thought we were up crap creek without a paddle. Turns out that many hotels understand this can be a problem and they have sewing kits at your disposal for free if you simply request one.

14 Netflix Access

Via polygon.com

Even though we go on vacation to visit other cities, there have still been lots of times that we’ve found ourselves staying in a hotel and searching for something to watch at the end of the night. That has sometimes left us watching things like a Storage Wars marathon, as it is the only thing we can find. That is why it would be awesome if we could get on Netflix and watch some of their quality content. These days there are many hotels that get that and provide that service for customers that don’t have accounts of their own.

13 Slippers

Via canada.shopmarriott.com

One of those key items that make your hotel stay feel like the height of luxury, we have found ourselves imagining those same slippers on our feet once we are back home again. Sure, it is extremely easy to buy a pair of slippers yourself but they aren’t going to be quite the same and may fall short of expectations. That is why we were excited to read that some major hotels are now okay with customers taking home the provided slippers. However, we’d definitely suggest checking the hotel’s policy first unless you want to be hit with a nasty bill.

12 Fruit

Via en.wikipedia.org

We don’t know about you but over the years we’ve had specific interactions with hotel provided food. For instance, we always find ourselves looking forward to a good continental breakfast and then getting to the room where it is available and only finding one or two things we would ever eat. On top of that, there is always room service and the mini bar but we never go near wither with a ten-foot pole considering how stupid expensive that food is. There is another option though, inquiring if your hotel provides free fruit since a lot of them do.

11 Chocolate

Via tessward.net

Another item that often comes to mind whenever we think of spending time in a hotel, there is just something about finding a chocolate on your pillow that we love. That said, it also has set us up for disappointment in the past as they are small enough to eat pretty much instantly and then we start wishing there was more to consume. What we never thought about is that the hotel obviously has a lot of the chocolate and many of them will give you more if you ask for it nicely.

10 Body Lotion

Via ritzcarltonshops.com

Something we never think about, if you are staying in a hotel for a few days, failing to keep your skin hydrated over that time can leave you feeling awfully dry. With that in mind, it makes all the sense in the world that high-end hotels have lotion on hand to hook their customers up if the request is made. Of course, it wouldn’t be hygienic for those hotels to give more than one patron the same lotion so if you request it you might as well take it home as it will be thrown out otherwise.

9 Wi-Fi

Via imore.com

In this day and age, Internet access has become far more important than it ever was in the past. As such, if you are on a business trip the need to get online for research and email are paramount and even if you are on vacation you may want to post your photos of the day on social media. While that can often be done through mobile data, depending on your plan that may be costly or even impossible, which is why hotel Wi-Fi access can be really important.

8 Shower Cap

Via jennyford.com

Right off the hop, we know what some readers may be one thinking, shower caps, aren’t they those things old people use in movies? If that is what you think, let us assure you that there are a lot of people that use shower caps regularly in order to keep their hair dry while keeping the rest of themselves clean. For those people, learning that a lot of hotels provide them to their customers will be great news as they can stay hygienic while on the road without having to get their hair wet or pack a shower cap.

7  Early Check-In and Late Check-Out

Via commons.wikimedia.org

The most basic thing you are purchasing when you stay at a hotel, gaining access to your room is the first step to everything included on this list. As a result, we could argue that the best way to get the most bang for your buck is getting into your room early or departing from it late. If you feel the same way then we highly suggest you talk to the staff and request either a late check out or early check in. They may not be able to accommodate your request every time, but your chances are quite high.

6 Socks

Via auhs.edu

We’re just going to be honest here, we really are not sure why we’d be in a hotel room and suddenly need socks that we did not bring with us. That said, if we did fail to pack socks for some reason it is nice to know there are hotels like the Kimpton that have them on hand. In fact, that specific hotel chain even has a distinctive style of socks as theirs are zebra print. Again, this may not hold true for every hotel but the fact that it is a possibility has us intrigued.

5 Earphones

Via cnet.com

A form of technology that is nowhere near as expensive as it once was, that is a really great thing as we need earphones more now than ever before. After all, if we are staying in a hotel and we want to take advantage of their gym to get a workout in, being able to listen to our tunes is going to make all the difference in the world. However, if we bring along our higher end listening devices, then we risk leaving them behind. Fortunately for us, there are many hotels that offer free earphones for just such an occasion.

4 Refreshments 

This may not hold true for everyone, but we can certainly attest that when we go on a vacation we like to let loose and we know we’re not the only ones. Unfortunately, a lot of cities that attract tourists know that very well and they make the choice to charge exorbitant prices for pretty much everything, especially drinks. That is why we highly suggest inquiring about whether or not your hotel offers a free cocktail hour as it is becoming increasingly common and a great way to have fun on the cheap.

3 Vegas Show Tickets

Via yvegas.com

Of course, as the title of this entry suggests, it applies to sin city hotels more than any others but may hold true with inns in other entertainment based areas. That said, when it comes to Vegas proper, the hotels there know that there is a lot of competition so it makes sense for them to do everything they can to attract the masses. As a result, hotels like Treasure Island are known to give guests two free tickets to Cirque du Soleil and that is only one example of that kind of offer.

2 Umbrellas

Via theweek.com

One of the worst things that can happen when you are on vacation, during the months of planning that is often involved in a getaway standing in the rain rarely comes to mind. Sadly, Mother Nature bends to nobody so no matter what the forecast told you in the past there is always the possibility of your good times being rained out. That is why there are many hotels that keep umbrellas for their guests and because they are so hard to keep track of, once they hand them out, they are not necessarily expecting their return either.

1 Car Rental

Via mommarentals.com

In a lot of ways the ultimate vacation or business trip extravagance, when you are in a town far away from home it is wonderful to not have to endlessly walk or take a cab. That is why it may seem attractive to take your own car but we all know that the price you pay for parking is so outrageous that it rarely seems worth it. That is probably why some hotels have developed relationships with car rental companies and provide these rides to customers for free on a first come, first served basis.

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