20 Destinations Only Fit For Bill Gates And Other Billionaires

Most of us can't imagine our lives without travel. Travelling is one of those incredible, thought-provoking and heart-warming pleasures in life that make everything else seem worthwhile. Who doesn’t love visiting new locations, learning new cultures and trying out new cuisines? Plus, who could say no to meeting new, interesting people and taking a break from everyday worries and strains?

Each one of us travels differently. Some of us believe in splurging on expensive holidays including five star hotels and first class tickets, others prefer to stay in budget accommodation so as to see more and experience more.

Of course, the rich and famous travel much differently. They don’t have to ponder whether they should stay in a hostel or a five star hotel. Indeed, most of them will stay in a private villa or perhaps even a private island. Their holiday destinations are usually chosen depending on factors such as tranquility and privacy, not cost and time availability.

20 Island Of Illa Tagomago - Cristiano Ronaldo

Illa de Tagomago is a private island that is located off the east coast of Ibiza. The island belongs to the Spanish entrepreneur Mariano Montero and is a favorite holiday destination for celebrities such as the professional football player Cristiano Ronaldo and Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood.

Fancy staying here for a night? Then you better have $18,500 to spare. A week’s holiday here will cost you about $109,000. So, what will you get for this exuberant sum of money? Well, you’ll have the private island all to yourself as well as a luxurious villa that can accommodate up to ten people, and has nine staff members that are ready to cater for all your needs. The villa is equipped with a 60 feet swimming pool, hot tub, steam bath, sauna and a rooftop terrace.

19 Musha Cay In The Southern Bahamas - Bill Gates

In 2006 the illusionist David Copperfield spent $50 million on a private island located in the southern Bahamas. The island is called Musha Cay and is a well-loved holiday destination for the super rich. You think that $50 million is a lot to spend on a private island? Think again! Copperfield invested a further $40 million on remodeling the island and later bought ten more islands nearby which together with Musha Cay are known as Islands of Copperfield Bay.

Fancy spending a night here? It’ll cost you $57,000 a night but you’ll get the use of five separate villas, an outdoor theater, a private speedboat and beach beds. The island is a favorite holiday destination among stars such as Oprah Winfrey, Johnny Depp, and Bill Gates. Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin married his now ex-wife Anne Wojcicki on the Musha Cay island.

18 Portofino, Italy - Beyonce And Jay-Z

The beautiful and serene village of Portofino located in Italy is accessible to all and no prior booking is necessary to visit it. However, while everyone can stop by and admire the village and its port, only the very rich can actually afford to stay here.

Celebrities that have spent time at the “gorgeous tiny fishing village turned up-market resort” include the singer Beyonce and her husband Jay Z, as well as the iconic film director Steven Spielberg. All have stayed in the luxurious 5-star Belmond Hotel Splendido which boasts opulent suites, a roof garden, and a spa and sauna, among other luxurious amenities.

17 A Trip To Space With Virgin Galactic - Tom Hanks


Take your holidays to the next level by foregoing all that earth has to offer and instead choosing to explore outer space. That is exactly what Virgin Galactic is offering and unsurprisingly, quite a few billionaires and celebrities have been tempted by the unique holiday opportunity.

The company Virgin Galactic was founded by Richard Branson and obviously caters to the super rich. Fancy reserving a spot? Then you better have $250,000 to spare. It is said that each flight to space accommodates only 6 people and will last about two hours and a half. Celebrities that have allegedly already booked their tickets include Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Tom Hanks and Brad Pitt.

16 Lanai, Hawaii - Beyonce


Lanai Island is the sixth largest Hawaiian island that is also known as Pineapple Island due to its past as a pineapple plantation that produced around 75% of world’s pineapples. The island is no longer known as a pineapple plantation however. In 2012 it was bought by  the Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison who bought 97% of the island for $300 million which includes not only acres of land, a town with 3,200 people but also two Four Seasons resorts.

Tom Reolens, the manager of the Four Seasons resort, said – “You have this island to yourself. You have all the activities one would wish to do right here." The Four Seasons penthouse suite comes with an ocean view, three bedrooms and handmade wall coverings. To rent it for one night would cost you $21,000.

15 Moskito Island - Obama

Richard Branson’s Moskito Island has been devastated by hurricane Irma but since we’re sure that it will be restored to its former glory in the near future we have decided to include it on this list nonetheless. Branson bought the stunning island for $10 million in 2007. It is located close to his other island – Necker Island, which has also been devastated by the hurricane.

Before the island was destroyed by the hurricane, it was equipped with three villas that boasted 11 bedrooms and which could accommodate 22 guests. The villas also had a pool, hot tub, helipad, swim-up bar and a tennis pavilion. Prices started at around $42,000 a night but also included a DJ, all the meals as well as airport transfers. Barrack Obama visited the island in 2017 and it was there that he learned how to kiteboard.

