20 Hollywood Celebs Who Pretend To Own Private Planes (But Actually Just Rent)

A career that relies heavily on perception, in this day and age, someone can be a celebrity due to his/her professional talents or due to his/her personal lives. As such, there has never been more pressure on stars to seem as though they are leading a more magnificent life than the rest of us. On top of that, we all know that many famous people seem to have massive egos that subsist on the adulation of the masses. When you then factor in the fact that social media is such a powerful platform, there is a huge pressure to come across like a big deal on it. This has led many celebrities to regularly post about how great things are even if their life isn’t as they make it out to be. A symbol of great wealth, posting a shot of yourself near or inside of a private jet is an easy way to seem as though you’re high on the hog even if you can’t afford one. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty celebrities who pretend to own private planes but actually just rent them.

In order for someone to be up for possible inclusion on this list, he/she first and foremost needs to be a celebrity. For our purposes, it doesn’t matter what he/she has done in order to become well known as long as he/she has a notable following, which means that you may find actors, musicians, or other stars here. Next, this celeb needs to flaunt his/her lavish lifestyle by posing in or near private jets and make it seem as though he/she owns the vehicle either by claiming as such or letting people assume. Finally, that needs to be an illusion as he/she actually just rents the jet in question or have it provided to him/her by a business, friend, family, or sponsor of some kind.

20 Steve Harvey

Via YouTube.com

One of the hardest-working people in the entertainment industry today, it often seems as though Steve Harvey never takes a breath in-between his jobs. Starting out as a comedian that became a big-enough success to star in his own sitcom, The Steve Harvey Show, he also served as the MC in the popular stand-up comedy film The Original Kings of Comedy. Currently the host of an astonishing six different series, some of which he also executive produces, you can see him on TV in Celebrity Family Feud, Steve Harvey's Funderdome, and several others. Clearly someone who needs to get around quickly, as a result,

he is often seen getting on and off a private plane. But, it turns out that he never owned it.

In fact, he was sued by the company that did after he had them customize it for him and then opted out of the agreed-upon lease.

19 Rihanna

Via ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com

One of the most notable and popular singers in the world today, so far throughout her career, it has seemed like Rihanna and her fantastic voice have the Midas touch. Best known for hit songs like “We Found Love,” “Live Your Life,” “Umbrella,” and several others, whether she was performing a song of her own or guesting on another artist’s album, she totally killed it. Someone who isn’t shy about her love of having a good time, she has been seen partying it up in public carnivals, and during her 777 Tour, she held an all-night party on a private jet in-between concerts. As a result of her highly-publicized traveling party, it seemed safe to assume that she owned the flying celebration venue but it turned out that that was not the case.

18 Selena Gomez

Via mom.me

Someone whose career has seen her find success in more than one venue, Selena Gomez first became famous as the star of the show Wizards of Waverly Place before going on to appear in many films. However, she also is a singing star in her own right due to releasing hits like “Good For You,” “Come & Get It,” “The Heart Wants What It Wants,” and “Love You Like A Love Song” among others. Due to that second career, she has toured the world in order to perform her music for rapt audiences that can’t get enough of her sound and persona.

Using a private jet to make it to those events, she often posts images of herself on them

but leaves out the info that she doesn’t own the vehicle she seems so at home in.

17 Victoria And David Beckham

Via telegraph.co.uk

One of the most famous couples in the world, Victoria and David Beckham have been married since 1999, and at the time of their wedding, both had already attained a great deal of fame. When it comes to David, he is an internationally-known sports star that plays football (soccer) in some of the biggest games and Victoria Beckham was a member of the biggest girl group of all time, the Spice Girls. As a result of both their amazing careers, these two have managed to amass a pretty massive fortune for themselves. As such, we aren’t at all surprised to see them on social media living it up.

But whenever they pose in front of a private jet, it isn’t as it seems.

That’s because it turns out that they don’t own a single one of them and rely on the company Bookajet to get them around as David signed an endorsement deal with them.

16 Ariana Grande

Via weheartit.com

Just like Selena Gomez who has already appeared on this list, Ariana Grande began her career as a child star of TV shows that were aimed at kids—in this case, Victorious as well as Sam & Cat. Since then moving on to focus on her highly-successful music career, she became an international singing star with the release of songs like “Problem,” “Bang Bang,” and “Break Free.” Able to perform her songs all around the world as a result of her success, she has taken advantage of private planes in order to travel in style during several of these tours. However, when she tragically had one of her shows attacked by a terrorist, she returned home in an unplanned flight that

revealed that she didn’t own her means of travel.

A flight that was totally unplanned at the time, it was rumored that Taylor Swift allowed her to use a jet she owned in order to get Ariana home quickly.