14 Coco Prive, Maldives - Kevin Hart

Another private island that offers the ultra rich peace and tranquility is the Coco Prive Kuda Hithi Island in the Maldives. A night on this island will cost you around $22,000.

The island boasts six villas, the grandest and most luxurious one being the Palm Residence which is equipped with a jacuzzi, a wine cellar and a library. Not a fan of cooking? Not to worry – once you pay $22,000 you get your own private chef, a housekeeper, a diving instructor and a beauty and massage therapist.

The idyllic island is described as “'your personal retreat in paradise; luxurious villas on your own private island express who you are, your passions and your place in the world. This is your space to breathe and escape; your home away from home.”

13 Cottar’s Homestead, Kenya - Keira Knightley


Those billionaires who are looking for a more adventurous holidays can always go on a safari trip. Of course, these trips can be just as luxurious as any other, especially if you stay somewhere like Cottar’s Homestead.

Located in Kenya, Africa, Cottar's Homestead is a huge home that boasts five bedrooms and terraces with views of the savanna plains. Staff members, such as a private wildlife driver and a security guard are present at all times to look after your every need.

Guests can enjoy game drives, night game drives, bush walks, swimming and fishing among many other activities. The exclusive safari camp is not cheap but it certainly offers a unique experience.

12 Saint Barthelemy Island Located In The Caribbean - Simon Cowell

The island you see above is known as Saint Barthelemy Island and is located in the Caribbean. It has long attracted the rich and the wealthy, such as Simon Cowell and David Letterman. Why? Well, first of all because it’s secluded and hard to get to which means hardly any tourists.

Celebrities that have visited the island and enjoyed the peace that it offers include The Rockefellers, Paul McCartney, Sting, and Beyonce. The island has a number of luxurious hotels that are more than happy to cater to the ultra rich. The latter however almost always prefer to stay in villas for the extra privacy that they afford.

11 Wakaya, Fiji - Nicole Kidman


Wakaya is a private island in Fiji’s Lomaiviti Archipelago which was bought by David Gilmour in 1973. Gilmour completely transformed the island, building roads, a freshwater reservoir, an airstrip, a village and a church among many other amenities.

Gilmour has also built an exclusive resort called the Wakaya Club which consists of 10 opulent bungalows and a staff of 300 people. Want to stay on the island? Then be ready to shell out $2,000 a night for a bure, a traditional house or $7,600 a night for a luxurious villa.

The mega rich that have visited and stayed on the island include Bill Gates, Keith Richards, Nicole Kidman, and Russell Crowe.

10 The Hamptons, New York - Jennifer Lopez

Those billionaires that don’t fancy leaving the good old USA can always just go to the Hamptons for a break. Indeed, as a weekend getaway the Hamptons is unrivalled thanks to its luxurious beach houses, five star hotels, high-end restaurants and amazing nightlife.

Those that have serious money usually choose to buy their own estates as opposed to renting. Indeed, the ultra rich that own estates in the Hamptons include Ralph Lauren, Stephen Spielberg, Jerry Seinfield, Billy Joel, Jennifer Lopez and Martha Stewart.

So why do celebrities flock to the Hamptons? According to Kelli Delaney, the founder of KDHamptons.com, it’s the peace that it offers – “Celebrities love the Hamptons because they can fly under the radar out here, and it's very easy for them to be out and about and not be noticed. Of course, when there are planned events and celebrities hosting them, there will be photographers, but just on a daily basis on Main Street in Southampton or East Hampton, you're not going to see any paparazzi ever."

9 French Riviera - Brad And Angelina

The Cote d’Azur, best known as the French Riviera, located of the southeast corner of France, is a favorite vacation spot for the ultra rich. Long hailed as the first modern resort area, the French Riviera became a playground for the rich and famous back in the 18th century when it was visited by Queen Victoria and King Edward VII.

The French Riviera has also been a favorite holiday destination of the painters Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse as well as the iconic actress Brigitte Bardot. Nowadays the French Riviera is visited by such A-listers as Elton John, Bono, Tina Turner, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, and Bill Gates to name just a few. Property on the French Riviera usually comes at around $28.5 million.

8 Laucala Island, Fiji - Dietrich Mateschitz

Fancy visiting the Fiji resort of Laucala Island? Then you better be prepared to shell out $14,000 a night. The island is a playground for the ultra rich probably because the idyllic tropical paradise only caters for 80 guests who can engage in activities such as golfing, horse riding, and surfing.