15 John Cena

Via YouTube.com

The biggest star in the WWE for years and years on end, during the company’s PG era, John Cena has stood head and shoulders above the rest of the wrestlers under their employ. In fact, he has held sixteen WWE or World Heavyweight Championships there, which ties him with Ric Flair’s legendary tally, at least as acknowledged by the WWE. With all of that spotlight on him, John has never seemed to sweat the pressure, which helped him stay on top and make a huge amount of money. As a result,

he has a large home and massive car collection that both cost him a lot, so it seems like we should assume that the jets he flies in are his.

However, he reportedly takes advantage of WWE-chartered flights and rents planes that are paid for by the other media companies he is increasingly working with.

14 Soulja Boy

Via YouTube.com

An entry that is likely going to be a blast from the past for many of our readers, Soulja Boy became a big deal seemingly out of nowhere back in September of 2007. Turned into a superstar when his song “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” became a hit against all the odds, it was hard to deny the catchy beat of the tune at the time. Able to cash in on all of that success in a major way, he was even included in Forbes list of Hip-Hop Cash Kings of 2010 and seemed to want to make sure people believed he was riding high. As a result, in 2011,

news broke that he was buying a private jet when he claimed that that was the case.

However, when people were perplexed by the news considering his net worth being far too small to afford such an expenditure, a spokesperson for him revealed that he hadn’t been telling the truth.

13 Mariah Carey

Via dailymail.co.uk

One of the most vocally-talented singers in the history of pop music, Mariah Carey may not anymore be able to hit the notes she once could, but at her peak, she was simply incredible. One of the top singers of all time, her career was highlighted by massive songs like “We Belong Together,” “Hero,” “Always Be My Baby,” “One Sweet Day,” and “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” Someone who has owned several large homes, expensive jewelry, designer gowns, and loads of expensive goods,

when Mariah wants something, she tends to buy it. However, when it comes to private planes, she has relied on others

including her ex-fiancé, the mega-rich James Packer. Negotiating a prenup prior to walking down the aisle, even though they never wed, she still was still awarded her the use of one of his many private jets.

12 Paris Hilton

Via nationalturk.com

Someone who we definitely wouldn’t have expected to appear on a list like this, Paris is an heir to the massive fortune left behind by the hotel magnate Conrad Hilton. As such, owning a private jet seems like something that would be well within her means, especially since she has had several careers in the entertainment industry that we can assume would pay her well. Despite all of that, when Paris Hilton posts photos of herself riding high in private jets on social media,

her fans may be surprised to learn that they aren’t a part of her personal holdings.

Instead, she takes advantage of planes owned by her family’s company and also borrowed a Boeing 747 that is owned by the CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, Sheldon Adelson.

11 50 Cent

Via mirror.co.uk

A rapper that managed to find himself under the wing of some of the biggest superstars that genre of music ever created, from the start, 50 Cent worked with superstars like Eminem and Dr. Dre. A good bet as he initially lived up to the potential they saw in him, he released huge songs like “In da Club,” “21 Questions,” “P.I.M.P.,” “Candy Shop,” and several others. However, as what happens with most artists, his career hit the skids and the money stopped rolling in, but his spending never seemed to diminish to the same degree. As a result,

he ended up declaring bankruptcy while still flaunting his supposed wealth on social media.

Forced to address the dichotomy, he admitted that he was misrepresenting the truth online and that he didn’t actually own the things he paraded in front of fans, like a private jet.

10 Kylie Jenner

Via Twitter.com

A member of a family that is known for its willingness to spend the majority of their time in front of cameras, Kylie Jenner has been in the public eye since she was just a child. A star of a series of “reality” shows alongside her many siblings and parents, she seems to have learned that drama and leading a glamorous life are quick ways to up your profile for celebrities. As a result, if you check out her social media accounts,

she has posted several shots of her taking private flights with her friends and family.

However, even though she uses these jets to travel all over the world during her many vacations or on various business trips, she can only afford to rent them as they are too pricey to own.

9 DJ Khaled

Via dailymail.co.uk

One of the biggest personalities in the entertainment industry today, DJ Khaled is far from shy and loves to tell his followers how great he is at his chosen craft—creating music. Best known for songs like “Shining,” “I’m the One,” “They Don’t Love You No More,” and “I Got the Keys” among others, he has released his own music and served as a producer extensively. A person that is known for his outsized ego and love of telling the world how great he is, that desire for glory extends to him choosing to show off what his money has allowed him to purchase a lot. However, when he posts photos of himself on a private plane, he isn’t revealing the whole story since he has only rented them as of yet.

8 Mark Zuckerberg

via Pinterest

Unquestionably the richest person to appear on this list, many of the people included here are millionaires, but Mark Zuckerberg can brag that his fortune is in the billions. However, as much as the world is well aware that the co-founder of Facebook is rolling in cash, he seems to eschew many of the trappings of the rich and famous these days. Still,

you’d expect someone like him that has such a massive personal net worth and travels by private planes regularly to actually own one,

if not several, himself. However, let it never be said that he fritters away his money as he instead takes advantage of the Facebook-owned private jet. No matter how vast his fortune is, we can’t blame him for saving on the expense of his own plane at all.

7 Triple H

Via Twitter.com

A professional wrestler who first started to gain true traction as a part of the WWE’s Attitude Era, Triple H wasn’t on the same level as The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin but got pretty close. Able to amass an incredible career in the ring in the years since, he won two Royal Rumbles, has headlined WrestleManias, and has had twenty-five reigns with various WWE championships. No longer a full-time competitor in the ring, he spends a great deal more time working behind the scenes in the WWE where he has become an executive with a great deal of power.

That has led to him having access to the company’s private jet

which he is not shy about showing off but doesn’t bother to explain isn’t something he personally owns.

6 Kim Kardashian

Via vogue.com

Arguably the most famous “reality” TV star in the world today, Kim Kardashian’s time in the spotlight began when a private video of hers was released to the masses. Able to land a television gig for herself and her entire family as a result of all the attention that video brought her, since then, her profile only seems to keep getting ever larger. Now seen as a fashion icon by many and someone that has proven time and again that she can get much of the internet into an uproar, she needs to do her best to keep up appearances. As such,

flying commercial really isn’t much an option for her as it would damage her image to be seen like the rest of us,

so she always flies private even though she can’t afford to buy a jet herself.

5 Kanye West

via Youth Village

Going from Kim Kardashian to the man she is married to, this time around, we’re going to look at the always-boastful Kanye West. A former record producer that worked for Jay-Z’s Roc-A-Fella Records, before too long, he came out of the shadows and released music of his own. Best known for songs like “Gold Digger,” “Stronger,” “Heartless,” “Slow Jamz,” and “Love Lockdown” among others, it was impossible to deny that he could create music that people loved. However,

he has always seen himself as among the greatest men to ever live which led him to take on other business ventures thinking they couldn’t lose with him at the helm.

However, they did just that, and it sucked up his money so much that Kanye has said that he is fifty-three million dollars in debt. That is why his use of private planes at a cost of fifty thousand dollars in rental fees per flight garnered the attention of reporters.

4 Lindsay Lohan

via Daily Mail

A former child star that at one time seemed as though she was poised to be a massive deal in the entertainment industry, Lindsay Lohan first rose to fame as the star of The Parent Trap. Going to a whole new level during her late teen years, however, she became a massive deal due to appearing in films like Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, and Herbie: Fully Loaded among others. However, after that, her image took a huge hit as her personal controversies began to steal the focus, and before too long, she couldn’t get much work. And when she did, her acting suffered. Known to be struggling financially for a number of years at this point,

as her massive paychecks dried up, she could no longer afford to live the way she once did but still seems to.

Turns out that she has become close with a filthy rich man named Je-yong Ha and has been taking advantage of his great means.

3 Lil Wayne

One of the most distinctive rappers in the game, Lil Wayne’s unique vocal talents and heavily-tattooed look have allowed him to stand out among his many peers. Best known for songs like “A Milli,” “6 Foot 7 Foot,” “Fireman,” “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy,” and “Georgia … Bush,” for a long time, it seemed like pretty much every song he touched turned into hits. Unlike many of the other people on this list, however, he seemed to enjoy regularly talking about his love for more affordable things but that didn’t stop him from posting images of him in private jets.

Turns out that his love of that style of air travel got him in trouble as he didn’t pay his rental bill

and got sued for a reported two million dollars. In fact, he ended up getting a loan to pay up and was forced to use a skatepark he owned as collateral on top of having his art collection seized for nonpayment.

2 Justin Bieber


A pop singer whose career took off after videos of himself singing that were uploaded to YouTube went viral, since then, Justin Bieber amassed a highly loyal and passionate following. Best known for songs like “Love Yourself,” “Sorry,” “Let Me Love You,” “Cold Water,” “Boyfriend,” and too many more to list here, his music served as the soundtrack to many young people’s lives. Despite all of the love he gets from his many fans, there is also a vocal group of people that aren’t fans of his due to a distaste for his music and a disdain for his many controversial actions. For instance,

he got caught looking like a fool in 2014 when he clearly boasted about a private plane he supposedly had bought.

Except, it later came out that that wasn’t the case as he had only rented it despite what he tried to claim.

1 Bow Wow

Via Twitter.com

The funniest entry on this list by far, Bow Wow made himself look like an idiot in a pretty big and hilarious way in 2017. Someone who has been in the spotlight since his music career began when he was just a child, you’d think that he would be well aware of the fact that everyone has cameras in their pockets these days. Sadly, it seems as though he didn’t take that into account when

he posted a photo of a private plane and wrote about his travel plans on Instagram then took another route.

Actually flying on a plane with everyday folks, one of his fellow passengers that was aware of what he had claimed took his photo and blew up his poorly-planned ruse.

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