Was the island always a playground for the rich? Of course not. It was purchased by Dietrich Mateschitz, head of the Red Bull company, in 2003 who decided to turn the island into a private resort for celebrities. The retreat boasts 25 traditional Fijan homes also known as bures.

7 Anguilla, Caribbean - Liam Neeson


The island of Anguilla is another holiday destination that is much loved by the ultra rich due to the privacy and tranquility that it offers. The reason the little island is renowned for its tranquility? It is neither easy nor cheap to get to which makes it the perfect vacation spot for those who want to get away from both the paparazzi and the general troubles of life. After all, who said that the ultra rich have no worries or stress?

Celebrities that have holidayed in Anguilla include Paul McCartney, Denzel Washington, Liam Neeson and Kelly Osbourne. The island hosts a number of luxurious villas such as Villa Kishti, renowned for its unique structure (it is made from concrete and glass).

6 Sveti Stefan, Montenegro - Elizabeth Taylor


Sveti Stefan is a small but stunning island on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. The island has long been a vacation destination for the ultra rich and famous. In the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's for example the island was visited by such A-listers as Orson Welles, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Kirk Douglas, Marilyn Monroe and Claudia Schiffer.

The island was once a quiet and unassuming fishing village. But then it was bought and turned into a luxurious hotel which now boasts 58 guest rooms, cottages and suites. Each suite has free standing bathtubs but for those who fancy a paddle out in the open there’s nothing more luxurious than the Cliff Pool which overlooks the Adriatic.

5 Seychelles Located East Of East Africa - George Clooney

Seychelles is an island country that lies east of mainland East Africa and which is known as a holiday destination for the ultra rich. The island is a wonderful vacation spot known for its beautiful and reliable weather, white sandy beaches perfect for leisurely strolls, and clear waters.

As you can probably imagine, countless of A-listers have holidayed there. George Clooney for example spent his honeymoon in Seychelles after he married Amal Alamuddin in 2014. Our favorite royal family couple Kate Middleton and Prince William, known for their love of secrecy and privacy, also honeymooned in Seychelles in 2011.

4 Hamilton Island, Australia - Chris Hemsworth

Hamilton Island in Queensland, Australia, has been privately owned for years but in 2003 it was purchased by Bob Oatley, an Australian winemaker who further transformed and developed the island and turned it into a holiday destination.

The Hamilton Island has a lot to offer as a holiday destination. Its rich history (the Ngaro Aboriginal Tribe for example resided there for 8,000 years before Captain Cook's famous voyage took place) attracts those interested in culture but it offers many other activities including golfing and whale watching. The ultra rich that have vacationed at Hamilton Island include Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Miranda Kerr, Oprah Winfrey and Chris Hemsworth.

3 Ariara Island, The Philippines - Jeremy Renner


$30,000 a night means nothing for the ultra rich and so they can easily opt to spend a night, or even a week, at the Ariara Island in the Philippines. The island is about a 90-minute flight away from Manila, the capital city of the Philippines and about 4 hours away from Hong Kong.

Celebrities flock to this island for the peace and tranquility that it provides. Only eight villas have been built on the island which means that only about 18 guests can stay there at any one time. Each room in every villa has a view of the calm sea, the stunning reef and the neighboring picturesque islands.

2 Aruba, Caribbean - Tom Cruise

The island of Aruba, which is located in the southern Caribbean Sea and which belongs to the Netherlands, has long been an attractive holiday destination for the mega rich. Its white beaches, calm waters and mild temperatures guarantee a relaxing visit and rarely disappoint.

So, what do the ultra rich like to do in Aruba? Its white beaches are perfect for taking leisurely strolls at any time of the day, its yearly international film festival means there’s plenty of culture, and its rich history means that history buffs or active buffs would never be bored. History buffs can check out over 300 prehistoric pictographs scattered all over the island whereas those looking for a more active holiday can go snorkeling and diving, and in the process they can check out two WWII wrecks SS Antilla and SS Pedernales.

1 St. Lucia, Caribbean - Logan Ryan

Saint Lucia is an island country located in the eastern Caribbean sea. While the island’s first settlers were French the English took it over not long after. It became an independent state in 1979. Nowadays Saint Lucia is a tourist destination that offers numerous beaches and resorts, tropical weather, a drive-in volcano, Sulphur Springs, botanical gardens, rain forests and much more.

The best place to stay for those visiting Saint Lucia is probably the Jade Mountain Resort which offers amazing views of the Petit and Gros Piton mountains. The resort boasts unrivaled views, luxurious and plush rooms, relaxing spa treatments and even a fitness studio. Celebrities that have visited Saint Lucia include Perrie Edwards and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Logan Ryan and Ashley Bragg.

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